Canoeing Up The River Day 3 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E04 /Survival catch and cook duck

– I’m done two pounds – [Chris] Yeah, down two pounds. – I’m losing the challenge! – [Chis] So far
– I gotta eat more! – [Chris] You gotta eat more?
– Gonna eat more! – [Chris] You gotta eat apples. (Zach laughing) – I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s the Wooded
Beardsman and this is– – Season four of the
Wilderness Living Challenge. (electric house music) (gunshots) Yes! – The goal of the challenge
is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating
nothing buy wild foods. So last October, I headed up
to the backwoods of Canada to meet up with the Wooded Beardsman and do just that for seven days. (electric house music) Last time on episode three of The Wilderness Living
Challenge, season four. I wanna make sure my aim is dead on, I don’t wanna hurt or wound anything. Alright! First grouse with a sling shot. Shan trails of fat, that is going to be one delicious. This beaver really is good enough, ey? I feel like you could serve this in a fancy restaurant easily and people would be loving it till you told them what it was (laughs). And now day three of seven day
wilderness living challenge. Morning! Another beautiful morning in Canada. Nope, cameras all fogged up, try that again. Ah, that felt good. Sprinklin’ a little bit
so I went back to bed. Now the day is really rockin’ out there, I can see that it’s
brighter than yesterday, it’s lookin’ good. I feel like I finally got
caught up on my sleep, gettin’ ready to come up here
I had like four hours of sleep preparing, trying to get out the door to come to Canada on four hours of sleep after I drove up here and
then four hours of sleep the first night we got here,
we couldn’t stop talkin’ about the bear hunt and
what was gonna go on an ugh, I think coffees callin’. I brought some instant coffee up, my one cheat there, instant coffee. Well see how that goes. ♪ Every day bring new light ♪ ♪ To help us on our way ♪ ♪ Always taking the breath ♪ ♪ Whether sun or rain ♪ ♪ The wind will carry us over ♪ ♪ That horizon we see ♪ ♪ Is getting closer ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments like this ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments like this, yeah ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments ♪ ♪ For moment like this ♪ ♪ When the mountain calls ♪ ♪ The river– ♪ Oh look at that bright sun Nice, it’s gonna be a good day, bright hunt! Gettin’ his applesauce on – Gettin’ applesauce on
– Gettin’ the applesauce on how many apples you gonna eat today? – Well, I figured like a
plate full is a good amount. So, whatever fits on that plate. – [Zach] Did you finish
your applesauce yesterday? – I did
– [Zach] Oh nice. – So that’s uh–
– [Zach] That’s about what you ate yesterday? – That’s about what I ate yeah so that’s ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Moments like this ♪ – 12, 13, 15 somethin’ like that. – Nothin’ else but apples just– – [Zach] Nice lookin’ apples. – Yeah – [Zach] For wild apples – Yeah, this a tree from
farm field where I hunt. – Nice! ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ For moments like this ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments ♪ ♪ Moments like this ♪ Slingshot! (soft music) ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments like this ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ This is why we live ♪ ♪ Moments like this ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ For moments like ♪ ♪ Moments like ♪ ♪ Moments like this ♪ There we go, fire in no time, it’s all about the prep work. Hire up the drier up, you go to the trees like the hemlocks or pine,
you get some branches from up in underneath
where they’re protected. You bring those down with
the smaller fine tips, get a little pile of those going like you saw at the end and then a lot of small
stuff especially in a wet area like this, a lot of small stuff. Faster you get it goin’, the faster you can get
your coffee on (laughs). Alright, so its day
three of eating the stuff that we brought with us
and the grouse that we got and we’re gonna do a weigh in
before we head up the river for six more days out there. So let’s see what I weigh in at, I weighed 205.6 I think it was. Okay, 203. Losing weight, we’ve
been eating a lot too. – [Chris] You’re down two pounds so far. According to the scale. – So if we were just saying 205 it’s like I’m down two pounds – [Chris] Yeah, down two pounds. – I’m losing the challenge! – [Chris] So far!
