BOBBY BIGELOW’S Vegan Wilderness [A&E Parody]

working kidney how’s everyone doing
today my last show on home-and-garden TV got cash so now
welcome to bobby bigelow vegan wilderness cooking on detroit public
access TV I told you sherry I didn’t steal your cat you signed for it
sorry about that I’m very Bigelow and let’s get started today I will show you
how to cook a completely raw vegan meal in the wilderness did I ever tell you
about punting a dog all the way to Nicaragua it’s a chilly one out there
that’s why I have Walmart ham heaters shoved all the way up my head now come
here we found a prime example of a good snack you see this berry it’s dried it’s
a hydrated you’ll see this at grocery stores they’re gonna charge you $10 for
this berry that’s dry but nature mother nature she doesn’t herself she’s like
all by herself delicious so we’re gonna take some of
these berries for our salad that we’re gonna make today like any good salad we’re gonna need a
base to our salad so we’re gonna take these collard greens and we’re gonna
just grab a whole bunch we leave this to cold out here you we’re done okay
I’m not taking care of your son okay I get kicked out destroy public access now hey dump losers

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