Danish Alone – Season 1 ep 2 – English Subtitles

I can deal with me in a few days
without water and food – – but a shelter, I can only
do without for a few hours. It is completely different
than what I was going home. I have no way to dry me. There is no chance that I
when getting heat from a fire in the evening. I do not have anything to drink or
eat. It’s a tough experience. Oh my God. That I will not survive. None of these participants know
where they’re going. They just know that they are going
in the Norwegian wilderness – – and survive alone. Oh my God, Stine.
It becomes so hard it here. In total isolation
and with a minimum of tools – – they must survive on their own.
All films themselves. The goal is
to survive as long as possible. This experience has transformed itself
into a true nightmare, I think. – Help!
– Now I am alone. I am nervous. – Fuck!
– Oh my God. It has been the star cold in the night. I’m
getting paranoid of being up here. Yet another day sucker. – Please.
– It has become a starvation experiment. This is my territory! The first priority is the protection
of the elements. Sheltered from the wind, shelter from the water
and some heat. And a good bed. Immediately I will try
to go slightly inward – – away from the water,
because there may be more sheltered. My shelter is the most important thing. I can deal with me in a few days
without water and food – – but shelter, I can not do me
no more than max. Half a day. The immediate challenge right now is
the ground, I go in. It is very uneven,
so it will be interesting to see – – if you can find something that’s
just fairly evenly to lie on. Yes.
But… … I just found it here. A fallen tree.
So you think: “Well. It’s just a fallen tree,”
but I can actually use it – – to put my tarp over,
and then I can be sheltered there. It is the shelter in the first place. I’m going to see if I can
find out where I’ll stay – – and it can actually be good
little difficult. I feel a bit powerless. These are the elements that come into play
now, and fuck, that’s cold. So I only have the clothes,
I have to. It’s the only thing I can do.
Then I can start a fire – – and try to create a shelter
that can protect against wind and cold – – but I’m not sure,
that it will be enough. But I head on – – and I live the South,
if I should forget it. Or it is certainly there,
where my stuff is right now – – so it’s very important
that I just remember it. Yes. There is nothing for it but
to just walk around and look. The first thing I saw when I landed on
the beach, was gold over here behind. I’ll just show you. It is there, it’s a huge fender – – probably from a ship – – but it flows and it is great.
Where is the fat! This could be worth gold to
keep my yarn in the surface. If I can not use it to it,
so I have the coolest swing. It’s … Not but words.
I feel so lucky. It does not take much
to feel privileged here. It’s one of the things
that is great about being here. Nature does insanely much
for me. It is my sanctuary and there – – where I let up and get quiet on,
and it is where I seek to – – when it becomes too much
with everyday life. I’m not worried about it with
that alone. That at you as well. I have a huge need
to be alone and appreciate it. I’ve grown very deliberate
to be in my own company – – so it does not worry me. Loneliness is not a problem.
It has been your refuge. – Yes.
– You have needed to recharge. I have a past in which I
completely since I was 20 years – – ran into trouble with stress,
which resulted in depression – – and it most often happened to me,
when I got it bad, it was – – I had a great urge to – – to get away from all the everyday life
and the people around me. I could not bear to be
with those I loved. My postpartum depression was the straw
that broke the camel’s back. It was also where I had
gotten so much enough of it all – – that I was looking out into the countryside
and saw what it did for me. What peace it brought,
how I got into gear – – and how the negative disappeared. It was the beginning of
a very close bond with nature – – I really have grown it and
exploited the effect it has on me. I think I’ve found a place
that I can use for the first night. So I will just try to clear some
up here and saw my stuff. A shelter is one of the most important.
It is here to get shelter from the weather – – that’s the priority. You can die
in one night, if you get cold enough. It is a good example of
how quickly the weather changes. That over there looks really,
really dark and rainy out. So we move us just a few degrees.
See what’s coming there. Sun and blue sky.
Just to aftenkaffetid – – only minus the coffee. This is completely different
than what I was going home. There are very,
very spongy and moist – – and dense forest here. I feel it is a great challenge,
and I have a job now – – and that is to learn to know the place,
and I have to start from zero. But we have it.
We must do what we can. At least I have found
running water over here. In small, beautiful wells. If you have
water, you are physically covered by the – – to manage in a long time, but you
will definitely be suffering from hunger. Now all we need is a plateau that is
dry. I could well imagine. It fogged little because I sit
inside my temporary shelter. It is okay. It was raining when I arrived,
and then it rained more and more – – and I was actually about
to build a campfire. I have not finished with the shelter,
but now it’s stopped raining. Now look here. But no, that looks shelter
as I said right now. A very simple ‘lean-to’.
