Destiny, Free Will and Life Themes Do we have Freewill? or are things Destined?

this video I’m gonna show you the truth
on destiny freewill and what are called life themes I’m gonna show you if we
have true freewill what actually is destined and how you can change your
destiny and life theme welcome back to another video my name is Aaron and I
help people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you the difference between what is destiny what
is free will and what are called life themes I’m gonna be showing you what is
what in correlation to what we choose before we come into this life what kind
of free will we really have how much do we actually create our own reality in
general and understanding this whole process and a new way now the truth of
the matter when we get to when we get to having the experience of what we call a
spiritual awakening we become aware that we are more than our physical egos we
are more than the five sense perceptions that we use in order to interpret
reality we realize that we are more than that and when we realize that it’s then
very empowering it’s very liberating it expands our scope of perception of who
we are and when I went through my awakening I became aware that in a way
all the things that led to where I was in the present moment which was in 2012
all the pain that I went through in the past all the challenges that I had it
actually created pressure for me that then allowed me to more easily
wake up to wake up and sometimes I think that you a lot of people that are on the
spiritual awakening process have been through some form of pain in the past
whether that’s emotional pain physical pain mental any type of pain in general
that happens a lot because what happens is when the ego is compressed when there
was a certain level of compression there is then a desire to break out and a lot
of that has to do as well as everything if everything is just lukewarm and
comfortable there’s no real reason to question reality everything just is a
certain way but people that have been through things many people watching this
video right now are people that have been through pain in
the past that may have led to you becoming more aware of who you are as a
spiritual being beyond just the ego structure so this is something as well
that you know as talking to some people the other day about it it’s something
that once you experience it’s hard to put into words but nonetheless it’s
something that you just simply know I’ve had certain experiences certain levels
of deep meditation to where I just you know when I learned meditations really
what changed my life and I just simply knew that after that okay we are eternal
spiritual beings this is a temporary virtual reality in a way and that if we
direct our energy and we learn how the virtual reality works we can then direct
it do we can did harness our energy in a way to where then it goes into more
preferable probabilities more preferable outcomes however when we talk about this
as wet as well let’s look at it like this do we have destiny do we have free
will which do we have and the answer is both there are certain things in our
life that we could call destiny there are certain things appointments comm
appointments or certain appointments we’ve made before we came into our life
situation aren’t into our life certainly even limitations that people may have
signed up for let’s talk in last night with some friends we were talking about
we were talking about how some Souls there’s this there’s this school called
Ward Ward draw wall drool or I can’t say the word that was rule school and it’s
um it’s a certain type of like school where the founder of it believes and
that autistic children autistic kids are kids with mental what we would consider
mental disabilities they’re actually souls that came in to teach us and they
chose that from a higher level to have that kind of limitation because it was
almost an act of compassion that could help us understand more about who we are
and how to be free of our beliefs how to be free of limitations and that’s
something that really resonated with me might seem like an extreme belief to
some people but I that we choose our limitations we choose
many things at higher levels before we come into this life so that we can then
choose how we navigate through it how we navigate through it is the free will and
we have free will it’s just that some of it we have certain things that are
destined certain appointments we’ve made maybe part of that that destiny was that
you would meet somebody that you wanted to have a relationship with I could call
that a soulmate a deep relationship some people may call it a twin flame
relationship these things can be decided at higher levels and then in a way I
think what happens is we all have spiritual guides and our spiritual
guides go to work to help facilitate synchronicity so it’s not like a 100%
fact that you were going to go through certain things but destiny in a way
helps align that and bring that into fruition and you have spiritual guides
as well that are always helping you to come through certain realization to come
through it experiences and there were certain times I look to my past and I
see different probabilities of how things could have happened but then I
look back and I can see how it was in a way orchestrated at higher levels and if
that didn’t happen maybe then some other way it comes for example I had this
buddy these two friends Melanie and Myles
Beckler they’re both they have a website that’s on ask angels comm and there are
good friends of Lee or Victor’s in mind they live in Sedona they’re really cool
they make really cool content and Myles and Melanie are a very deep connection
to each other you can see that when you meet them and she said that this is
funny she said that when she was asking her pendulum you know she’s in like some
of the divination or the different types of you know connecting dear your
spiritual guide that’s what her whole teachings are about mainly is how to
connect to your guides and from doing that she asked if miles was her soul
mate and the answer she got was no and the reason it was no is because she
realized that the more accurate definition was twin flame now here’s
something that they told us within the one of the first you know I’m
talk to them and I asked how did you guys meet I figured exactly how they
ended up meeting however what they realized is that a year before they
actually met I think it was maybe through friends or something a year
