Charlie Brotman on Longevity

it carol article are you welcome back to the rocking chair with
the rafters salora appear with charlie brought them but just before we do uh… one of my favorites i’ve always
said i think palpable pound for power the greatest car lol remote industry is a honda and you get the best deals and the best
service in the whole wide world at paul hancock honda of fredericksburg johnnie holiday just say that this was
one of the best uh… endorsements that he had heard but
don’t you if it is is because it is absolutely from the heart from bihar why pic for honda its stock price price price and they give you the most wonderful
service in the world seven days a week three and a six five days a year if
you’ll walk and or a mobile if you’ll walk on the
how compound the best tell ’em at paul hancock honda
fredericksburg the rock newman sigit dot i dot hello iraq what do you want the full experience it
has been too the to spend this time with you so that we can all of the india so our
sixty year olds can all be india’s of your eighty five-year old self that i don’t like the more at tell me about your exercise routine
when you get up in the morning what you’ve been doing for the last fifty
years well with many instead of going to achieve them i brought the gym to my house so when the brockman basement i have like three or four different
pieces of equipment and it’s four of the setup system pushups sit still
workin and formally it that works and and i enjoy doing and
it’s not labor at home and how many us citizen in the morning article based
eighty anomalous not that old son’s comment was
that sixty was was that was that bill to wear for me to paycheck cut but i love your fat fat fat fat fat
welcome it we are going to wrap this segment of the
rock newman show up uh… the first our has been absolutely wonderful and again as it says in my bro more guns
big ol’ smile on my faith i’ve got a radio show are back in the uh… late
seventies and early eighties i did radio i’ve done a lot of things since then but having ever gini would radio gave me unplayable be back on the air and so on
it really to have had here is my first guest rock
thank you for allowing many to be enormous in no girl with the asian missus big stuff and we’ll be back the will find that one of the special
concerns after himself they were listening to what we have a
great deal did you believe that you see forty million visit us online at we act revealed dot

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