Cómo quitar la resaca | Consejos médicos prácticos para eliminar la resaca

Myths and practical advices. How to remove the hangover. Hi, I’m Doctor Bueno and this is Medicina Clara, your health channel on YouTube. Today in our section, Myths and practical tips We will try to solve the hangover or how to minimize its effects. Everyone, sometimes we have drunk more than we should and the next day he woke up with the typical hangover with symptoms such as headache, malaise, need for vomiting, In this video we are going to give you some practical and easy tips that minimize the effects of the hangover The hangover effects are mainly produced by the dehydration of our body When we drink alcohol, what we are doing is introducing an extra volume of liquid that it is not water and what is produced is to replacement of the water that our organism has we will urinate much more And, in conclusion, what is really happening is a dehydration In fact, it is said that death from dehydration in the desert is like a big hangover a tremendous headache That said, the first treatment to do when we have a hangover is hydration The best for hydration is: WATER If we get home after this typical night party, try to drink as much water as you can before going to bed just by doing this, you’re going to minimize the headache you’re going to suffer the next day this water is also replaceable by isotonic drinks that also replace all these mineral salts lost in the urine we can also drink milk, because it also contains cysteine Cysteine is an amino acid that helps with all the acetaldehyde produced by the degradation of alcohol in our liver Or, finally, we can drink natural juices, one in particular, which works quite well, is tomato juice, why? Because tomato juice contains B vitamins, which will help us to better overcome the hangover What more things can we do? If your stomach tolerates it, the ideal thing you can do is eat something and something that works is eating fruits or eggs Why the egg?, Because it also contains cysteine, and will help eliminate all this acetaldehyde produced in the liver Our liver is working more than normal, because it tries to eliminate all the extra alcohol that we have drunk Whereupon, taking a paracetamol for the headache will mean even more work for the liver to degrade it too In this case, we recommend taking ibuprofen If after this massive ingestion of alcohol, you feel stomach ache or gastritis We can take a gastric protector like Omeprazole or almagate that will alleviate these commented gastric effects and allow the ingestion of those foods, those fruits and drink those liquids, very necessary to eliminate your hangover I want to mention these “urban legends” about alcohol and the hangover First, you will never eliminate your hangover by drinking more alcohol That is not true there is a kind of theory that says you can eliminate your hangover by drinking a beer … Well, only if it’s a 0.0 beer (without alcohol) it wil work, because in this case we’re hydrating our body but taking a normal beer, all he is doing is continuing the effects of the hangover The second myth we have, … well, myth or urban legend … is the following Taking the typical B12 or B6 vitamins Vitamin B complexes are used in hospitals in those cases in which the patient suffers an alcoholic coma It’s true, that if we take some vitamin B complex will help eliminate extra alcohol but not the symptoms of hangover But all these B complex vitamins that is, B1, B6 or B12 you can find it in the fruits that we have commented Banana and Tomato Till now, we have talk about some tips to overcome the best you can that hangover after you drink But never forget that the massive ingestion of alcohol It has very serious effects both short and long term In the short term, it is already known that a number of car accidents is caused by the massive ingestion of alcohol at night Also, when drinking, several silly situations occur, that the next day, we regret having done it, due to the effects of alcohol Personal accidents such as falls, traumatisme, cuts,… …wounds, fights, etcetera… and in the long term, what we find are alcohol problems, family problems, work problems and physical problems, and finally liver and brain problems So, if you are going to drink, please be responsible Okay drinking a beer or a wine with friends but always do it responsibly have fun but do not turn your life into hell This was Medicina Clara by the Doctor Bueno We hope that watching this video has solved your doubts about the hangover Remember that at no time will these tips replace the indications of your doctor you must trust what doctor says Do not forget to subscribe and activate the little notification bell if you liked our YouTube channel to receive our weekly news videos In the same way, please, share our content on your social networks with family and friends, this helps us this is Medicina Clara and I am the Doctor Bueno Because a simple and comprehensive explanation of medicine is possible and necessary. Thank you very much.

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  1. Muchas gracias doc, me siento mucho mejor ahora, no pude comer la banana o el huevo por qué me siento muy mal del estómago y casa vez que como algo lo vómito 🤮. Saludos doc


  3. No lo vuelvo hacer por mucho tiempo lo prometo a mi misma no me gusta como me siento i feel terrible porque lo hice? gracias Dr hoy tomare muchos liquidos.blessing's.

  4. Jajaja huevo y leche jajaa siempre intentando verder esos productos nosivos para la salud , arroz blanco señores nada mas

  5. 1.tomar mucha agua antes de irte a dormir puedes tomar bebidas hidratantes y es muy recomendable tomar leche y jugo de frutas como el plátano y el tomate
    2. Para el dolor de cabeza un hibruprofeno es mejor
    3. Para la acidez del estómago un protector gástrico y así después podamos comer

  6. Like si eres de Colombia y ayer 07/12/2019 te la pegaste y estás acostado en tú cama con un contenedor al lado de tú cama para vomitar 🤮🤮🤮🥴

  7. La causa de la resaca reside en unas sustancias residuales que se generan simultáneamente al proceso de obtención del alcohol, por lo que son llamadas congéneres, sobre todo el metanol, la histamina, el acetaldehído y diversos polifenoles. Al descomponerse producen además diversas sustancias también ponzoñosas, tóxicas o venenosas responsables de los síntomas. Estas sustancias congéneres están en proporción mayor en las bebidas alcohólicas o espirituosas menos destiladas y de color más oscuro, elaboradas así por sus efectos organolépticos, en especial las de naturaleza vínica (brandy, oporto, moscatel, vino tinto) y los whiskies. Por ello las que producen más resaca son, por este orden, coñac, vinos tintos, ron, whisky, vino blanco, ginebra y vodka.

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