before they actually met they were at the same New Year’s party the same New
Year’s party and they just didn’t bump into each other at that party but
nonetheless they were in the same place even though they lived in completely
different like areas it was just very synchronistic that they were at that
same party they didn’t connect to them but then they connected like a year
later you see I believe that in a way they had destiny they had free will they
they had both the destiny and the free will but the the the the intention at
higher levels for them to eventually meet up and when you see them you could
see oh yeah they’re definitely you know nothing for a couple like a year to now
and you can just you very much see them as a unit I was like you know like they
just work very well together and they you could just tell that in a way they
were meant to be together and they chose that at higher levels so how it happens
is the free will I believe that it was destiny for me in a way to be sharing
these ideas online or not even online to be sharing these ideas in my life to be
helping people to wake up to more of who they are I believe that that was in a
way my destiny that’s what I feel I feel like that was my calling and when am i
doing anything that I’m passionate about with it it just drives me in that
direction however I believe it’s free will through the way that I go about
that the free will is I had to eventually start making videos I to make
the choice to do that the free will is I chose to do that online by making
youtube videos and now I’m changing that free will and to doing online YouTube
videos plus doing live events so I’m doing both but that’s why I’m free will
so in a way destiny is something that we decide at higher levels and there’s
certain appointments that we’ve made whether that may be a soul mate
relationship may be whether that may be some you doing something for a living
and maybe a certain type of thing for a living whether that may be you knew you
wanted to be an artist but whether you were a musician or whether you were a
painter or whether you made clay objects or you
see there’s many different forms of being an artist but maybe the free will
is how you go about that creative expression however when it comes to
limitations maybe somebody is born deaf at higher levels I believe many times
that was the case that they chose that and maybe they chose that because they
wanted to learn some level of the limitation of it maybe they wanted to
learn how to transcend that and how to get over feeling certain way about that
who knows but in general I believe that a higher levels we choose some of the
experiences that we have and then free will is the way that we we work through
that the way that Bashar talks about if and you heard me talk about Bashar
before Bashar says that what we do is there’s a certain hallway we are going
to walk through we’re gonna walk down in a way that could also be a life theme
what is a theme of our life and I’ll talk more about that in a minute there
is a hallway that we’re gonna walk down that’s destiny you’re gonna walk down
that hallway because it’s your passion because your guidance system moves you
in that direction for me that’s making daily video or not daily videos but
that’s expressing ideas I didn’t wasn’t expressing ideas I don’t know what I
would be doing or expressing myself or helping people to wake up to more of who
they are if I wasn’t doing that maybe I could have done that via writing
whatever but this is the preferred mode for me down that hallway though you will
walk now the way you walk down that hallway is the free will you could skip
down that hallway you could crawl down that hallway you could crawl yourself
through that hallway you could jog you could sprint you could see there’s
different doors down that hallway you could check every single door you could
just check one door you see this the way you go about this is up to your free
will but walk down that hallway is something you’ve decided to do now
there’s different degrees of destiny as well some people may have had many
appointments they agreed to and some people may have just generally said you
know I want to experience life on Earth I don’t
that many things planned we’ll see what happens but it’s up to us now if you if
you study the work of Dolores cannon which are transcripts of people that
went to something called qhht quantum healing hypnosis technique a deep level
of hypnosis there are so many people that have been through this
that recount and talk about their experiences in life in between life what
they chose about their life and they go through and they see different
probabilities so in the in-between life in between life because or eternal
spiritual beings it’s almost like they go to this place which is really maybe
just a level of perception and they’re able to see different probabilities if
they were born to a certain family different probabilities different life
themes different things they can choose to and then working with their spiritual
guides they may orchestrate certain types of experiences so destiny versus
free will we have both it’s just the degree will depend upon the person the
degree of the destiny the things that you agreed before you were born
you chose your parents even people chose parent like you know in a way I mean I
did choose my parents and in a way I also chose to go through a lot of abuse
for my ex stepmom I chose that because that eventually led to my spiritual
awakening I just know that I don’t how do you know that I just know it it was
something I agreed to because I knew it would help develop me and wake me up out
of the illusion even faster because the seriousness of 3d is an illusion which
is that we believe so much in it and we give it so much power that many times it
has power over us now one of the things that many of us if you studied the work
of Dolores Canon thousands of thousands of transcripts from people all over the
world have said the same thing I came here to be a part of the shifts in
consciousness I came here to be part of the Great Awakening never before has
this level of seven billion people on the planet had the chance to wake up
together as quick as we are relatively quick as well maybe it takes you know 20
30 100 years but we’re all waking up quicker than ever and in the past maybe
in different parts of the solar system of the galaxy or different levels of
consciousness maybe it’s something that takes a longer
period of time maybe then there’s a lot more devastation there’s only certain