– Gotta eat more. – [Chris] You gotta eat more?
– Gonna eat more. – [Chris] Get in there,
you gotta eat apples. (Zachary laughing) – For those of you who
care you might be wonderin’ how we do all this with
all the cameras and all the batteries, Chris, he
brings lots of batteries. I on the other hand have less
batteries but I have a solar charger and a power pack
unit right here which has four outlets, four USBs, some sort of a USBC and
a cigarette lighter thing where you can hook an adapter to it and then put a jumper pack on
your car to charge it I think. It had jumper cables that came with it, I didn’t bring those out into the wild. And the solar panel has two USB ports, that you can charge stuff. So I’m gonna hook up my
stuff now to charge it. I’ll put the link below
in the description, I love this thing. This is an 80 watt panel,
they only make a 60 now so you can hook a 60 watt
panel to your power pack, it’ll charge your power pack. And when it’s full you can see
it right there on the side, turn it on, you can see
I used it all yesterday, I charged two batteries
from my main camera, two batteries from my night vision camera, two batteries for my drone, and two headlamps and
the drone controller, all on one charge of this while it was a rainy day and the solar panel wasn’t hooked to it. It’s rugged, yee-haw. – Of course I washed my
hands this morning with soap. I didn’t. But, gotta get it done. Dismantle this, make it in nice chunks so that we can actually eat it and all the bones go back in and everything goes back in. You don’t waste anything here, it all gets stewed and rendered down, make this beaver go as
far as we possibly can. Nice, I haven’t done
instant coffee in over two and a half years so but it’s got the caffeine in it I need so I don’t end up grumpy and bitin’ Chris’ head off, so that’s the most important thing. Today’s episode of The
Wilderness Living Challenge, season four has been
brought to you in part by Blackout Coffee, I’ve
thrown away all of my other coffee since this adventure was filmed and would’ve bought
Blackout Coffee with me had I but known they existed at the time. Check out the link
below in the description where you can get your Blackout Coffee, they also have a mail order
service where you can sign up, become a subscriber and save a bundle because the best part of wakin’ up, is definitely a better coffee, Blackout Coffee in your cup. Can I say that? – [Man] I think we can get away with it! – [Zach] Are we gonna get
sued for that if I say that? Nah, we’re gonna roll with it, back to our regular program. It’ll suffice. Alright, how’d we do? – [Chris] I think we dd pretty good. – [Zach] Looks great! Put the beaver ribs in there. – [Chris] Yeah! – [Zach] Little beaver ribs – [Chris] Spare ribs
– [Zach] Yep. Big old hunks of fat. Gonna have myself some of that. Mmmm, that is excellent, that is so good. I’m gonna dish myself somethin’ up. Get my feed on. Gonna tip it for broth? – I’m gonna try to. Wanna do the same for you? – Save me some! – [Chris] I should’ve
dusted these gloves– – Save the neck for me, Bob! – Here! – Beautiful, uh! Look at that nice, rich, fatty broth. – Alright guys, I reminded you before. If you don’t understand why
you’re in the middle of the forest with Zach Fowler, eating beaver, go back to start and
figure how we got here. Got some bear coming up on the way, we’re almost through one beaver so far. Uh, you tired of eatin’ beaver yet? – [Zach] No, not at all!
– Nope not at all – Lord thank you for this beaver and bear fat, this food, this adventure out in the wild. Jesus name Amen. Oh, that broth is so rich and it tastes so good. I just, I feel so good! I woke up this mornin’
and I just felt so rested. Sleepin’ in my hammock, eating like this. I feel like this is gettin’ a recharge. Oh, is that a piece of the bear? – Nobody should eat
alone, even in the woods. – Right?