Or no, it’s an ‘A-frame’. It is closed in the rump
with an overlap – – so that no wind in
all. I have been here for maybe …
Maybe a few hours. And … I’m hammer well against.
It is a fantastic place. It’s crazy. The Norwegian nature
here are completely insane. Just look here. The mountains I have up here behind – – and stunning views. The clouds out there burst upon.
Try to see out there. If people get to know
that I am a soldier, and think – – that I have a chance,
then I say: “Think again.” There are so fundamental
major differences between the two things here. Military background is
military tasks – – and there are logistics behind,
so to solve the tasks. What I have to worry about
the logistics. How do I get food?
How do I sleep? I signed up because I know you
like the challenge of being himself. ‘Man vs. Wild’. It gets
much in the military, and that’s it – – that attracts many in the military.
It tests the limits. “What can I do?”
One gets moved the limits – – when you think: “I can probably only
this,” and then we go straight anymore. Compared to the solitude I have
a bit of experience. I was recently out on
a long motorcycle tour alone. I drove from Denmark to Georgia
and then back again through the Balkans. There I spent much time alone,
either on a motorcycle inside a helmet – – where just with his
own thoughts and the wind in your face – – or when to camp
somewhere. I did so often alone. There I got a knowledge of loneliness,
I can use up in Norway. This is one of the things you can
do when you are bored: weave rope. If so bored much, you can
merge it far and make a gallows. So you can hang out in it. Sexy face. Now I am in dry weather. Not so much wind here,
but there is no rain. It is far from optimal, but it
can, it must: keep me dry. I have already been well wet. I just got an idea. This tarpaulin gathers
much water course – – so if you can tilt the right,
one could gather the water in it here – – and get something to drink.
For I am thirsty. I need some water,
and rainwater can easily be used. Now weigh the pot here tarpaulin
down the middle, and so is the hope – – that water drips down and collects
most here, because here is the lowest – – and then it would like to drip down
into the pan quietly. Everything is inside and in dry weather – – but unfortunately there is just
the small detail – – I have not had anything
to drink – – since we left base camp this morning
at … … 7:30, it must be. So no matter how much it rains and
how nice it is to sit in dry weather – – I’ll just find a place
where I can get some water. So I will throw myself in the big
poncho and go on adventures in the rain. I hope really little,
that I can find something – – such as some running water
from some … Probably hardly a source, but if nothing else
so up from one of the mountains. That I dare
drink without boiling it. I just got an idea – – because if water gets
up there – – so it ends in one place,
and it’s on the beach. So it would come out
on the lake shore – – and it’s so much easier
to get around down there – – so I went down to the beach. I Troed, it was an animal.
It was only waves. Now. The water out here is fresh water,
so although I would like – – it ran clean
up from the mountains, so … So one can actually … … well drink it.
It tastes amazing. I think I fill the pot
with some fresh water from here – – and then we will see
if I find another. If I do that,
I can take it instead. I can not imagine that there
was anything wrong with it. I get the answer tomorrow. I have moved a little up
in the terrain. Already I can feel when I
come up here that are well sheltered. Here I come to a soft
area where there are clear signs – – from reindeer.
There are actually many. I want to start getting ready
to make a fire in the evening – – so on my trip around the terrain
I take just a little birch bark – – which is really good
to get the fire. I might as well take me
of the trees that are dead – – instead of taking from trees that
are alive. It just in your pocket. There may be good and dry,
so it is ready for use. I really do not think
it’s sunk in yet … … what it is that … What has happened and what it is,
I’ve said yes to. I really feel
that I am all alone up here. Where is it just a nice nature. Yes!
