Curing biological Aging & Gene Therapy with Liz Parrish and Dr. Nick Delgado at RaadFest, Las Vegas

hello everyone this is dr. Nick Delgado
and we are broadcasting from rad Fest what we’re looking at with Liz Parish is
the idea that if we live long enough we might be able to extend past expected
lifespan so what can we do in your opinion in summary of your talk and I’d
like to get a sense for where you’re at with if any opinions have changed since
we’ve last interviewed with you and what new frontiers are you pursuing well you
know we we specifically look at gene therapy and so you know we still were a
hundred percent committed to human evolution through you know guided gene
therapeutics and in the future that’ll be things like CRISPR and and things
like this but right now the technology in gene therapy works and so we see now
five pass to gene therapy through the regulate regulatory systems that are a
one-time treatment for a cure so that’s really fantastic but what we’re looking
at is something a little bit more complex a lot more complex and it’s
biological aging or complex disorders meaning it has to do with various
multitude actually of genes and the the things that have changed is our
expansion into new genes so at Rutgers University now we’re doing
a research and development on a vector delivery system that will deliver
multiple genes at one time and right now our candidates have expanded so George
Church is one of our scientific advisors and he’s looking at forty-five different
genes and through this delivery method what we’ll do is we’ll try to cut that
into one or two therapeutics one for a therapeutic where you need the gene in
most of your cells of your body and one where you need it in just a few and it
shares the protein and changes your whole body by affecting fewer cells and
so that would be definitely two different therapeutic administrations
and I think that I mean I’m more committed now every year I’m more deeply
embedded in the to that carrying biological aging by looking at genetics
is the way that we will actually do it but the thing that changes is how many
genes were actually looking at it it’s actually becoming quite large so
our company integrative health systems offers these gene therapies now to
patients by consent outside of the US and right now we have three candidates
we have a Tom Reis induction that I did in 2015 we have the muscle enhancer that
I did in 2015 as well and then we have a new candidate called Clotho and Clotho
is implicated in if you have low levels chronic kidney disease cardiovascular
disease and it just so happens to be the number one candidate for intelligence
so it actually yeah so they took mice that were young and old and even an
Alzheimer’s model Mouse and they injected it with the protein from Clotho
and it increased its cognitive ability so that’s really excited then we have a
fourth candidate that comes out next year and that’s PGC 1-alpha and it has
to do with the biogenesis of mitochondria and so all four of these
genes animals live longer they live better and they have really good healthy
energy expression and so what’s changing so rapidly is our gene candidates so how
do you measure a baseline prior to an intervention like this is it helpful
rather than to have a client or patient say hey I notice these improvements I
feel more energy I think people tell me I look better but what are the
biomarkers is there some good baseline biomarker testing that we can do
embarking just prior to the therapy yeah so advanced well yeah and and we so next
month this is really great question thanks for asking next month we’re
actually launching our multi omec mota multi year you now at now I’m thinking
methyl we are launching a methylation test but we’re launching a multi omec
repository and this is going to be HIPAA compliant gdpr compliant and encrypted
so your data is safe you can go and put your your medical bloodwork you can put
your DNA tests you can put your you know microbiome tests you can put your physio
mure enviro everything in there and that’s going to help us treat biological
aging with all of our patients we do all of that data plus all of the bloodwork
that’s associated with medical tree months so by looking at all of these
markers we think that we’re going to have a massive benefit to treating
biological aging and be able to innovate drugs a lot faster but here’s how you
help so by participating in putting all of your data up there you don’t have to
take a treatment we’re the first company in the world to have the data on what
happens to patients who take regenerative gene therapies their data
is going to be pinned up and marked against analyzed against how the general
population is performing so you’re the general population let’s just say you’re
actually a person who intervenes in their health a lot and you’ve done
amazing biohacking things and and you have an amazing background and fitness
and everything else that is the most basic form of biohacking
but so you you are a really good candidate to look at a generally very
healthy person but we will have people who participate who do nothing people
who do something people who are biohacking people who are not and then
against the gene therapy patients and this is gonna help innovative that
cheaper better drugs for you in the future and everyone else wow that’s
exciting so the therapy at this point is in the category of a million dollars
worth of treatment no no no that there the gene therapy treatments have come
down significantly so gene therapy is given on body weight it’s still very
expensive the lowest cost gene therapies are in the tens of thousands if you were
to do something like get just a kidney treated it’s less expensive in the
amount of gene therapy it becomes more expensive because we put the patients
under an anesthetic we go through the femoral artery and we directly inject it
into the kidney so that we don’t waste any of the gene therapy and any other
part of the body so there’s a cost associated with that but those
treatments are all under a hundred thousand dollars now but the big
treatments where we’re trying to target every cell in the body they’re still up
in the the hundreds of thousands we try to keep them under a half a million and
the people who are participating now are literally pioneering technology for the
rest of the world and by scale by scale we can get these costs down so if we
treat one patient today it’s cost prohibitive if we treated ten it becomes
more reasonable it becomes you know within the range that a certain
percentage of people can actually afford if we treated a thousand and we get it
down to the cost for an average person can it can’t afford it it’s more like a
it’s it’s in the higher level of a nice car so I know you’re limited but give me
your say four tips that you would absolutely intervene with even though
maybe all that data is not in yet but four tips to absolutely assure a person
