choosing outdoor ax bushcraft korea survival

Outdoor activities, you see we have a knife, I feel that it is important, as the ax. When you cut or split wood ax tools Except for the inconvenient campfire camping? When cut, split firewood or wood, we’ll look good any ax I use Gransfors short ax. We generally use the ax to the forearm of interest The palm of your hand ax. Short Axe is easy to control and can be used safely. Ax ax worth forearm as the common good efficiency. A short swing radius is narrow ax is less efficient. The upper arm is slightly larger swing the ax of interest. There is also a long ax. Much longer than the upper arm ax. Chopping wood with an ax. Radius is large, the efficiency of the power swing is very large. Splitting wood for good efficiency can also be large. Select the length of the ax, the ax to sack a very important role. Ax, ax head shape is an important factor discriminating. Ax is slightly heavier various common tasks efficiently. Tomahawk ax head is small and lightweight. The handle is quite long. The weight of the ax head around because it determines the power. This bag is a little long, but the better the efficiency. Head is heavy and short axes and long axes of the head light, but do not know what being a good Correct operation trees cut or a large ax head seems useful. I recommend that the length of the upper arm ax common ax. This ax is a double-edged ax, but it is recommended that the general appearance of the other. enough forearm. Generally recommended for use. How to pick ax ax head is the most important thing is the length of the weight of the bag. Meet their outdoor activities Find a good ax.

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