Can we make SOAP look like a GEODE?

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re gonna
be making resin, I mean, (laughs) Nah dang it. (beeps)
Today we’re gonna be making soap geodes. Kind of like, this, but smaller. And soap.
And made out of soap (laughs). If you’ve watched
our channel before you might have seen
our resin geodes, it’s one of our
favorite projects. And if you watched
the last video you might have seen that
we are now soap experts. (laughs) No, no! Oh.
Gotta trim it. EVAN: Cut it off, oh no. (beep) So we’re gonna try to
see how accurately we can like, recreate this complex design
but using a brand new material that we’re still, very
inexperienced with. Very professional at. So here’s the plan, first we’re gonna try to create
the crystaly geodey center. So for that, we’re
making a sugar scrub soap and we’re gonna follow a recipe because we’re
responsible adults, and then for the rest we’re
gonna totally wing it. (tinkling)
It should be very fun, I’m excited. Let’s get start (laughs). (tinkling) (hurried piano music) EVAN: Katelyn are you
ready to cut more soap? KATELYN: ♪ In my dreams.♪ We’ve measured the
precise amount. So the recipe we’re
following is for sugar scrub cubes by the Soap Queen. Hi, I’m Anne Marie,
AKA the Soap Queen. KATELYN: Anne Marie seems to
be the soap guru of YouTube. She’s got her channel, she’s got a company
where she soaps supplies, and she covers pretty
much every soap tutorial you could think of. EVAN: Oh yisss. (drops into bowl) (claps) KATELYN: You know what I bet
would be really satisfying? Hmm?
Like making soaps and then melting them. (laughs) Just like a
continual cycle of, like. KATELYN: Yeah, that’s
what we should do with all of our tiny
soaps from last time. (strange noise) Okay, so with this, you have to add the
sugar very, very last, because it’s gonna
cool the soap quickly. ANNE MARIE: The second
you add your sugar, this is gonna harden
up really quickly. We’re gonna do
everything else first, and then add the sugar
last, and then it’s go-mode. So we want to like
make a little, kind of sphere-like thing, and I want mine to have
a hole down the center. Oh, you fancy. I know, so I have some
instruments right here that I’m gonna try to, like,
use to shape it as it cools. (laughs) I’m not
gonna do a hole. You’re just gonna roll up a ball and stick it in the center? Maybe.
(Evan laughs) But yeah so this is
also a little different because we’re adding almond oil, and it’s like, equal
parts almond oil and soap, which is very different
from last time. The only experience last time adding an additional oil.
It was the pizza soap. (laughs)
Made it real greasy. EVAN: You’re pizza one
is leaking (laughs). It’s a feature,
it’s like a gusher. This is like so much sugar too. This is more sugar than
almond oil or soap. Combined.
Combined. You’re tea is ready sir.
You’re tea is ready sir. Quarter cup of almond oil. Yep.
What a scent do you wanna do? Do you want to try
something different like peppermint maybe? Sure. I feel mint and sugar would
just make me want to eat it. Mm, smells good. (tapping) So this looks nice and liquidy. Yeah, okay so we’re gonna
pour it into our measuring cup then we’ll add color. Oh you’re putting gloves on. I should do that too. That’s a good idea. So I think color wise
we’re just gonna add like a white, shiny mica powder, because we want it
to look crystaly. So yeah, you do the mica powder, I’ll do the sugar and we’ll, Well, don’t do the sugar yet, put it in and we’ll
do the mica powder and get it stirred in. No we can do the sugar
at the beginning. No, no, no you’re
not supposed to. You’re supposed to fully
mix the color first before you add the sugar. ANNE MARIE: Fully incorporate
the fragrance and the color before you add your
six ounces of sugar. Oh, okay.
That’s what the Soap Queen says. Okay (laughs) I
didn’t pay attention. Trust the Soap Queen.
(beep) Ready for me to pour? Yeah, yeah. EVAN: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho yes. All right? KATELYN: Check than
like not a ton of white, I feel like we do
too much white. Not a ton.
Oh yeah. Can you start scooping the, KATELYN: The sugar? Okay one. (idle music) Two. So much sugar! Three. EVAN: All right. ANNE-MARIE: Really
mix it very fast. Go, go, go.