they have a good chance to having a better longer quality of life
oh geez well I think that for health and lifestyle you’re the man I think I think
you should be giving those tips I mean we know that exercise is of utmost
importance we know that eating correctly which is very hard to define because
there’s all of these different diets out there and so I would definitely go to a
specialist to talk about that I would participate in testing looking at all of
your omics and getting that your data out there because we’re at the point
where we can start intervening with the big boys now and or the big girls and
and that we hope to see the changes so again we’re offering the DNA methylation
kit now and that is the the most accurate biomarker of Aging but you can
affect that with with many of these things that we’re talking about so
distress your life meditate exercise eat right and do what you love for God’s
sakes you’re gonna live a long time do what you love right I’ve probably one of
the most important things absolutely that’s fantastic so with that being said
what how can people get in touch with you and what is it that you’re hoping to
accomplish over the next say let’s keep it to five years what do you want to see
happen well if I could accomplish anything we would cure biological aging
and then we would cure all childhood disease in one fell swoop and then we
would immediately start working on human enhancement so that people actually you
know didn’t feel limited and they lived in the body and had the lifestyle that
they wanted to have based on their genetics I mean obviously that would be
my super goal but I think that in the next five years you know we’ll be
proving evidence on these therapies while we
continuing the research and development and developing the drugs that are multi
gene delivery at one time and you know longevity studies and humans are really
difficult you know the biomarkers might look great but we need to see how long
these people live so it’s a little bit complicated but we’d like to see
obviously you know the finance is flowing and creating human value that
makes that happen and to to show and respond back to that more innovative
drugs tremendous so what would you tell people who are struggling with a
condition such as autism or they’re facing Alzheimer’s or there’s a
condition related to some neurological damage
certainly cognitive issues I mean there’s a lot of brain problems there’s
a lot of autoimmune conditions well gene therapy help in this area yeah so some
of those are really complex especially when you’re looking at the immune system
and it’s going to take us time to get there in neurological problems well as
far as Alzheimer’s right now we have a fully funded trial for patients with
mild to mid level Alzheimer’s so you can actually come and take a gene therapy if
you qualify for the study for free those patients do have to pay for their travel
and they do have to pay for the post work blood work analysis and imaging but
I mean that’s absolutely revolutionary but when we come down to things like
autism and depression and things like that you know just give us time we’re
working on it literally I know that like life feels like kind of overwhelming
sometimes and like how am I going to make it and when is there going to be a
treatment for this it’s coming I mean we’re working at you know breakneck
speed right now in gene and self technology so if it’s
not here yet it’s coming somebody is studying it and when the research shows
a decent meta-analysis meaning that we can look at more than one lab that
actually has had the same sex success reproducibility then we
we’ll translate that to humans faster than they will through the regulatory I
mean the problem is with the regulatory is the drug is 15 years old by the time
it gets to the public and in medicine is moving faster than that so we need to
get medicine to people now and if it’s safe enough we need to get it there and
and that’s important for humans absolutely
besides the final question the funded study for Alzheimer’s are there other
conditions that you are focusing on that you believe show promise and are very
likely going to be reversible oh yeah so I mean some of the things that we’re
looking at now so sarcopenia and cachexia so increasing muscle mass we’re
using a gene therapy that’s already been approved for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
and Becker’s muscular dystrophy and it does increase muscle mass so things that
have to do with frailty which is a really big problem I just lost my best
friend’s mom to a fall you know and everybody thinks they have time you know
everyone oh you know the gene therapy yeah and a couple years then maybe I’ll
do something like that but you know it’s it’s not you know we we just saw a
presentation on the first night here where there were all these billionaires
and they’ve all died thinking that they were perfectly healthy and you know had
the world in the palm of their hand we really you know time is of the essence
so muscle mass wasting is something that we can definitely affect chronic kidney
disease and cardiovascular disease with Dizzy’s with Clotho shows real promise
in a meta-analysis of several different reproducible studies and animals and
we’re going to try that out in humans I mean all of our candidates have evidence
behind them it’s just you know how what do we have to do to get them to work in
a human body and what is going to be the perfect combination of the genes and
we’re still finding new genes that will be essential so fantastic yeah so how do
they get in touch with you how do they help to promote or sponsor the work that
you’re doing because obviously they go through typical NIH and government
channels it may be too late in most cases and by then something better has
come along what’s it going to take to help to move
this process along faster we all are aging let’s we got it yeah that we have
in common exactly so the way you can find us is by
Aviva science comm where heaven where we’re gonna have a new website put up in
November with the launch of the repository which we’re really excited
because our website is like really poor right now but you can still contact us
through it and then integrated – Health – systems comm is where you go to talk
to get Atkins consultation with a medical doctor it only costs a hundred
bucks and you find out if you qualify for a gene therapy Wow fantastic dr.
Nick Delgado here and Liz Parrish and it’s been a pleasure
be strong be well please share this segment because it could very well say
your or your family’s lives and their lives moving forward that’s right thank
you bye bye

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  2. They are NOT interested in optimal health; they want a pill so that they can sell and live high on the hog. Charlatans, they are, in my view.

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