– Are you tryin’ to get a sponsor for this? – No, not really. I think you’re right though
about the fighting weight You know it’s like–
– Yeah! – It’s like
– Yeah, you’re gonna drop a certain amount and
then you’re gonna be like okay I’m good
– Yeah, well will we be here long enough for me to stabilize out? I don’t think so, I think
I’ll probably be on a a landslide for a while, you know. – Well Jeremey, one wild crafter,
he comes out with me a lot and we did a challenge and he continued the challenge for a month. So basically all the leftover food we had, the beaver meat, he kept
eating it for another month and then he found that at the end of it, he had plateaued and he
stopped losing weight and he was eating the
same thins we’re eating. Except he was cookin’ ’em on a stove and – Right
– carrying on with his regular life, his work and his job and all that. – And I’d probably do the same then – Probably do the same
– Plateau – Yeah, so if you could bring
this stuff back to Maine, you could continue the challenge, right? I don’t think they’re
gonna let you bring beaver across the border. – Alright we’re changing lodging boys! Time to pack up the hammock, we’re gonna head out,
drive around a little bit, see if we can get some more grouse and start headin’ up the river to our final destination
for the next six days. Yee-haw! (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) Boom, nailed it! Alright so we just jumped a grouse, drivin’ down the road we’re
jus gonna head out into the woods and see if we can’t get it. See if we can find a way to get in here, this woods is thick. (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) Right there, beautiful shot. – Yeah, that’s a better shot didn’t reck it this time. (gentleman laughing) – That’s some good eatin’. Here we are, down at the
river, time to load out, pair down, head up stream, let’s do it! (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) Alright, I paired down
my huge pile to one bag, two bags, three bags. That’s the camera bag,
trap basket with my tools and different things,
drone and two little packs inside of there for my
pot and stuff like that. Then you got clothes and my charging gear. And my hammocks and things. And then, my shotgun over there. Alright, you ready?
– Ready (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) – Wooo! (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) Ugh (gunshots) – Yes!
– [Zach] Nice! – Yeah!
– [Zach] Nice – That’s my first duck in the wing – [Zach] Yeah, wooo! (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) There we go
– Here we go! One duck! (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) (gunshot) (“Call On Me” by Kick Lee) – We found a campsite, we had come past this earlier and we decided to turn
around and come back to it ’cause there wasn’t much doin’ on the lake and we keep seein’ those
ducks on the way up the river so we thought we’d come
back and post up here. We can head up to the
lake, do some fishing, come back down, do some duck
hunting at dusk and dawn. There we go, let’s see
what we got goin’ on here. Nice, nice. Fire pit! Second fire pit. There we go, if we don’t, oh it’s even got some nice
lobster mushrooms here, some really big lookin’ lobster mushrooms. Lookin’ good already! There we go, we can have
separate fires if we don’t wanna spend time together,
if we get a little sick of each other’s company. Somewhere he said he can put his tent and there’s plenty of trees
for me to put my hammock. That’s let get to unpackin’! Look at this, there’s even
a camp table (laughs). I’m gonna have to repair that. Home sweet home. – [Chris] Yeah, I feel
good about this spot. – Yeah me too, it’s a nice little set up. Let’s get that canoe
out of here and unload. You goin’ for a cover photo? – Somewhat yeah. What are you doin’ over
there, stealin’ my secrets? – [Zach] I’m just
watchin’ ya do your thing. – This is how I do my cover photos – Little behind the scenes there, if you’re wonderin’ how
he does it, now ya know! – I just stand there. – He’s a minimalist. Amazing what he does
with just two cameras. I have one, two, I don’t
even know how many cameras I have on me (laughs) it’s embarrassing now that I
see him do everything with two. Looks like a little clearing
through here that might be nice for my little homestead
for the next six days, all goes well. I got a super duper trail right here, maybe not in the best place to right through here, up into the woods, set up right in the