people that ascend into a higher level of consciousness in this life we have
the ability to all wake up together and that is the life theme that many of us
have chosen to be a part of is a theme of transformation if you’re watching
this video then you are somebody that’s on this path of transformation because
you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of there’s different
degrees to it there’s different there’s different levels to which you choose to
be a part of but nonetheless we’re waking up to more of who we are and if
you look out into the world you can see a lot of things are tearing apart and
tearing down because it’s like a sam castle you have to clear away the old
castle before you can build a foundation of the new that’s what’s happening we’re
realizing and it’s not very hard to see if you look into the political system of
your country or wherever you’re from you most likely see that a lot of things are
falling apart a lot of things are looking like a circus act and what
that’s doing is that’s waking us up to more of who we are that’s waking us up
to more of the illusion itself of holding the blindfold over our eyes but
that was a theme that many of us agreed to to experience and there’s different
themes I think one of my life themes is learning patience I’m a very Noir
naturally impatient person I move very very quickly a very focused I have a
very strong willpower and I move in a certain direction and sometimes I can be
very impatient I believe that one of my life themes one of my life challenges is
for me to learn how to be more patient so maybe there’s certain life themes
that you feel like is something that you’re learning maybe it’s time not to
be attached maybe find in relationships you’re always so attached to the other
person and then that causes a lot of pain but you can you can learn from that
life theme and then let it go so like themes are many times challenges
or threads that you notice through your entire life maybe certain stories
certain eret if you have old people always treat me this way and then they
always do treat you that way maybe that’s a theme that you agreed to
experience that then you could transcend it doesn’t mean you’re stuck it means
you can also transcend it but in general right now there is this
there is this desire I believe for so many people to transform to a new level
of consciousness and I believe that it’s because there is this there’s this great
awakening that’s happening on the planet I’ve been talking to but knowing about
this since 2012 I was just afraid to talk about it 2012 because it was a
little bit more esoteric but it’s so obvious that so many people are waking
up and it’s happening and remember the people a higher vibration is much more
powerful than a low vibration so even if there’s a million people that are at a
high vibration that are waking up that will influence hundreds of millions of
people in a positive way that are at lower vibrational states of
consciousness but this isn’t really even about levels this is about the awareness
of who you are and what your life purpose is what your destiny is if you
want to know what that is what you could do is you can do a meditation for
connecting to your higher self actually did this yesterday Lior we’re here in
the we’re here in Costa Rica and when you’re was sitting on this some couch
right over here and it was like swinging and I put her into this like transiting
or and then she was talking to her Higher Self since she got guided she was
wonder why she was feeling a certain way and then she she had like a dialogue
consultation with their higher self or her higher self or spiritual guides may
explain why she was feeling the way she was and they gave her a whole bunch of
really cool insights and that same meditation that I did for her there is
also a higher self meditation that I have so if you want to learn more about
your destiny your freewill your fate whatever in the we call it or the life
theme that we have listened to the meditation below for 21 days and look at
the kind of information you get this is for connecting to your higher self also
I had somebody that I met at this place called arrhythmia where I we Victor
Patti Leo and I we’re at we’re in your plant
medicine and there was 60 subscribers 90 people that added 60 out of the 90 were
people that came because of our recommendation and there was a really
cool lady person there named Nikki who told me she’s like hey I want you to
know that I listen to your higher-self meditation I met my Higher Self but she
was super dope I was like oh that’s really cool it’s a higher self
meditation so if you want to loosen up meditation you’re seeing the top
description box below listing for 21 days and see what comes through
this information is all within you so it’s about being aware that yes there’s
destiny there’s certain things you agree to before you’re aboard yes there is
freewill you can choose things you know if you’re
not destined to a life of poverty and if you think you are then maybe it’s just
for you to experience that to then get out of it and get to a higher level so
these themes these these this destiny it seems that as you learn you can then
transcend and the way you transcend is by higher raising your vibration that is
the key however the life theme I believe for most of us is transformation
stepping into our power expressing our ideas if you’re watching this video then
you’re at the leading edge you’re at the leading edge because many people are
still deeply asleep worried about paying taxes and all of these things that seem
so real not saying not to pay your taxes I’m
just saying you know that’s part of the illusion that we agreed to but what I’m
saying is is people give so much solidity and seriousness to it and
that’s why it seems so heavy so with that what I recommend you do is listen
that meditation for 21 days realize you have free will you have certain things
that you agreed to because you’re immortal spiritual being within a
temporary human experience this is just a dream of life loosen up with the dream
of life have more fun and the more fun you have the higher you raise your
vibration and the easier things happen anyway so with that being said I hope
you enjoyed this video I like this video if you liked it let me
know what you think below and I think I’m gonna make another meditation too
that’s similar maybe like a point to version of that as well let me know what
you think if you want me to make more meditations in the comments section and
as always I’ll see you on the next video peace
much love and namaste

