Call to Innovators – Submit your Solution by November 6th

If you are an innovator in a start-up, a
research lab, or a big corporation and you believe that you have a solution,
technology, process, device, system that can protect the environment in a
financially profitable way, you can submit it to the Solar Impulse
Foundation before November 6th.
And why that? Because two weeks later we will
have 40 experts gathering in Brussels for an Experts Challenge. And they will be
specialized in: clean energy production, in industrial processes, freight
transportation, urban mobility, building and shelters, circular economy… So if you
are in these six fields then I think it’s really worth submitting your
solution because you have the chance to receive the Solar Impulse Efficient
Solution Label before the end of this year. It would be an advantage for you
and it’s an advantage for all of us because we will have more impact, more
arguments, more proofs to bring to the governments that protection of the
environment is profitable. So let’s go for it!

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