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  2. Did Paolo actually wait for Yusuke to wake up? Did Yusuke’s teacher know he’d be filming in class? Did Yusuke’s friends know? How does Paolo meet these people? I have so many questions

  3. I'm from India and here in universities typically we have a packed schedule from 8 to 4 with maybe 1 2 or sometimes 3 hours free in between..im curious is it the same in Japan for like 1 or 2nd year students

  4. Really looking for a day in the life of an animator cause their life is TOUGH! They don't do well, are under appreciated and grossly underpaid. I think it'll help shed some light on it.

  5. Oh my gosh this is my request thanks Paolo ur the greatest.. I really appreciate it.. i am always get inspired and motivated everytime i watch ur vlog.. hoping someday i can visit japan.. Thank you again Paolo..

  6. Damn, when I was in school, I had to bust ass every day with classes and projects, plus hold down a job. There was no time for drinking, get togethers, or visits to the gym. Now I feel ripped off. I should have been having fun racking up that mountain of debt it took me years to pay off (even with grants, GI Bill, and such). Here was my schedule: Wake up, work or class. Study and work on projects until I passed out. Repeat. Can I have a do-over?

  7. This is amazing. I discovered your channel today and I find this very informative — with the right amount of information and nice aesthetics. WAAAAH GOOD JOB! Thank you 😀

  8. At the beginning of the video when you mentioned he lives in Yokohama I thought to myself "hmm maybe he also goes to the same school as me, keio" and then I screamed when he actually does indeed go to Keio XD (I'm based in Mita campus though)

    Btw love these kind of videos, keep it up!

  9. That last train station he goes to is probably Hiyoshi, I still remember that shiny steel ball from when I exchanged there 🙂

  10. As a Japanese uni students I can tell you some stuff about him:

    You can clearly tell that he’s very rich, or intelligent, or diligent, or all of these. Keio university is the most famous private uni as well as Waseda, and many financial/political leaders/pioneer etc indeed graduate from this school.

    I’m not sure if one can call this “typical” cuz as I said it’s one of the most difficult universities, however well yeah I could say this video is totally okay for explaining our daily lives. At least it’s still true that this is the typical Japanese rich/intelligent students’ lives.

  11. They have 15-23 hours of class a week. In my university I have an average of 40 hours a week and attending my first lecture at 7:30 in the morning and leaving sometimes at 7 in the night.

  12. In my city Jakarta, around 30-40% drive their own vehicle to campus, since the transportation wasn't as integrated as Japan. The rest live in monthly paid dorm / houses near the campus. The MRT transport just released this 2019 and only a single line. But still grateful enough.

    Didnt skip any ads for this video. Ganbatte ne!

  13. i dont know about Japan but in my country and i dont know about other european countries,guys dont usually play video games with girls because it is considered lame and uncool.They only care about getting into a relationship with sex.I am happy that in Japan you can be inoccent and just play .I love the Japanese culture.

  14. I wish I live u Japan because students or pupils are not showing respect to the teachers they are always talking on the class in my cauntry

  15. lol, well I give up, I thought this was going to be an interesting day in the life of a student and how they work, study, prepare for exams, learn about their career and class etc aaaaaaand it really just ends up being about food again..!! you people are obsessed with food, obsessed totally.

  16. Japan is so amazing. I like to live there. People are so neat, buildings and establishments seems so very clean. Disciplined people and many more amazing things only in japan

  17. I live in a really poor country and i'm really poor person, but watching these videos doesn't give me jealousy, but instead make me happy and making me dream for a life like this. I really like your videos, don't stop uploading

  18. I’m an international university student in Germany. A lot of people hardly take the German system seriously. But I can see it’s a bit since most professors prefer online books.

  19. I am studying in japan for 4 years and ill graduate after 2 years. Almost everything you see in this video is fake to say the least. Most students sleep in class and don't study at all. I got the first score among 144 students in japan, and i don't even speak or read japanese that good. i studied yes, but mostly before tests by a day at least and a week at most with math for two weeks because i am not good at math and japanese standards for math are so high. But i guarantee you i didn't study as half as hard as students do in the US. You are not allowed to ask questions in class, and the teachers explain really deep and difficult things in the most boring way you can ever imagine, but before the tests they give you a paper that is mostly identical to the test, and you just have to remember it to pass. This keiyu university in the video is one of the most expensive universities in japan, not for a casual japanese guy . Mostly families with politic backgrounds or rich families go there. Also most students don't like to chat or even speak, they are living with a child mindset. 4 years in japan and i don't even have 1 japanese friend, no matter what i did to break the limits, i spoke their language, i tried my best to be more friendly than i am, i jumped over the limits and went to meetings outside the univirsity in a church even though i am a Muslim just to make japanese friends, but still didn't get to make even a half japanese friend, and that is when i gave up because it felt so hard that no matter what i try to do i won't be able to get a japanese friend unless i go to izakaya or a drinking bar, and i don't drink and will never drink so i stopped. Most japanese students have a childish mindset, but people at the bar have a higher chance of being real adults. Because in japan you have fake adults and real adults. Last part, everyone here seems like he is giving up on life, no one smiles, no one chats, everyone is afraid of foreigners. some think foreigners are crazy according to my American teacher, the mental issues in japan are nothing compared to any part of the world. Its a safe country indeed, but not to your soul or mind. The only reason i am continuing to study here is because my country Saudi Arabia is supporting me, basically they are throwing money at me to keep me studying, even though i make a really decent living here in a 3LDK separate home for free, medical fees are paid for, uni fees are paid for, plane tickets are paid for, salary more than 5000 USD, i don't feel like i want to live for even one more day in this soul absorbing country. And i am willing to give everything up to get back to my beloved country. Money doesn't bring happiness and i learned that the hard way, i feel so sorry for japanese people, i looked high on them before coming here, but after being here for 4 years i feel really sorry for them, and for myself for wasting my life in here. May God help me to make the best of it.

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