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I was 14 years old when my mother passed away. It was extremely painful.
At that time, we were also in deep poverty. One month after our mother’s death,
our father left us for another woman. We were deeply hurt to the point of losing hope. I was in my second year of high school at the time.
My first thought was: I couldn’t support my siblings. We received some help from our relatives to survive. I took up a job so I could support my siblings as well. I became a working student.
I worked on a construction site as a helper. I would carry sacks of cement; at times, I would also
mix cement and sand. I would also carry hollow blocks. I also became a waiter
as a sideline for extra income. All my earnings then were still not enough so,
I would go to school with only enough money
for my ride back home. I had to be prudent because also give money to my siblings. I worked in a cooperative when I was
in my third year in college. My aunt helped me to get the job as an auditor. From my salary as an auditor, I was able
to support my studies and provide for my siblings. When I can provide for my siblings,
I feel fulfilled–there’s a sense of accomplishment. When I was about to graduate from college, our TV broke down. We had a neighbor who repairs TVs.
I brought our TV to him–I refer to him as “Kuya Ramirez”. I brought our TV to him for repair however, he didn’t let me pay him. Instead, he said to me, “Don’t pay for the repair.
I’d rather you come with me in our evangelical mission. The moment he brought the repaired TV to our house, was also the time of the evangelical mission.
So, I went with him. I was impressed with the orderliness
inside the Church Of Christ chapel. When I entered, I immediately noticed how men
and women are seated separately. As I was listening to the minister who was
preaching God’s words, I was impressed once again because whenever he would pose a question,
he wouldn’t answer with his interpretation. He would read the answer from the
Bible, which he was holding. When I started attending the doctrinal instructions, I heard the minister teach a doctrinal lesson concerning
the state of being of our Lord Jesus Christ: He is a man. On the other hand, we, Catholics, believe
that the Lord Jesus Christ is God. But, the minister read verses from the Bible
where it’s written that the Lord Jesus Christ is a man. So when I came home—we have Bibles at home—
I read the biblical verses, which the minister mentioned. It was proven to me that it’s true,
our Lord Jesus Christ is a man. That was the turning point of my life. I thought to myself that I could be
in the wrong religion. The Catholic priests teach that Christ is God. However, the Bible teaches that
the Lord Jesus Christ is a man. That’s how I started to further examine the Church Of Christ. While I was still in the process of joining the
Church Of Christ, I experienced many persecutions. Firstly, from my loved ones. At times, they would
hinder me from attending worship services. Sometimes, my friends would persecute me.
Back then, I would indulge in vices with them. When I started joining the Church Of Christ,
I refrained from doing so. At times, they’d get mad at me; they’d ignore me. There would be times I would explain to them;
sometimes, I’d just ignore them. Despite those persecutions
I persevered in joining the Church Of Christ because I understood the words of God that are written in the Bible which, the ministers
taught: members of the Church Of Christ will be saved. I decided that no matter how much
persecution I encounter, I would strive to receive the baptism
inside the Church Of Christ. I was baptized on May 28, 2011,
at the Church Of Christ Central Temple. A great transformation happened in my life. When I wasn’t a member yet, I would indulge myself
in worldly pleasures like drinking alcoholic beverages. Because as nonmembers,
we didn’t see anything wrong with it. But then, I learned about God’s words written
in the Bible prohibiting such acts. So I stopped. I thought to myself, I wish I could
share my faith with my siblings. They noticed the difference in me: how I no longer
indulge in vices and drinking. They became curious. So, I invited them
to attend an evangelical mission. With God’s mercy and help,
they joined the Church Of Christ. As an older brother, it makes me happy
to provide for my siblings. But a greater joy is when I see my siblings
attending worship services with me. Year 2012, I became a
Children’s Worship Service officer. As time goes by, I became a
Children’s Worship Service teacher and KADIWA chairperson in our local congregation. After graduating in college,
I became an analyst/specialist in a US-based bank. Later on, I was offered a
promotion—a better job position. However, taking up that offer would change my
work schedule. I would be assigned to the night shift. The position that I was holding would be dissolved. I had to choose: take the promotion
or leave the company. My first thought was: if I were to take the night shift, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my Church duties as a KADIWA chairperson and a Children’s Worship Service teacher. I chose to resign and put my Church duties first. That job was my main source of income. For one month, I held devotional prayers; I asked God to bless me with a livelihood, which will
not hinder me from fulfilling my Church duties. One time, after praying, I met a fellow
Church officer in our local congregation. He approached me and said,
“Bro, aren’t you looking for a job?” he said. “I could teach you a livelihood where you are
in control of your working hours. I am aware of your Church responsibilities.” “This is God’s answer to my one month of devotional prayers.” I got into an online selling business. For about a month, I learned about
online selling. I’ve been selling online until now. With God’s mercy and help, what I earn from
that business is enough to provide for our daily needs. My perspective on life greatly changed. Back then, my only priority was to finish my studies and provide for my siblings so that they, too, can finish their studies. When I joined the Church Of Christ,
after being baptized, my priority became serving God. My sibling who came after me, Joyce,
is now also a Children’s Worship Service teacher and a secretary in the KADIWA Christian Family
Organization in our local congregation. Joltaire is an officer in the Finance department. Johnmer is a treasurer in the Children’s Worship
Service, as well as an officer in the KADIWA. Our youngest, Jachel May is a choir member,
an officer in the Children’s Worship Service, and an officer in the Binhi Christian Family Organization. We know we can’t avoid experiencing trials in life. So, whenever we are going through trials,
we hold devotional prayers. We put our trust in what God can do for us. We say in our prayers,
“Father, we may not have parents anymore. But You are our Father. So, whatever trials
may come, we will hold on to You. So that come what may, we will be able to keep serving You.” We can clearly see how the Executive Minister
cares for every member of the Church Of Christ. As he was preaching earlier,
even though he may be tired, and he lacks sleep, he strives to visit the members in the Church Of Christ. He wants to inspire them and strengthen their faith. Being able to attend this worship service
truly strengthened my faith. I am confident that whatever
trials may come into our lives, we will stand steadfast on the side of the
Church Administration. We will hold on to our Church duties,
we will do what is right, and pleasing to God.

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