Breakup Advice | Why Breakups Are So Hard | Why Breakups are So Painful

hi everyone welcome back so today we’re
going to be talking about why breakups hurt just so horribly number one
according to the American Heart Association when an individual is going
through a significant amount of stress one part of the heart can temporarily
enlarge it while the rest of the heart functions normally now a breakup may
actually cause a stress that may trigger a part of the heart to enlarge and
temporarily this broken heart syndrome has been found by researchers to be
implicated in 2% of the cases in which individuals attend the hospital with
complaints of acute coronary heart problem number two number two is you’re
bringing registers real physical pain in one research study the researchers
showed individuals who had gone through a breakup their pictures of their exes
and what they found was that the same region of the brain that has greater
activity when a person feels real physical pain also had greater activity
in that region of the brain when the person was going through a break number
two is breakups hurt badly and the brain does register real physical pain number
three is you experience cravings for your past love a research study done by
Columbia University found that the same regions of the brain that become
activated when an individual who is addicted to cocaine goes through
withdrawal and pain are the same regions of the brain that becomes active when an
individual is going through a breakup number four number four is a dip in
dopamine so when an individual is in a relationship and they’re feeling good
and they’re falling in love with this wonderful individual what happens if
there are chemical changes in the brain according to science so what happens is
the brain releases a lot of these feel-good chemicals and these feel-good
chemicals can include dopamine so this is when a person is dating and they’re
feeling good like they’re falling and love
getting these feel-good chemicals in the rain with these chemical changes that
make them feel good but when a person goes through a breakup that also leads
to chemical changes in the brain so what happens there’s a drop in the production
and distribution of the feel-good chemical serotonin in the brain so
because of this drop of serotonin you will might find yourself not feeling so
good and that’s why you might find yourself crying that’s why you might
find yourself without an appetite and just you know generally not feeling
really good number five number five is when you’re going through a breakup you
might have a flight or fight flight or fight reaction now the flight or fight
reaction is our built-in innate response that the body uses when the body feels
like it’s under threat is when the person survival or livelihood is under
threat or under danger so what can happen if any significant amount of
trauma can trigger that flight or fight reaction so this trauma can include a
breakup the thing is the flight or fight reaction creates changes in the body
right so the body cannot distinguish between there being a tiger that is
threatening to prisons livelihood or whether it’s a breakup the body can’t
tell the difference but regardless the body is going to bring upon that flight
or fight reaction so as a result when a person is going through a breakup a
flight or fight response may be activated even though the person’s
livelihood or survival is not under threat so what the person might
experience is they might experience trembling they may experience loss of
concentration as well as intrusive thoughts about their ex in their mind so
that is a flight-or-fight response which is our body’s primitive innate reaction
to threat of survived so that why breakups hurt horribly you guys in the
scientific reasons thank you for watching
video you guys and stay tuned for my next video

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