What do we do, what do we do? Want me to scoop
it, shall I pour it? No, well yeah you can. Do what you need to
do for yours first. I don’t know what I (laughs) I thought you had a plan. (laughs) No I don’t
have, you go first. I’m gonna just
copy you (laughs). You can’t cause you’re
doing a hole in yours. Here’s my plan. EVAN: So one. KATELYN: Oh, your
just going, okay. EVAN: Two. KATELYN: You’re doing
really big crystals. EVAN: Three. I’m doing three
different sizes (laughs). It’s fine (laughs). Oh, yeah, I probably
should just (laughs). (laughs) Oh god, your
making such a mess. EVAN: Oh this is
nice to play with. KATELYN: I know right? Don’t do you wanna,
it’s like cookie dough. (beep)
I’m gonna try one wild card. I am gonna, uh, oh it’s solidifying. Excuse my finger,
okay, I’m going in. Okay I’m trying one
with like a hole in it. I think that looks
kinda cool actually. I’ll have one kinda nice
round, one semi-hole and one. EVAN: Oh jeez, oh jeez. This wasn’t what I
intended (laughs). It looks good! My god, there’s soap everywhere. Oh you’re going all
the way through. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: It’ll be cool
looking, if you can swing it. How do I transport it? KATELYN: I think if
you just leave it the other soap will,
like, glue it together. EVAN: Yeah but I want
the walls to be like, so much solid. KATELYN: Oh yeah, you
don’t want it leaking in. You might need to like
add some more right here. Okay.
I think we’re good. I think they look great. They look great! KATELYN: Hey we have
like a whole variety. It’s like one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Wait, there’s only six (laughs). (Evan laughs) KATELYN: But there is
like a progression, so we’ll get to test
different things and see what looks the best. Okay.
Okay, let’s clean up. (Evan laughs) (record scratch) Okay, I decided to do some
impromptu repair work. Wait, this is not going!
No, no wait. Don’t you want me to record? EVAN: Pouring a little bit
of, like hot reinforcements. Okay, oh yeah that, that worked. It’s like pouring
wet sand on dry sand to like smooths out
your sandcastle. Yeah, all right. Okay, okay. Let’s clean up. Again. NARRATOR: Three hours later. All right, so the sugar
scrubs have solidified enough that I am down to go. We need to spray
them with alcohol. EVAN: Oh, we need to
spray them with alcohol. Not yet, like.
Yeah. Right before so
I’ll put that here. EVAN: Yeah okay, cool.
(dings) Wait, wait, you
gotta slow your roll. EVAN: Ready to go in? KATELYN: Yeah. Oh.
New method. Nice.
Did you heat up that knife? (idle music) (knife cutting) KATELYN: Soap pros. Oh my gosh, nobody ever
cut soap this fast. (laughs) KATELYN: What colors
do you wanna do? EVAN: This blue,
this purple, gold. I wanna copy this
pretty much exactly. Some drops of this ink. Oh. Okay so we’re gonna have
to move pretty fast, because I’m gonna
wanna do three pours of four different
colors all at once. Okay.
So I’m gonna mix these from light to dark, so I don’t need to like, change
the stir stick in-between. Soap Queen tip. Worst case scenario. It’s all ruined. Remelt it all and,
Oh yeah. EVAN: That’s okay. KATELYN: You could
reserve a little, okay. (Evan laughs) Okay. EVAN: White complete, gold. KATELYN: You’re doing great. EVAN: All right, so
you start with white. Okay.
Already looks cool. KATELYN: Yeah. And then you go to gold,
purple at the same time. KATELYN: Oh, you have a method. Oh I got some in the middle.
That’s oh, oh, (laughs). I was gonna say
it’s okay (laughs). I don’t know if that’s okay. So, it’s a little bit
flowier than resin, but that’s looking cool though. It’s looking really cool. Okay and then?
I’m gonna go to blue. KATELYN: Blue yeah. Ooh. Oh, we didn’t spray
it with the alcohol. Oh. (twinkling noise) It’ll be okay right? Where’s your confirmation
that it’ll be okay? KATELYN: Well I have no
confirmation for you. They look beautiful. EVAN: I almost want to like, add more sparkles or something. We don’t have any
like soap glitter. We have normal glitter,
you want some holo (Evan laughs) EVAN: All right here
let me just add like, KATELYN: (gasps)
You doin the inks? EVAN: I’m just gonna try it. KATELYN: Oh my gosh, it actually
legit looks like geodes. I’m the heat gun (blows air). KATELYN: (laughs)
Actually it’s working. EVAN: Does that look good? I think it looks good. Well there’s, what, get
that one like, this guy. He’s a little prominent. Yeah. EVAN: Pretty decent though. KATELYN: Yeah, it actually
does look pretty decent. EVAN: Oh yes. KATELYN: Yeah, just make
sure you don’t over blend because you don’t want it to just become one color.
Yeah okay, okay, okay. KATELYN: I think they
actually look really good. I mean, maybe we can carve
out the, soap in the middle of that guy.
