Danish Alone – Season 1 ep 1 – English Subtitles

None of these participants know
where they’re going. They just know that they are going
in the Norwegian wilderness – – and survive alone. Oh my God, Stine.
It becomes so hard it here. In total isolation
and with a minimum of tools – – they must survive on their own.
All films themselves. The goal is
to survive as long as possible. This experience has transformed itself
into a true nightmare, I think. – Help!
– Now I am alone. I am nervous. – Fuck!
– Oh my God. It has been the star cold in the night. I’m
getting paranoid of being up here. Yet another day sucker. – Please.
– It has become a starvation experiment. This is my territory! We are north of the Arctic Circle
on the lake Altevatn. The lake is 45 kilometers long – – Located in one of the most desolate
areas of the Norwegian mainland. Here participants will be flown out
to a common drop points – – where they one by one sailed out
in the area where they are to survive – – all alone. When the participants are put ashore,
start the experiment. – Good luck.
– Thank you very much. Under these conditions, the participants must
survive on their own. I was really hungry today.
When I came, they sat here pants. It is hard not having talked
with anyone in a really long time. Provides up … It would be easy to just press
the button. Then I downloaded. … they can pull through a GPS,
they have been given. Have always on you. Whoever withdraws last has
won and thus fared far – – alone in the wilderness. I did it! The weather has been very changeable.
We started with sunshine. The worst thing is to be wet and cold,
and right now there is wind chill and water. It could hardly be worse. My priorities are a little different
than I might have hoped for. I have to get up
and put a tentplane up – – so I can get some shelter
from the rain and the wind – – having made a bonfire
and have changed nothing of all the clothes – – I was a bit wet. I’m not soaked,
so I feel absolutely fine – – but it has to stop,
what should we call it – – Before that happens some form
of cooling. It is to stop in time. What I expect of the experience,
and one of the things I’m sure – – it is to get a proper røvtur,
where your skills will be tested. My name is Rune.
I am 23 years old – – and has been teaching outdoor life and
had it as interest in four-five years. It is pounding hard, what I need
through. I’m not sure. You have to find out if what you
teach, fits in reality. My strength is craftsmanship. Without it,
dig holes for themselves. One’s brain plays tricks,
and agrees with himself – – that it is a hard place to be. Where I have the least experience,
is compared to the loneliness. I do not know how I react.
All people are crazy. The question is
whether it is crazy dangerous. If you talk to itself, it is
within reasonable limits. You begin to lose
track of time and do not know – – what you’ve done in a few hours,
then you know to be dangerous crazy. Now I just as I said in the shelter – – and then I like
to look around. I must have put nets in the water,
so maybe I can catch some fish. There must be a lot,
so it’s just getting started. I am pretty nervous about the cold. It has always been the big
monster, so it will be interesting. I just hope I can get a
shelter up and get started any fire. Nature does it for me,
that when I’m stressed or feel – – I have problems, I take
out into the countryside and recharge myself. You should be model. I see nature as a friend out there – – and of course, friends can
also be assholes sometimes. I am aware of that. I study,
what we need to live on up there. There is probably someone who just will think: “Wow. There you have
taken a lot on your plate.” Of course it could
be fucking awesome – – if I was more awesome
than dudes’ene that was there. That’s the dream scenario that
amazes all others and themselves. What really should not go wrong,
that is if I find out – – to the shelter that I have used
energy and thought was right – – then leaking the storm takes,
or whatever. That is, if my home and my confidence
will be taken from me. So it would just destroy me.
Now I am alone. It …
It makes me a little nervous. An equally big reason
that I signed up for it – – as the experience of nature, is the mental
development in daring to open up – – and communicate the thoughts you have.
It is not something I do … … very much at all. I am very curious as to what this
should bid. I feel such a tremor. Now I look at the horizon, so
it seems as if I am thinking deeply. I really, really pee. But here are very nice. There is
such little Sunny Beach over it. It is here, I will drink
small drinks with umbrellas in – – and enjoy the large, lovely sun, as
you so clearly see. But first: I just hope to see a bear
and a wolverine and maybe a little wolf. We’ll see
what nature has to offer up here. I can feel that my heart beats.