middle of a moose pathway with my camouflage cover. Maybe right next to it, that can be entertaining, huh? This’ll do, nice little spot right here! Tree right there, some trees to tie my ties onto. Off to firewood, take back to our camp. Chris is little ways over there. Like to be far enough
away from my friends to not have to hear ’em pass
wind in the morning (laughs). (soft music) Alright, all done, I can stand up here, both the wings are pulled
out on the hammock, one that you put your gear in, the other side so you can breathe. My undercoat is on and my other kit and gear
and bag are down here. I’m all set, so if it’s raining heavily I can take the wing in and
bundle this up and out of the way and I have all of this space
around me to be able to utilize and hang out, free of
bein’ rained on directly. Yee-haw, now I gotta get over there, tend to some firewood and help
out with the evenin’ chores and get the food goin’. (upbeat jovial music) So we just added a first
camp creation here, down log that I cut off right over here and I cut all of the sticks, you see ’em, comin’ down like this? All of ’em so they would approximately be flat with the ground and that makes a bench. And then you just bring it
over to where you want it, stomp on it till it settles and you got yourself a comfy
two person sittin’ spot so we can sit somewhere nice
by the fire and pluck the birds (upbeat jovial music) – Cheers
– Cheers! (upbeat jovial music) More beaver, lots of bear fat. Yee-haw, everything a growing boy needs. ♪ Ohhh ♪ ♪ Oooo ♪ Mmmmmm big old chunk of fat,
little bit of bear meat on it. ♪ Ohhh ♪ Boiled clean my plate, couple
needles to give it a wipe. (soft music) – Bacon
– That’s the belly, right? – Yeah the fat. – There we go, there’s the
beaver bacon right there. Tryin’ to show it to ya. Beaver bacon, nothin’ really to see, it’s just the belly. The beaver belly. There we go, there’s a nice one. I’ve had about 50% fat,
there’s the bear fat and beaver meat with every meal so far. And according to our
weigh in this morning, I lost pretty close to three pounds. ♪ Ohhh ♪ What do you think the distance is. – Well, we could go by
the number of hours, what do we do three hours or something? – Yeah, at least. – Three hours of paddling? – Mhm – I’d be curious to know how
many calories we’re eating in a day with all this fat. – Mmmm – It’s gonna be a lot – You think? – Yeah, fat, fat like that! It’d be a huge amount of calories. Look how much fats in there. I’m avoiding eating that little bit. – You’ve just been
drinking the broth instead. – Well I’ve been eating mostly the meat, tryin’ to go 50 50
– Mhm – At least! – So I’ve had no adverse
effects so far out of eating just like 50% fat and literally like giant plates full of this wiggly fat but I may have this
afternoon felt a little ugh, like lead in stomach, little
queezy but it might’ve also been the motion sickness from
the boat which I don’t get as far as I know so maybe a combination of both. – Sorry, I’m a little high on my fat. – You’re a little fat high?
– Yeah! – Did you just get like a rush? – Yeah, like, yeah. Yeah you shouldn’t do that too often. You should ’cause it’s good
for you at the same time. Let it settle in there. – [Zach] Next time on
Wilderness Living Challenge, season four, can we keep
the meat from spoiling? Can we keep our friendship from spoiling? And can we keep finding
good ways to cook the food so we don’t get too bored
and go out of our minds? Tune in next time to find
out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 9PM,
eastern standard time. (rock music) Alright, I am in for the night. Comfy and cozy in my hammock. Hey it’s strung up really
high but I can still just sit right into it to climb
into it ’cause the tree I had to check to make sure it wasn’t dead and I won’t wake up in the
middle of the night on the ground it bends a little but that’s
fine ’cause it springs back up so during the day time, I will
be able to have this as my staging area should it be
rainy or anything like that. And if not, then at least I was prepared. And if you enjoyed this video, you can also watch Chris’
take on this on his channel, The Wooded Beardsman, link it like here or here or here or here, somewhere. He says he doesn’t care about subscribers but I think he cares so subscribe and watch everything we do. Thanks for watchin’, Fowler out (laughs).

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