Finally, I am here! The reaction comes first now, a long
time after I was dropped off. The dripping a little, so it’s probably
time to find a place – – where I can be. I’ll
have to get my camp up and running now. The rains suddenly. Now we just have to put
the tarp up as soon as possible. There is something special about being so
far away from everything. It affects me – – that by
not having someone to talk to. I would just put me a little and maybe
take me a rest on a quarter of an hour – – or a half hour. I go in circles. I circulates
within the same area – – because I think: “Do not
go far away from the water.” I do not want
to turn my shelter up – – how just in the center of it all. Yes. There can be both wind and water and everything
else easier grab it. I want to try to see
if I can get shelter somewhere – – but it seems it may not
quite appear that I can. There’s nothing for it but just
to walk around and look – – so I head on. No, pretty is not. It is really strange to talk,
when you are all alone. As soon as the last word of the sentence
has left one’s mouth – – there is just
an echo of emptiness back. You remember what you just said,
as if it’s something you have dreamed. It’s pretty funny, really. The situation, as I get to
experience here, will be strongest – – and have its strongest took
me – – on rainy days,
where you have the needful. You do not have an urgent need
to provide water, food and bonfires. Therefore, it is possible to ride
out the storm and avoid getting wet. There will be a lot of time
with nothing. It will be interesting to see
if the isolation can be overcome. Note to self:
Remember polishing cloth for lens. Received. Here’s damn little flat
anyway. Is it dry? It is well enough out in the open, but
right now I probably just … Oops. Here is maybe something,
I can use. Now look here. It is damn need
to be here, although I think – – that it is a little bare and slightly open. But it is flat, and it’s …
It’s not dry – – but it is drier than anything I
‘ve seen the last half hour. Nice.
Really nice. I know that I will think
about my family and my children – – every morning and every evening,
when standing up and by – – what they are doing at home,
or when they go to bed – – and you even sit by the campfire
at night. So it is inevitable that one’s
thoughts will run in their direction. Wow! You really got the hang
of the landing. I sometimes take on solo raid – – and thrive really well
in my own company. Highfive. I enjoy looking into myself
and find peace in being alone. It is important to have the serenity of nature
and of mind when you are out there – – to best to
plan and execute your stuff – – so you get the shelter and the food that
you need – – and at the same time enjoy being there.
That’s what it’s all about too. What
I fear most of the trip – – it is to get somewhere where I
can not learn to know nature. I must get to know it. I
understand the place where I am – – so I can use resources
in the area. One can only fear ending up in a place
that you can not learn to understand – – where you can not
use resources – – and where you do not get anything
nice stay out of it. Such. I have studied the plateau closer – – and it’s not quite as
good as supposed to start with. It’s … It’s just so much
underwater as the rest of the site. Why should it not be?
There is no doubt – – that the area feels really hard
and not very welcoming. One thing is of course,
that I am tired of – – I can not get rid
of the water that penetrates up – – but I’m also really tired of
being really wet right now. Yes, man.
Just look. It looks like it is doing up
in the distance. Over there it looks like shit,
but over there it could be like – – that could get some sun. It is what we … Or ‘we’.
I’m already going crazy. What I sit and hope. I had a million things I’d
wanted to. Collect berries, find firewood – – put my nets out
and start fishing. The finding food is one
of the biggest challenges I get. I know how much I eat
at home in Denmark. I see my parents
two or three times a week. If you do not have anything in the fridge,
you might get some dinner. Why do you leave? I want to prove to myself
that I can. – That’s where it is.
– Well what? Be alone? I just think that’s all.
To survive alone. So I thought that now, when you get
the chance, you should just take it. Is that something that worries you?
What is the biggest challenge? It becomes quite clear
if you can find enough food. You know how much I eat,
so I really think … And if I do not get enough food, will
I really grumpy to hear. I will not be nice to listen to. The worst that can happen is
if I break after two days – – and can not find any food, if
it is raining and go bad for me – – if I feel lonely …
It’s definitely the worst. And. I want to start
doing something now. One hopes that this is the worst,
even if only a fraction of – – I can wait for me. It is
certainly fucking bummer right now. It’s really, really bummer. I feel quite damp.
I have no way to dry me. It is brain dead sour, it is here,
right now. Satan, man. I feel like a small,
adorable Disney Princess right now – – because while I was out
to find some more … Some more branches to make shelter,
so I found it here. It is a tiny prepared. No eggs,
and this is just great dry – – so it goes straight to the fire,
plus nice dry wood here too. It is well. There’s a little bird
is watching me and thinking: “Lasse should then have a nice fire.” And if I get
the princess-like – – I can always get my inner
Viking forward by eating fly agaric. But I prefer
to be the princess right now. Shut up, it’s just perfect.
Thank you, mutti bird. So it’s almost stopped
raining, so I think – – I will jump down
and put my fishing nets up. Hopefully tomorrow there so
at least 20 fish. It’s raining, I strongly with,
because I’m awesome to fish. I’m absolutely sure.
