Bowfinger (2/10) Movie CLIP – Spearchucker Says Hello! (1999) HD

Damn it, Hal !
l’m the biggest black
action star in the wortd ! Where’s my
”Hasta Ia vista, babg” _ My ”Hasta la vista.”
IfArnold Schwarnzencracker is
gettin’ to say lines like that, you better make sure
that Kit Ramsey has shit
that’s equallywell-written. The script
has that moment. You say, ”l enjoyed
meeting you, Cliff.” Then you push the guy
right over the cliff. That’s too much for the audience
to think about. They have to
know the guy’s name is Cliff. that he’s on a cliff.
and that Cliffand cliff
are the same. l t’s too cerebral.
We’re tying to make
a movie, not a film. You’re supposed to be
the agent ! You better find me a line
as good as the time
l told Tommy LeeJones, ” Fucky’all,”
and blew his brains out. You know what’s
happenin’ here ? This is another example
ofthe white man takin’ all
the best catch phrases… and then givin’ them
to Arnold or Stallone. AndJackie Chan
and Van Damme. They can’t even
speak English good. There’s covert stuffgoin’ on.
Some covert shit l just found out. Come inside.
l’m glad you’re here.
Come in here. Right now, eveybody.
Come here. Whatyou talkin’ about ? l scanned in the computer
the script to see how many times
the letter ” K”… appears in the script. The letter ” K” appears
in this script 1 ,456 times. That’s perfectly divisible
by three. So what’reyou sayin’ ?
What am l sayin’ ? ” K-K-K” appears in this script
486 times. Kit– The sickness is deep.
They playin’ you. l’ve been played. This is a great script.
It’s not Shakespeare, but– – What’d youjust say ?
– l said, it’s not
Shakespeare, but– lt’s not Shake–
It’s not Shake–
Did you hearwhat he’s doin’ ? Yeah. l know he’s doin’ something.
l just can’t put my finger on it. Yeah. What’s he doin’ ? Shakespeare, Freddy,
Shakespeare ! Shake-a-spear.
Spear-chucker. – l’m a spear-chucker now.
– Kit ! Call me a spear-chucker, huh ?
That’s not what it means ! lt’s my imagination, huh ?
It’s all my imagination. They didn’t put a computer chip
in LaToyaJackson’s brain.
Shejust acts like that, huh ? l suppose Teddy Kennedy
ain’t one-sixteenth black, huh ? – Teddy Kennedy ?
– He’s not like other Kennedys.
Look at him ! He’s different ! l got some calls to make. And Van Damme
andJackie Chan. Tell ’em the spear-chucker
said hello !

78 thoughts on “Bowfinger (2/10) Movie CLIP – Spearchucker Says Hello! (1999) HD

  1. You know what's really messed up is that they based Kit Ramsay's attitude and paranoia off of Tom Cruise. So imagine Tom Cruise saying this all word for word, without the racial stuff involved of course and you got Tom's daily routine.

  2. Nope actually it is Cruise. Mindhead for example, an alternative to Psychology, much like Scientology claimed to be.

  3. Tom cruise was not this insane during the 1990's. That came out around his marriage to katy. The continued paranoia that everything is racist like in this clip is basically a parody of wesley snipes who actually choked out the blade 3 director because he thought he made the one black on set wear a shirt saying garbage.

    But it could be a mixture of the two people for all we know.

  4. Dude his insanity was always there especially in the 90s Kidman was the first to notice it before their divorce.

  5. Just shows what Murphy can do with good material.ย  He's incredibly talented, but good scripts are hard to find and he'd have been better off taking supporting roles in better movies than starring in some of the 'star vehciles' that threatened to sink his career.

  6. so let me get this straight: Cuba Gooding Jr gets an Oscar for screaming show me the money and Eddie didn't even get nominated for this?! Great movie, comedy gold.

  7. Bullshit Black guy always have cool catch phase white men don't have like: "King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me , to day we canceled the apocalypse, what up niggas"


  9. Eddie Murphy.. One of the original funny men… Comedy took a turn for the worst… Condenscending humor took over. Humor that can be achieved by any body.. that Seinfeld bullshit knocked him and Robin Williams off the perch.. If they got the material Seth Rogen was handing out… They would've remained on top. Eddie is great in voice overs because of his energy with kids. Robin too.. but they were phased out by slacker comedy

  10. Completely paranoic.Stone crazy.Stone Crazy is Doido de Pedra,is a slang here in Brazil for people very crazy.

  11. I laughed so hard at that last line watching this "movie".
    I also liked when Daisy picked him up in renfros car to get to the antenna before the solstice calling him keith and he gets in and looks to his boys and says "I'm keith"

  12. I love how they make fun of people that blame all their problems on a different race.
    It's not Shakespeare……
    Do you see what their doing ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. I suppose they didn't put a computer chimp in LaToya s brain, she just acts like that on purpose

  14. Plays the role of a liberal radical to perfection. Master Eddie Murphy! I miss you and your glorious beautiful brother.

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