Día de los Muertos | Mexican Survival Guide

Hmm, it actually worked. Had to get
rid of him somehow. Ah man, Ramon is going to be so scared. Boo!!! Chris, you’re not going to scare me
that easily, I’m not like you. What, I do not get scared easily. You kind of do. Ahhhhhh! I’m sorry.. your face paint is
scary.. Seriously? Anyway, aren’t you a little
late for Halloween it was 2 days
ago.. This face paint isn’t supposed to
be scary. And it’s November 2nd, a.k.a Dia de los Muertos so havea little respect. What’s “Dia du les muetos”? “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the
dead”- Day of the DEAD?!?! That sounds
terrifying! It’s a Mexican holiday you
uncultured swine! And it’s actually really beautiful. Oh.. I’m sorry.. So is face paint part
of the holiday? Yea, it’s one of the many things
that are done. Calaveras or skulls
are part of the symbolism of Dia de los Muertos. So skulls are
displayed in things like.. Calaveras de azucar which are sugar
skulls. Did you say ’sugar’ skull?.. Yes?.. Can I eat it? Who’s ’Ofrenda’ and why does she
get to eat it?? Uhh, no. This is for the ofrenda. It is thought that the souls of the
deceased come down on Dia de los
Muertos and their loved ones favorite food and drinks. Which are decorated altars with
flowers, candles to visit thier families.
And the families make OFRENDAS, and some of the things they enjoyed in life. So when the deceased visit they can enjoy their families I would have to get a buffet? Sooo if I were to make an ofrenda
for you, Actually, yea…I would want a
buffet at my ofrenda. It’s a traditional Mexican sweet
roll But also, don’t forget the Pan de Muertos, or bread of the dead. that is baked during Dia de Los Muertos. Dia du les muetos is
actually really beautiful and not
scary at all. So it’s a celebration of life, not death? Yes, exactly. It’s also custom to go to their grave-sites and clean and decorate them. And some people bring music, whether it’s a live band or a small speaker. It is far from it. I love how the deceased are remembered and still a part of their lives. Oh man, I was wrong for thinking it
was scary. Yea, it definitely is. And the ’ofrenda’ is beautiful! Oh I also love mayonaisse,…Is that white bread?? Yea, he loved white bread. Seems like me and this person had a
lot in common.. Wait.. What’s going on? I miss you buddy. I’m so confused! Ramon!.. Ramon! Am I dead? What’s happening?? Ahhhh!!

100 thoughts on “Día de los Muertos | Mexican Survival Guide


    Mexican: que pedo con ese compa aya esta loco, "Dia De Los Muertos" es diferente compa

    American: wth did he said

    Ps: I celebrate "Dia Del Los Muertos" in Mexico

    Im also going to be a witch in halloween

  2. I do….. I'm forced to celebrate day of the dead. If I don't then My parents are going to smack the devil out of me

  3. We do celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Matter of fact. Saturday my daughter and her boyfriend. Went to his uncle's wedding. The theme of the wedding was of Halloween. So everyone was in costumes. My daughter and her boyfriend dressed as Dia de los Muertos. They look really nice

  4. where i’m from we celebrate day of saints like virgin mary and we dance some dances are called tlacololeros and chinilos

  5. What’s the name of the song that starts at 0:46 I’m Mexican and I feel ashamed but I had to ask I’ve heard it everywhere and I like it

  6. It was a custom to gather in the garden cemetery on Halloween, praying to sit at the family grave and eat at the invitation of the poor. In some parts of Eastern Lithuania, food was laid on the grave for All Saints' Day and left overnight, eating and distributing to the needy only during the Later. In Dzūkija and Eastern Aukštaitija, places to place food on graves remained until the 20th century. Since the 19th century avg The feast was attracted to the ecclesiastical liturgy – priests urged that day to attend worship, to gather only in their parish cemetery, and not to bring food to their graves. Since the 20th century pr. the custom of burning candles in graves became established.
    that's how we celebrate halloween in Lithuania somethings can be translated wrong but i hope it isn't

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