It’s just started. The finding food is one
of the biggest challenges I get – – because I know how much I
eat at home in Denmark. There I can easily smoke through
5:00 to 6:00 meals in a day. I eat a lot,
and I love to eat – – but finding enough food
is my biggest challenge. I can feel that my mood has
improved significantly now. It’s nice that it has stopped
raining. The wind is still – – but just is not rain,
so I’m happy. And then I got my net up, so I
hope that it reaps some fish. The ground is very wet here – – so I make a bottom of driftwood,
which is wet, but dries quickly – – so the fire can better …
Can get fat with heat. It should really be good enough. Yes. I must admit that I am
not as good at making bonfires. The cold affects me that way,
my fingers swollen – – make it so some
real ‘Anna and Lotte’-fingers. They are white,
and I can not move them – – so I have to keep my fingers
warm. Otherwise, I can not use them. Now. The bird’s nest here was not
as good as I hoped for. It’s damn hard to keep alive,
this. I have had so many plans
and thoughts about – – how my shelter should be,
but all that smoke to the ground. I’ve just been looking in the whole game
long after a place – – and now I have finally found one.
It’s hard to find seats. It all goes diagonally, and the time is
really getting late. I have … neither had anything
to drink yet – – or to eat yet.
I am… I must admit
that it is a tough experience right now. Oh my God. I have wasted
so much of my time walking around – – and now there’s about to be dark,
and I do not manage to get a fire today. This is my first night out here – – and I unfortunately had to put
my big awning up quickly – – and it has got holes already,
so I’m tired of. It bothers me a little that I’ve
got a really difficult start – – I’ve spent a lot of time
on … to look for a good place. I must have established a clothesline
and see if I can dry clothes tonight. There is no chance that I
when getting heat from a fire in the evening. Hopefully the sun shines in the morning
and show me the way to a … … better place. I’ve spent most of the day
in the woods a lot of twigs – – so I can have closed ends
in my tent. Now I just picked up
a huge stack over here – – I can put
as a kind of sleeping. I have been wrapped in waterproofs
all day, so now … And this … has been completely filled
with rainwater. To the top. It should be drunk,
before going to bed. Before going to bed, it must
be emptied. Das ist ein befehl. My tarpaulin lavish on them. So, the plan is
that they should catch air – – and that my body needs to heat it.
The sheet shall keep the moisture … … I saw the cold overcomes. It will not be soft,
but it will be good. Yes.
It is my bed tonight. Full cover of twigs with leaves. Now I would like
to find little birch leaves … … and just make a small,
cozy cup of birch … … træsblad tea.
The states appear not. I would just like before it gets too
dark. I have a birch tree right here. I can be a way also just do it
in the light of my fire. A small saucepan. Now one should really also the danger with
ease, so you do not get hurt. It looks as nice from a distance. There was a little green.
Then boil my tea. Now, I want me
a sip hot birkete – – before I throw a log more
on the fire and call it a night. It is fairly warm now. It’s not bad.
It tastes most of all the hot water. So it is nearing bedtime
and over and out from me. It’s been an awesome day,
a long day, so I’m too tired now. It’s raining, and my fire crackles,
and the water lapping. It does not get better,
so I would say thank you for today – – and see you tomorrow. It was more than just
a quarter sleep. I slept most of the evening.
It’s been a long trip out here. First, in the car and then by helicopter. And then to sail to the end. I am
a little disappointed with my performance. First, I spent too much time on
finding a place – – which I think was appropriate,
and so it ended – – that it began to rain. My goal for tomorrow is certainly
find something to eat. Now I think
that I will lay me again. It was the end of day one. I’ve just taken headlamp on. I
‘m making my shelter finished. I am a little late,
so I’ll probably not fire in the evening – – but there is nothing else to do
than just to get the shelter up and running. Fuck, it’s cold.
So it’s a little late – – that I have said to myself:
“Stine, you will not find a place – – which is better than this. Not here,
not now. Not today. Do it here. ” This day goes not at all,
as it should. I have not had anything to drink
or eat, and I have not urinated. I have not done anything other than
to look for a place – – where I could camp,
because there are swampy over. There is either rocks over,
or there are too few trees. Seriously,
it really sucks. There is mega cold. That I will not
survive more than a few days. It’s going to hell now. I need to catch these fish
to survive. My biggest weakness is my family.
It will be missed as break me. Not a damn thing at all.
Pis. I’ve caught one fish in four days.
What the hell am I living? I think damn, there is a fish.
Yes, there are fish. Yes! I’m not geared to
having to enjoy the solitude. I can feel
that my body is about to give up. From being in a state of
tension, it has become – – to become a struggle for survival. I am frustrated and worried
that I have not had anything to eat. When I arrived, sad ones here trousers.
So hello. – Oh my God.
– It is insanely cold. – That’s a little extreme for me.
– It has whacked my finger. – There’s blood everywhere.
– Fuck! I did it!

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