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We’ve all been there – we’ve had a big night out with our friends and we’ve had one, or a few, too many to drink. Which is all good and well until the next morning. Fatigue, nausea, headache… Sound familiar? So, I’ve asked around and read-up on the subject to find surefire ways for you to cure your hangover. You might think drinking coffee is a good idea. It’ll sober you up and help you recover faster. That’s actually wrong. Coffee, and some teas, are high in caffeine that dehydrates your body, which is the opposite of what you want to be doing. Skip the coffee and drink water or sports drink instead. Water will rehydrate your body and flush it of any unwanted toxins. And sports drinks contain electrolytes, which are going to help you hydrate faster. Although there’s no scientific reason behind it, some people swear by eating greasy foods the next day. This isn’t a good idea if you’re feeling nauseous. But eating food is a good idea. You should focus on getting calories and nutrients back into your system. And if you’re battling to keep anything down toast or crackers will help alleviate nausea. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you should actually consider visiting the gym. If you can manage it, and that’s a big if, you should try doing some light execrise. The movement will get your blood flowing and kick-start your metabolism, which is going to help you heal quicker. And it released endorphin, which will make you feel better. If you’re lucky enough to have the time, you should sleep in. It’s likely that your night of debauchery has eating into your sleep time. So your probably sleep deprived. And because your body’s feeling so fragile as it is, the fatigue doesn’t do you any good. So get as much sleep as you can to allow your body to rest and heal itself. They say prevention is better than cure, which is true, but let’s face it – a big night out is fun every once in a while… as long as you’re responsible.

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