Buckhorn Wilderness Youth Transformation Experiences

>>THEIRRY 4-H YOUTH MEMBER; Seven miles, in
one day, going up hill, along a steep rocky terrain, no railing or anything, its just
this big hill that you’d fall down if you fell, that’s probably the biggest achievement
about coming to the Buckhorn Wilderness…and it was amazing>>Zach 4-H YOUTH MEMBER; I never really thought
I would do it but I walked like seven miles in a day which is actually a pretty good achievement
for me since I don’t really get up and walk around very often>>MARCELLE TIMYAN WILDERNESS GUIDE CO-LEADER;
Was there anything particularly rewarding you experienced today?>>WILLOW 4-H YOUTH MEMBER; Probably going
swimming because that is my favorite thing to do>>EDDIE 4-H YOUTH MEMBER; The lake, I swam
across it, it was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom…even the deep ends>>MARCELLE TIMYAN; How did that make you feel?>>EDDIE; It made me feel like there is a lot
of beauty in the world>>WILLOW; It’s cold…but awesome>>MORGAN 4-H YOUTH MEMBER; I think that the
most impressive part was being able to go up to the top up there and see the mount ranier
and all the clouds forming>>THEIRRY; then of course you would have the
other side you would have the mountains where you could see seattle and all the other mountains,
which was amazing, that was probably my favorite view>>WILLOW; We could see the clouds and then
the sun reflecting off it, it looked really cool>>MARCELLE TIMYAN; How did you feel ounce
you got to the top>>ZACH; Breathless, because I was tired and taken by the view>>MORGAN; I think that my life in the wilderness
is a lot better than my life at home because my life at home I basically like, I was just
sitting on a tablet like..tablet, tablet, tablet, almost every single day and rarely
getting outside to play, but out here is like you are freed from some sort of technology
forcefield that is keeping you in a little bubble of… tablet, tablet, tablet, and phone,
phone, phone… to get into the great outdoors!>>EDDIE; We live in a society where we are
very much consumer oriented in America and its actually very nice to experience something
where you aren’t in a little bubble of “I need this, I need that”>>THEIRRY; It was completely different than
what I thought it was going to be actually it was a really good experience>>WILLOW; I learned that I could push myself
farther than I normally I could>>MORGAN; Well I will definitely return to
the wilderness in my own personal time…

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  1. Very inspirational these kids will be change for life
    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
    Thank you Lord for creating the great beauty to move those children

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