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Did you hear some noise from here? / Yes Noise from this stair..? A cat lives inside here over 2 years.. Open the bottom of the stairs A guy put food and water Close it up again… Gets down and eat, and goes up again.. Next morning Open the hole again.. Water is still here but the bowl is empty Residents in the shopping center : It must be a rat who ate it PD : A rat? / yes~ Shopping center resident : Find out elsewhere PD : Have you heard any cat’s crying? *Nod* Shopping center resident : Not at all! Mixed opinions… But it’s certain that some creature has been eating up With a strange sound.. A paw came out!! Draws the canned food and starts to eat Even disappears with it.. To find out the exact location of the cat Checks with an endoscopy camera Inside of the narrow wall The cat’s barely moved and eaten food provided by the mister To quickly rescue the cat The experts arrived! As soon as the wall is removed Meal bowls given by the mister which represents 2 years of them being together Install the rescue net and wait.. The cat shows up But..! Runs away after realizing that sth’s different from usual Vet : Shows her face for a bit, and goes back… Eventually, w/ permission of the building owner Make a hole in where the cat might stay Technician : She might be here, or maybe next to it Certainly.. Somewhere in this ceiling..! Somewhere inside this hole.. Uh! There are two eyes?! Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! There! There! There! The cat moves toward the hole..?! And finally… Face the cat..! Uh.. Hhu..? ♥SO CUTE♥ Here! Here! Here! Catch her! I got.. Catch! After fierce resistance Finally, the cat is rescued..! *claps* Thank you so much for saving this adorable cat..! Transferred to the hospital dang fierce cat! Calm her first.. Vet : Cats have strong wild instincts since she hasn’t contacted with ppl yet After the cat is relaxed Look like being very skinny Hasn’t treated properly… Vet : Her toenails, which are deformed, had to be grinded But they dig into her flesh as they weren’t grinded She must have suffered from the pain of her flesh being pierced After disinfected, goes under the examination.. Vet : According to her X-rays and blood tests, She’s very~~ healthy When washing her She was very calm 🙂 hehe Ah.. Thank God. I was so worried about her… The cat will stay with the mister who’s taken care of her for 2 years! Everything might be strange Might be hard to adjust to it.. I’ll raise her well. I’m going to take good care of her “She’ll live well with me :)” ♥♥

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  1. I think kritter club already upload this video before, but who cares, I am gonna watching it all over again cuz the cat is sssssoooooooo cuuuttteeeeeee

  2. Here: 6 am.

    Me: I really should go to sleep.

    Kritter klub: casually posts a video.

    Me: ah well. Guess my destiny has been decided.

  3. OOKKK!! Why did he not leave the cover off the hole where he was feeding her? Instead of just locking her in there for 2 years? Happy ending, though, I guess, but jeesh, why leave the cat for that long? I hope they spayed her while she was at the vet, too. People, SPAY AND NEUTER!

  4. So the cat went on for two years inside of the space in the wall where that seems like a major major health hazard like really bad

  5. Why does this guy allow the cat to live inside the walls for two years without asking for the expert help? He is a very cruel man! I've seen several previous videos to notice that some Koreans would wait forever before asking for help in rescuing the animals while feeding them through the gaps. If the animal dies inside the walls and such, they give off terrible smell (of death) for a few days that is so impossible to mask or ignore, which would force the Koreans to cut out the panels for extraction. So terrible! There should be a law in South Korean requiring the citizens to report any stuck animals right away rather than leave them stuck and feed them for days, if not weeks or months.

  6. Damn—that was one crazy capture!! Poor kitty living in a bldg for 2 years?? What was wrong with that guy?? Tell somebody and get him out of there. I'm glad he adopted him and it's going to take time for the kitty to be around the man. But at least he is no longer trapped. That's wild.

  7. Why are so many cats in the walls at malls there? Why do rescues sometimes take so long? That cat is feral. He's beautiful. Good luck. I took in a feral, had him neutered, and it was still hard to domesticate him. It takes work.

  8. يعطيكم الصحة والعافية لوكان جاو لعرب اخله اموت حقهم هما لي روحو للجنة

  9. It seems that Asian countries really care about their cats and will go to extreme lengths to rescue them. Being from the U.S., I’m not sure in which country this occurred. But I’m so glad you rescued this lost, forlorn cat.

  10. why did you wait all this time? 😮 After all, it's never too late 🤗 Thank you to this man for giving this sweet cat a beautiful life 🥰

  11. The cat is so so cuteeeeee 😍😍 thank u for saving g her, and also thank u to the Mister who gave her food for 2 yrs. Hope they both live happily together forever 🙏😄

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