The spill that I made? (groans) Whew (laughs). I was stressed for
you and that’s why. Wait, wait, can you film this? Oh yeah. EVAN: We need to
break the bubbles. KATELYN: Yeah
break them bubbles. (sprays) EVAN: I think that if I
were gonna do it again, I might
Yes tell me because I’m about to go.
(Evan chuckles) EVAN: I might do more gold. KATELYN: Okay. EVAN: I think
that’s the one thing I wish I had more on this one. Okay my turn? Yeah your turn. (Katelyn claps)
(groovy music) What colors are you gonna do? I’m gonna try to do the
geodes from our geode table. Oh. So I’m gonna do like teals and greens and golds and whites. EVAN: Nice, oh that’s
gonna look cute. KATELYN: Thanks. EVAN: I’ll just
do two whole rows. Two hole rows, okay.
Yeah. We got extra, we’ll
just you know, party. Yeah, we’ve gone
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thank you you guys for listening to our ad. (Evan laughs)
(beeps) KATELYN: Okay, I think
we’re chunk free. EVAN: No more chunks for us. KATELYN: You ready, am I ready? (Evan laughs) No. We ain’t got no
recipe for this part. Go time (makes
whooshing noises). Oh my gosh that’s
so much (laughs). (shushes) The white
might be too much but it’ll be like the least
evident if there’s chunks. (Evan laughs) This’ll be interesting. My colors kind-of look more
like Easter eggs then geodes. EVAN: Is it time? KATELYN: I mean, I think
it’s, it’s like goodish. EVAN: That’s what we aim for
here on Evan and Katelyn. (together) Goodish. KATELYN: I’m gonna
reserve a little blue and some green, two
spots of green here. To look a more mixed
one there, okay, okay. Oh there’s a big chunk
of pigment in the gold. I did too much of the gold. (Evan laughs) Yeah it’ll be like a blender. EVAN: That looks great so far. Thanks.
I think that the amount of pigment you did
is the right amount. These might, oh, I almost,
I almost flung that one. I’m just gonna keep pouring. I think, I think,
yeah keep on pouring, I think pouring might
distribute them some too. Oh yeah look at that. KATELYN: Yeah that’s cool. Yes, I’m feeling this. You, it’s interesting you can
kinda see like flow patterns. EVAN: You’re being so
much more controlled and patient then I was. Oh, really on top. KATELYN: Oh yeah,
I’m gonna do both. EVAN: Bold. KATELYN: And just
like one on the mold. For good measure. (Katelyn sprays)
EVAN: Nice. KATELYN: Okay. Oh, they’re flowin. I’m trying to just add
in some more texture. Oh I can like scoop
from the bottom. I guess I should
be filming this. Yeah what the heck. (Evan laughs) KATELYN: I, feel like
mine looks a lot less like a geode then yours. EVAN: It looks cool. KATELYN: It looks cool. My colors were
maybe a little off. But this is helping. Like I’m scooping from the
lower and like dropping it. EVAN: That’s like
forming the like cracks in the surface kind-of, you know what I mean?
Yeah. Huh, I think I’m good. We’ll see. EVAN: This one’s my favorite. Yeah, that’s pretty cool.
That one’s really cool. Mine kinda look like eyes. Oh my gosh! KATELYN: What if we did
black sugar scrub next time and then it was
like soap eyeballs? Okay.
Well I guess we just need to let this cool. Yeah.
And then it’s time to reveal our final product. I am excite. I’m also very excite. Okay, see you guys in a few. (Evan makes noise) All right Katelyn you ready? Yeah it’s been about
three or four hours. Oh wait no I wasn’t.
(Evan laughs) I wasn’t ready to film,
I wasn’t ready for this. Okay, it’s been
about three hours, we’re gonna see if
we can pop these out. EVAN: I’m just gonna try
pushing from the bottom. (gasps) Oh that’s magical. KATELYN: Oh, oh it’s
like a little tart. Whoa look at the alcohol ink. Wow.
Weird They like settled
down strangely. Kinda wanna like, KATELYN: What are
you, what are you, your like completing the hole? EVAN: Yeah look at that. Okay and then also on this
one I’m gonna test something. I kinda wanna like,
Oh your gonna like shave it off. EVAN: I kinda wanna
like flatten this down. Oh look at that. KATELYN: That does look nice. EVAN: That looks nice. KATELYN: But I feel like
you should do the edges. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. EVAN: Let’s clean this up. KATELYN: That’s really cool. Slicing it made
a big difference. Yeah.
Cause it made it actually look like a geode slice. EVAN: Yes, and the
surface texture difference is like a lot. This is smooth and slick,
and then it’s like a rough. KATELYN: Oh yeah, yeah. EVAN: I’m actually like, kinda of excited
to try this out, like wash my hands
with it or something. KATELYN: Wait we definitely
will test one of these. Oh yeah yeah yeah.