Now it’s all seriousness it here. My biggest weakness is my family,
sitting at home. It will be missed for those who can
break me. That is my biggest fear. I have promised my family
and myself, that it will be a long time. I expect to do well.
I’m sure – – that this is what I want.
That’s what I like. I would be the last
to take off from here. You get to feel small,
when nature is so great. You can feel the cold,
and you can feel the wind. So we are on the ground now
for the first time. It’s cool, it is here. Such. Now we’re starting to
build something so we can get it dry. The first thing I do when I come
in, throwing tarpen up – – so I can get all my clothes
and my sleeping bag in dry weather. “Now can I light the fire?
Can I catch a fish? I remember doing the things I need to
do to take care of myself? ” Primitive instinct is
to live in and of nature. I will draw all superfluous from
and get right down to the core. I stand here completely himself. It’s going to be great.
It’s starting to rain a little. It’s an exciting fight that will be
really tough and challenging. It was my only way out. The flying there.
Now I’m fucking alone. Ah, man! It is mega uncomfortable.
Oh, help! I rejoice and am sure
that I do it in a really long time. I have the surplus to it,
and I have the right equipment. I have a chance
to win this. Put the equipment back and sea mastered it.
Spend some time on it. Understood? – I have no questions.
– It is unstable. Use it with care. Think carefully before you decide.
I know where you are going. Therefore you’ve got a small ax.
The trees are not so big there. This works better than
a large ax to where you’re going. No sleeping.
Why? Because I bet on
using spruce branches as sleeping. – I’d rather have soap.
– I have my emergency rations here. It is earthworms. Those I will eat,
if not bother the fish. Then they sail. I stand completely
alone and must take care of myself … … the next several weeks. I have resigned many things
purely private and professionally – – because I want it here 100%. It is my goal to be here as long
as possible, although it will be difficult. And we are off.
We’re going to my habitat. – Good luck.
– Thank you very much. Shit, that’s good.
Alone in the wilderness. I do not know if you can see them
anymore. You can hear them. As soon as the adrenaline has slowed,
so should I have built my shelter – – because if it rains much more
than this … … so I get too wet. My greatest weakness is that I
just got Axel along with Mia. Let’s see, if it dur? If the mind is allowed
to take over, so is the weakness of the – – I have to say
that I want to go home to them. I will endeavor
not to have. You should also learn one day.
We get along well enough to miss you. But it’s nice that he’s not
older when you do this. – I use it as strength.
– Exact. We are waiting for you. Yes.
Exactly. This actually looks like
an old scrape from a bird. It has been here and scraped to the
side and found insects on the forest floor. I am fond of nature, but
can I use it to survive – – for more than just one week? It turns
me having to test myself. It is a bill where the deer are
gone. It’s an old deer tracks. When I’m on the hunt, I thank you for
having to close down the animal – – which I have applied.
“Thank you, because I have to eat you.” Thank you inside the head and thanks
to Pachamama. It is Mother Earth. My first thought about the place is
that the forest is actually larger – – than I had dared hope for. It is a really great safety factor,
the trees of a certain size. Immediately I think,
that I’m up to something highlands here. I have often wanted
to take a ride in this landscape. I also think,
that it will be tough. I have found a place where I
just have to put my quick camp up – – so I can get in the shelter and get warm. Get gear in dry weather. The danger of getting wet is
that it gets cold. At some point you go
from being uncomfortably cold – – everyone knows it,
and to be dangerous cold. It’s something to frostbite,
and the loss of ability – – using his hands. Is there anything
I need, it’s hands. You may prefer not to lose practicability. I have put all my stuff
into. I need to consider also,
if I have to change clothes because … … it’s a dangerous place
to be wet. Supercooling is dangerous because it
is a trip where I’m alone – – and I can not even handle it, is
not a partner who can help. What I am trying right now,
it is to find a place – – where I can quickly get my little
tarp up and get my stuff dry. That’s what I start now.
You can see that… The rain, the move into. There may
well get a lot of rain soon – – so I must hasten to find
a place where I can camp. Okay.