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  40. If you only knew what my guides say about you, you wouldn't like what they have to say about you, they told me you don't deserve me if you keep doing drugs, that you ghosted me in week of your birthday, you tell me in an email that it was your birthday, you didn't wanted me to forget, so I told you that week, cos I thought that make you happy, then you decided to ghost me, I noticed you treat other women same way as me, which is just love bombing me or what?! don't take me for a fool Aaron, hey its your choice, call it whatever you want that you do, these people these shamans they profit of people, they can make you believe anything, you are your own spiritual seer, you don't need anyone else for that, why do you rely so much on other people to make important life decisions? learn to use a pendulum yourself, learn to lay the cards or so, other people can influence things with their energy. They can lie in your face too, to manipulate your life how they want you to live or with who they rather see you with. I am not attached to you, I am walking away from you, I am making closure with you. Cos I deserve to be treated better.

  41. Happy holidays! ๐Ÿคฉ โค
    My artistic daughter also considers to choose a Waldorf secondary school here at Budapest, Hungary.
    Have you seen the movie The Adjustment Bureau? About predestination and free will…
    Much love ๐Ÿฌโค

  42. Happy Christmas @Aaron for such a nice channel.
    What's the higher self? For non believers it can be anything, and for believers it's only the God. So if anyone wants to have free will, he must disprove the God. Once he is done with it, he an do any sin. Otherwise, he will have to abide by the laws of the God.
    God's message has reached to Jewish through Moses, to Christians through Esa and to Muslims through Muhammad, peace be upon all of the messengers.
    So pick up any one of the 3 books claimed by the God and try to disprove what he is saying.
    Before anyone starts doing it, please do a research that which of the above three books given to the above 3 messengers is in its actual shape to the present date.
    On the other hand, I, being a medical doctor, know that scientists now know that the pre frontal cortex, which we used to to think 8n the past, creates the thought. But recently it has been scientifically proved by a doctor, who's name, vi will he telling you soon, has come to the conclusion that almost 4 seconds of the thought your pre frontal cortex has produced, another thought cones from nowhere, and it's the ultimate thought and you can't suppress it and you are compelled to do what the after thought is asking you.
    It's from the God gor believers, and none believers, may be the lucky ones can give it any name.
    In the last, to be free, you have to ask yourself whether the God exists or not, a question which arises in every mind.
    Disclaimer. These are my personal views on the basis of my experiences and readings.
    I apologize If someone is hurt and I owe nothing to any claim
    Blessings to all the humanity.
    Dr. Shahzad Waseem

  43. Aaron I'm very confused by all your videos. You say we can manifest or attract things but then you say we shouldn't think too much about how something is supposed to happen and just be present not put so much importance on things. Then you say we should trust the process but then isn't that different to manifesting or visualizing. All these things seem contradictory…

  44. Just before I go to family, I checked my emails, there was one of you, I put my foot also down, stay with how I feel about you and your friends doing drugs, your email was from yesterday, how interesting you mentioned in this video, yesterday you met your friends and another woman, I am not jealous just to point out in your email you call me honey, first you are not my boyfriend, you not asked me to be your girlfriend, how dare you call me honey than same day meet another woman, I am tired of your love games with me, I am sure you founded her really cool, cos she does drugs like you right, she must be the one, this is redicolous.