In this video. I’m cleaning out the inside. KATELYN: Oh that’s like
(hisses) scraping a hole? I dunno know.
(Evan laughs) Oh so satisfying. EVAN: That’s nice. Not so much. That’s nice, we
learned some lessons. KATELYN: Yeah, but we only
need one side to look good. Yep.
(claps) More.
(upbeat music) KATELYN: Look at that oh, yeah. That’s, that makes
such a huge difference. EVAN: Oh yes. (Katelyn chuckles) God dang it that’s good. Yeah cleaning out those
edges makes a big difference. Let’s start with the ugly one. (Evan chuckles) EVAN: Or, what if that turns
out to be the prettiest one? KATELYN: It’s like so smooth. I’m gonna try to cut off
my extra scrub as well. Nice, oh yeah that
does look better. My top is pretty clean. EVAN: How did you pour
more cleanly than I did? Don’t answer that
question (laughs). (upbeat music) That looks really neat. The flat looks really nice. It really does look
like crystals honestly. Yeah.
It really does have a crystaly look
and a crystaly feel, which is super cool! That worked out better
than I expected. (upbeat music) EVAN: Oh that is great. And there’s still a
little bit of an edge. Oh yeah you’re right. Oh there we go. EVAN: Yes. Damn, I’m really
pleased with these. EVAN: Yeah, wow! KATELYN: Do you want to? EVAN: Put them to the test? Yeah try one out.
Yeah. KATELYN: We can test,
should we cut it first before we like lather
it up, you know? Well maybe do it for
this one (laughs). I’m sorry. Okay so, we’ll cut him first. Yeah.
And then we’ll test how it feels to use the soap with the scrub integrated. Yes.
Okay. All right who gets to cut? I mean we’re cutting mine,
I feel like I should get to. (Evan slaps fist) On shoot?
On shoot. (together) Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (Evan laughs) Just like, do good cuts okay? (laughs) Just do good cuts? KATELYN: Okay you ready? EVAN: Are you ready? KATELYN: I’m ready. How is it? EVAN: Ah. KATELYN: Oh it sounds so good! EVAN: Oh it’s so crunchy. KATELYN: Oh. (Evan laughs) KATELYN: Oh that’s so nice. Show me that cross-section,
give me that other one. (together) Oh yes. KATELYN: Wow, look at the
way that the gold swirled. Wow!
And the colors swirled on the side,
I love that. that’s like Starry
Night kinda stuff. EVAN: Oh my gosh! KATELYN: I took my spoon and I dipped it
down and stirred it. Evan] Oh you did. That’s amazing. Okay, do you wanna further
cross-section the cross-section? KATELYN: I do! Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do. EVAN: Oh yes. Oh that’s amazing. KATELYN: Oh my god that crunch. (crunches) EVAN: Oh, oh it’s like a
slice, it’s like a lemon slice. It is.
Just put that in your drink. Maybe not. EVAN: It looks so tasty. KATELYN: I know, I know
why do I just, no, I can’t. (Evan laughs) (biting noise) Should we try, lathering up? (water faucet) KATELYN: Ooh the
sugars kinda nice. EVAN: Oh and it’s
foaming nicely. KATELYN: The
alcohol ink (laughs) might leave a little staining. (Evan laughs) KATELYN: Oh! EVAN: I’m going
for a thick lather! Really test it’s durability. KATELYN: It’s still
holding together! Yeah!
I’m impressed, I’m impressed! EVAN: It can deal with
Evan levels of crazy. KATELYN: Evan levels
of cleanliness. (Evan chuckles) All right, so how did we do? (idle music plays) I think we did awesome (laughs). KATELYN: I think we
did pretty darn good. I think that the only
advice I’d give, if I were, if you guys were gonna
try something like this, is maybe dilute those
like concentrated inks, a little bit into something else so they aren’t as concentrated. Maybe, or just like don’t care
what the bottom looks like, that’s kind a how I feel. Well also when we
were washing our hands some of that stain
came out a little bit. Oh yeah, that’s true,
yeah do what Evan said, don’t do what I said.
(Evan laughs) EVAN: Well I hope
you guys enjoyed this video as much as we did. KATELYN: We’ll probably
move on to non-soap projects for the next one since
we did two in a row, (Evan laughs) but this has been super fun. Let us know if you
guys wanna see more, and we’ll see you all next time. Bye.
Bye. Oh, also check out our gaming
channel, Wait, Evan and Katelyn gaming. Bye.
Bye. (Evan scuffs shoes) (idle music plays)

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