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okay guys welcome back so I’ve been hard
at work uh Pacey all I’ve done is I’ve made the I’ve made the scraper I’ve also
made this she is as well what you need these two items for is face easy to cut
fabric and stuff like that so if you notice in here now I’ve cut the fabric
out of these things I need to stabilize myself they go so
basically what I did I cut the fabric are these these sheets here to make to
get me some more fabric that I needed to make some of these things some of these
items I want so this some of the resources I need so I need base I want
to make some of those because I’ve got the this rubber hosing so basic it takes
two rubber hoses so I can make another two of those and then this takes four
fabric to make one roll then you can use this fabric for other things later on
and it cuts down on resources that you need for the thing the storage space as
well okay so I want to make another roll of fabric there we go right okay so I’ve
got a few rolls of fabric I’ve also got some of the stuff in him she’s sure why
why is what I think the wire is used wrongly so I don’t think I need that so
just transfer these items over you see where as these would take so much space
they don’t take that much space with the thingy so go some bottles of water some
blue print instead of look at that right any gives me an option to drop it so I
don’t really want to drop it scientists can actually able to put over it
if I’m able to place it back down yeah um that so this is that this this
blueprint Betty gets you the blueprint drill you see so for Dawn to resources
equipment so it gets you the blueprint for the drill look so refine metal
battery and thick electrical tape that’s what I need so only continue on getting
more more rare items I will video yet but what I do is I’ll obviously speed
the video up so you don’t have to sit through me mining for resources so to
speak I think listen you know every elope
I think listen in this asteroid you can obviously beat to a fine format one look
about that you just stabilize myself I require a drill for this you can’t just
pick it up unfortunately new Ted back because I’m going to have oxygen this is
a problem you see you have only so much oxygen unless there’s any way that I’m able to
sleep oh you can rest I might do that you know really quickly do that yes so
basically resting increases your health it’s the only way to increase your
health apart from getting first aid kits and unfortunate what you need for a
first ticket you need a scanner so I can’t really get that yet so it’s a case
of making do without it so I’m just going to sleep into my house full she
don’t want to die there we go so my house now a full so just go in here I
mean you can also in various things and various lab things now I see there’s a
Wi-Fi signal over there but I can’t get to it because I’m got enough oxygen to
get to it you know it was very limited to parking traveler can only travel
around here so I head back I’ll come up with a full fresh tank of oxygen and
then that’s one place I saw I’m gonna head over around see up
and get some bits from over here laughter very quick Bacchus doesn’t give
you a lot of time his head back and say I think I’m gonna lose a bit of how
thicker so you see I’ve got a few things what’s this
sweet package and salty package all right sort of that increases your
healthy a bit more rather than these just nutrition packs and you see I think
you can add eventually you can add equipment onto here so you’ll get like a
new respirator you get a new thing in oxygen in the last longer so you
moonwalks will last much longer than what they have done at the moment I got NOLA beat this with some plastic some metal little sweet package I need
to head back since that alarm goes off especially from here this distance I
need to head back we should set that alarm four points no return so to speak
say no I was even a bit later hmm so then the only real way to fix your
house is to asleep so I need to start basically getting the
other items that I need what was I was cut how was a can that
was I need that see there’s loads of stuff over here that I need some jet
packs is why I need to go up and over so what I did once I got the the stick
is I beat this machine here and it allowed me to call home so to speak
tools so I need a scraper so I need some more metal cause you need free metal for
that might have some metal in the a metal wire now let me see if I can get some metal so fortunately the scrapers don’t last
not very long but there’s some metal feel that you can only pick these small
bits up head back can make myself in this
scraper scene now I’ve actually discovered the sweet package you say the
preprint fret I saw could actually make it I haven’t
actually discord the salty the salty package yet I’ve got it there but I’ve
only got it that I can use it so it gives me satisfied 60% hunger and
actually that gives you – thirst so God be careful with that yeah
so there’s downfalls for these ones these these sweet packages okay got this
great so if you basically see any if you see
any bits that you can sort of like cut I cut a bulkheads and stuff like that you
probably to it doing that so now I need a scanner more combat okay I’m gonna
suffer here cuz think of them straight back so rest and reserve my energy I’m just gonna come down here a second
to see if I see any take see now I’ve got those items which was
very useful just got an oxygen to these things you can just basically use when
you need them let’s see I’m gonna find something down
here that’s useful I need needed up and use the one of the
oxygen and recovered in blood the victim is
also stained in blood probably the hammer accidentally gots it
is unlikely that he suffocated for this being in a spacesuit where oxygen is
sufficient for an entire breast hmm so I’ve got a few bits of evidence
of murder foul play over here this oxygen thing to see if
there’s that and down here on tool yeah I mean I opened this up earlier found
something useful so it’s worth coming down here guys but you have to debate
over a few of those oxygen things I had when you down here it keeps your oxygen
for so because there’s oxygen in this room leaking out which is kind of weird
considering there’s electrics there require she is cool so you can basically
cut off of any of these surfaces that’s awesome
you need to get the to get the rubber and stir oxygen station broken cracks it apart
sir I was that that’s really good that is what I’d like to see though is I’d
like to see like the durability on the actual item so you know how much time we
got left before you can lose them all of Bashan bodies contain this to say
it’s more batteries and stuff a buck head back head back so that’s
what I need I need oxygen it’s just like paying the Bri event to have to keep
traveling backwards or forwards it’s obviously on the opposite end of
subnautica because subnautica new surface rare which was still an issue
when you first started out and especially into you got the mini
submarine going okay I’m going I’m just gonna go back and get the option back
okay right so I want to go back over there to get some more those containers
I think I might listen hip behind up over there as well some bits so honey oh
that’s amazing so I don’t need to worry about No headin back so it’s worth actually doing all this
this through honey so I can actually make honey now actually you can’t make
any Kenya resorts in G so food got no more food that’s fine what battery I’ve
got a pack of condoms what a weird thing to have in space very strange ok guys
what I’m going to do is I want to leave it there for today and until next time
stay tuned for more breath edge so I only forgot the name of it then but
until next time catch you next video guys bye for now you

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