  45. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘โ™ฅ๏ธ,

    Merry Christmas. I like the theme of Love and Happiness that resonates at this time.

  46. Iโ€™m conflicted about free will because of how much of the time we act from a subconscious level. I agree, once we are awakened, and realize and examine what is in our โ€œshadowsโ€ , then we are finally free to exercise our free will.

  47. Ay yayay, lol the scroll down to the comments section is what always gets me. Thanks for the video today Aaron!

  48. Thank you Aaron, your video "3 Things ALL Starseeds Must Know in 2019" helped me to spirituality wake up .

    I went through the worst crisis of my life when suddenly your video appeared in my youtube feed. My life changed forever because of this insight – I have a mission! Now I laugh all the time instead of crying! High five!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. Thank you Aaron I completely agree with both destiny and free will. I'm a soft determnlist meaning our background, culture and society has a profound effect on our free will. Example a poor boy may choose to steal cause he's hungry, he's lot in life caused him to steal. Soft determanlist believe that people should be held accountable for their actions. Yes destiny brings people together by synchrocity but it's our free will to follow and pursue that path or not…โค๏ธ Good things will happen in 2020. Have faith.

  50. I think people who have opinions are trapped in duality and will never be free. Since every opinion has its opposite, no matter which side you take, you are still trapped. Then I see all these opinions in the comments. But none of you TRULY know.. you're just believing. What if your only free will is to awaken from your duality? Lol…

  51. I really struggle with the spiritual contract and free will aspect. Surely if theres a higher power that knows 100% what is going to happen then we have no free will? How can a soul/ spirit know the future if we ourselves have not made the actions yet

  52. ThankU for all the great videos Aaran
    So inspiring!!! ๐ŸŒŸ
    Happy Christmas, New Moon & New Year to all ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŒ™โœจ

  53. I am autistic and have all the acutely high sensory effects that go along with that (which can be overwhelming and affect the ability to communicate effectively) and like everyone, all autistics are different. Sometimes I have felt it is a disability because of some effects it has had on my ability to fit in in all life yet because of that and due to that and also at this point think I would have anyway sought out a life beyond that (some of reality still catching up and yet reality is literally ahead of us, and now, imprinted on time and space) and often It sometimes completely enhanced my life, like finding your channel amongst other special moments in my life) Other times trying to understand or feel understood by neuro typicals(( language term doctors/therapist apparently use etc,.. not that I like it agree or think it is a/good/best way of expressing the differences),(aka non/not autistic)led me to feel I must be disabled different bullied etc in some way, a little like being black or being white.
    Being autistic is a literally a different way of neuro-processing (more explanation of that too)
    Some consider it a disability some consider certain kinds of modern life is the disability. Aka schooling, kinds of therapies etcetc
    I agree in the sense of trying to understand neuro typicals(not sure exactly how to term the difference other than using for now those phrases) and their way of interacting with (language/outward/expression) and processing the world has led me to a whole new way of viewing life and interacting with others. People close to me would say the same about me. I have been told I live in my own world etcetc I am not from here etcetc I used to find it distressing because I wanted to fit in but, I see that from some, they intended it as a complement and others had just a hard time understanding me and being autistic as I did them. As I felt I was perceptive in seeing who and what they are beyond the earthy side of them, yet to relate everyday communication was like speaking a different language. Until I knew it because, I was autistic I couldnโ€™t at the time understand they werenโ€™t experiencing life quite the same way somehow.
    I totally agree and feel, it becomes a real possibility of unconditional loving, in all its forms.
    It led me to light language, crystals, all natural forms of healing, veganism, energetic healing, reiki, iridology, animal whispering etcetc
    To your channel

  54. I'm very impatient too, I'm working on it.
    One of the reasons I'm homeschooling my children is because I feel there's too much bs and corruption in schools, lots of brain washing etc with the media, the government etc. My 12 year old is waking up too.

  55. Aaron you often say โ€œ when I went through my awakening …โ€ but you are still experiencing it – you just say it always in past tense … but id say itโ€™s an ongoing process … ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ

  56. yes we use freewill to co-create in divine timing producing light at Godspeed/ or Warp 10= resulting in what we each see in front of us. There is always more to see by manifesting through joy of the eternal now moment. Most things are illusions : Time, Gravity, Lust. Drop what you don't need into the wind, water, sound and just breath to Be.

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