Shit, it rains a lot. It really was not how I
had expected to have to start. Fuck, it’s annoying. But I just got saved all my
stuff here from under a tarpaulin. Tests whether one can see better. I have
rain cover, so it is hard to see. I saved my stuff
under a tarpaulin here – – and now I find pegs
pegs, so I can stretch it out – – and maybe get a reasonably place
to sleep tonight. That’s what I need right now. It is also reasonable swampy what? It is interesting to find out
whether there are so swampy throughout the area. I know very little about the area. It
turns out to be something gauge country – – what we are going into, and it offers
some new challenges. No. I need
to make a temporary shelter. It rains too much,
it makes sense to be out in. I get wet,
and my gear is too wet – – although it could withstand
a lot of water. It is stupid… … making it too wet. Men stadig: go slow. The consequences of not building
a shelter is that I get wet – – and is rapidly cooled. At worst, I would not really
be able to take a night. Then I would be so chilled that
I had to press the button and say: “Hey, people, are not you sweet
to come and get me again?” Now I build a shelter. Now piss it really down.
Shit, how annoying. Everything gets wet. I come
not to find dry firewood – – so it may well be
that I have to do without a fire. Three pegs. Ah, man. Where is it annoying. I’ve just been down to pick up
the last things down on the shore. If I can see it, so my flapping
tarpaulin with my stuff underneath. It is temporarily put in the shelter,
so I can go around and look. I’m about to find out
where I should stay. I do not want to turn
my shelter in the middle of it all. There can be both wind and water and everything
else easier grab it. I want to try to see
if I can get a little sheltered – – and it can actually be good
little difficult. There’s something really gooey here
and hoppy and bumpy. I can see that it’s a bit barren,
and it’s a bit deserted. Of course there are more trees
in some places, but fileme not many. There’s nothing else for
than just walk around and look. Anyone here? Make a sound! One can hear it already
begins to thunder a bit in the distance. Before I have to make a shelter, should
I walk a bit along the coast to see – – where there is the best opportunity
to … Making a shelter that can hold
a few days. I’m a little busy. Use your brain.
Use five minutes. You have to watch it so
some places here where there is … … something myra here,
so you do not will cave through. The fact that it is swampy, provides a new
challenge. I had expected – – to the area I came to,
was a forest filled with pines – – mixed with a little birch, but then
I come out of a pure birch swamp. It changes well enough my plans. I’ve been around
to look at my new home. I would really like to have had
a yarn out today – – so maybe I had the fish
in the morning – – but the weather is blown
up a little bit again. On the whole, everything goes
a little slow out here. One of the great things is – – to your own common sense
is really allowed to govern. There are no traffic lights, which
tells you that you can walk and stand. You have to figure out
whether it’s smart to walk or stand now. It has been
a rather chaotic day and one day – – I do not really have reached …
Not really anything. Then I built my first shelter.
It went No shit fast. It is still raining a little, and it does
not seem to be better in the evening. But we’ll handle it. It is
a fine shelter, I have made. Now I can get me
a cup of nice hot blåbærte. The I’ve actually been looking forward to
this blåbærte. It is very fun.
It tastes really good. Not so bad.
It would indeed be healthy. It is simply the nature.
There is so big up there – – with mountains and snow.
There’s going to be some things. It is here, I will stay.
It is also the here thought – – I have a lot behind me,
supporting up about this. It will be a struggle, but I am
so ready. I’m really ready. Ah, man! Fuck,
where’s the crap it here. It is fucking just kept
raining and rain and rain. It was as totally insane. It’s a
really bad start so far. It is incredibly hard to do anything
when it rains, without getting all wet. I have built it here,
and I have dubbed it Lorteshelteret. This will be a stop-gap.
I hope the weather is better tomorrow – – so I can build something decent.
It is frustrating. I’ve thought about what I wanted to
build, but the weather decided it. There is nothing to be done. One must
relate to how it is. If I lie and get wet,
so I have a huge problem. I walk in circles around me
, even within the same area. I have no way,
I can dry myself on. My shelter is the most important. It is
the primary to get it off the ground. There is no chance
that I get the heat from a fire in the evening. This day goes not at all,
as it should. Oh my God. That I will not survive. I am frustrated and worried
that I have not had anything to eat. When I arrived, sad ones here trousers.
So hello. – Oh my God.
– It is insanely cold. – That’s a little extreme for me.
– The nakkede my finger. – There’s blood everywhere.
– Fuck! I did it! Danish texts: Mikkel Holst
Danish Video Text

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