Bigfoot Footprints Live In Holy Cross Wilderness Colorado

Wilderness over an eagle pass Colorado and I’m about to show you a Bigfoot footprint that we just found this is really cool. I am here with Can I can I show you are you busy? Okay, it’s like covered up on camera so this is That’s a beautiful eyes So you see do so, this is a Colorado Bigfoot. You wanna introduce yourself. I mean I Want Tina’s phone number? No, I’m good. Do you know how are you? Nobody special so go subscribe to him. It is call her on a Bigfoot. Is that your actual channel? We’re standing right is crazy seats. I know I got to show them a footprint Oh Yeah, we’re gonna show you the seat where they actually sick, which is amazing. Yeah, we are up here We have a lot of footage with a really good camera that you’re gonna see later We’re gonna be premiering some stuff with this Bigfoot some things that you’re not gonna see right here We’ve been to a lot of places in order to show you yet We’re gonna be editing and then showing you what’s going on and Mark. I think he’s one of the biggest experts in the world It’s I Just took a lot of time out here That’s all it’s I think anybody could do what I do if you spent as much time, have you spent 10,000 hours? I Don’t know you have you’re an expert You’re officially an expert. I don’t know I would think yeah, at least well, it’s been five years So I’m not sure in 10 years would be easy five years if you did a lot Yeah, by the way guys I stand in the middle of Bigfoot. I don’t look for Bigfoot. Like, oh he Mark’s trying to find big Lo their den, yeah and what she’s gonna show you then you’ll believe me. I talked to him last night this morning They knew I was coming they’re over Okay, he’s gonna go do live broadcasts, yeah Yeah, yeah, hey there’s mark, where’d you go so let me turn this around Alright so that you can see a little better. Hey guys. Hey, yes. He has what? Because I love anything to do with Bigfoot. So interesting. I’ve encountered so many Bigfoot can’t even counts. That’s Wendy Hey Wendy, and thank you guys first of all for being moderators. Um Mark over here. Oh my gosh He was just complimenting my moderators how wonderful you are and my peeps and how highly intelligent you guys Are I just want to let you know he’s been complimenting you? Oh Hey Kelly. Hey everybody Michelle and Celina and Thomas. Are you doing Daniel and John on Torreya? You doing alright, so I spent 10,000 hours in the forest. There you go. Well, it’s not I’m sorry I grabbed the wrong into my phone, but You are an expert and I hope you guys sell this. Hello. He see how I turn this boat around There we go. There we go. Okay now this is what I learned from Marc and hopefully at one point he’ll be off his live broadcast and I can go over there and Pick his brain a little bit. I’m gonna be telling you guys some of the stuff that he’s told me and some of the things that I’ve kind of discovered a little bit while I was here being careful not to step on that foot right back there that I’m about to show you so You are up here. Like you have fallen trees down below They do not do this. We have arches. We have X’s we have TP style We we have grid systems all over the place. I Connected with sauce wash or whatever you want to call them and they told me this was a a grid system like a communication system energy system if you want to think of it kind of like a I Don’t like you’ve got electricity and then you’ve got wires that take it to your house and wires in your home and then you’ve got wires that take it to your Your appliance. So it’s it’s it’s a system kind of like that. These these creatures check this out The smaller ones when I when I asked about the smaller ones Those are on the level of like school projects if you want to think of it that way now Where is that totem pole my gosh, if you step on it, I will kill you if he steps on that I walk home wait Probably since you stepped in the mill few steps in the middle of that soft spots out look out. Oh I Screaming at him only go he all step. I’ve got pictures I got video of Lots of footprints, uh, I’m just gonna show you one in a minute Where was the tepee? Oh, it’s over here. Come over here for a minute and I Got the camera over there. So I know where the footprint is. Laughs the last apparently found There all over the place up here okay, so Right here. What you find is you’ll see three Typically, one two, three things come in threes. They will lay them down. They will do a lot of laying down on top of forks and some of these trees They will weave trees through other trees where these are not fallen trees are woven That’s fresh That is fresh. It’s been picked up. Yeah, where did that come from nowhere over here? Dad was broken down transported over here and Put in this system. Check out a teepee type system up here So these are these are introductory centers, these are how I think they can manifest in the third dimension in these places I Think they well mainly in the fill in the fourth possibly fourth third and the fifth Over here by the Holden. I’m gonna find it there. It is over here. They call it the totem pole terrible that what mark was educating me on the totem pole is at the center of every I don’t know if you want to call it den, or or what you call these things, but it’s at the center Let’s see, oh holy crap there’s an active like a place to Sit see how they have cornered it off Right there gosh, almost stepped on that with the stuff is everywhere good grief, and you can see how they have dug it out Right there Check it out. Check it out And then here’s the Terrible I know I show you lots and lots of Bigfoot structures on the video that I just made we’ll get it edited and we’ll get it on YouTube no worries No worries about that Okay, here’s the deal in the middle of all of this. Check it out in the middle of all of this There are no burned trees Zero burned trees anywhere. See there’s another one where a tree forks And they use that see how they Bend they Bend they’ve been things around I Saw a dome. It’s gotta be on the next video Check this out. This is a bonus right here. This is the totem pole this is the center of Where they live I’m standing right in the center. Oh The Tri dance the Tri dance you’re gonna have to wait for those I found a lot of fried ants there I’ve cut video of those Here we go. Just in case mark steps on that Bigfoot footprint, I Took a picture of it is the gate. Oh my gosh, look at all this this grid system that they built And this is the back of the totem pole Okay, I’m going towards his backpack because I know my stuff is next to his so don’t get lost I’m really glad I’m up here with someone or I’d be completely lost right now. We were in a place that nobody parks where I’ve seen no more human footprints I Do see mark in the distance he does look like I saw Squatch a bit Okay, here we go. Now you guys ready? See this mix whip but brick. Holy crap He’s like freaking me out. I started screaming on the video. You’ll see you’ll see also, he almost stepped on it. Oh There it is There’s the footprint right there. The Sun is a little bit different The shadows are a little different. So it’s a little bit easier to see I have better pictures Depending on Instagram Kelly underscore in the wild on Instagram you can find me there Kelo I underscore in the wild That’s where you’re gonna see a lot of the stuff Man I freaked out I’m calm now That me and I freaked out when it happened. This is an active I forgot what he call these, um, like an active place where they sit there’s another one that they put it in like a square a rectangle like edges a place to sit so here it is look and there’s a lot more but Footprints of Bigfoot that I’ve got on the video that I’m gonna be showing you later. Can you point Exactly. Okay. Let me see. It’s the hold. I’m trying to get where I don’t disturb it Oh Check this out. Oh my god See this is under and over and under and over and under and over and under there’s our three right there three then you got your X and it comes over here and then I’ve got that long pole coming from there and it goes under That goes over that under there so Hold on, where am I? Okay? So this is The other one he drew he destroyed the other footprint while he was explaining it he drew on the ground So that’s why I was screaming we went over here. Don’t touch this or I’ll kill you So you can see the edge the back The sides and that’s about where the toes are right there on the side Right there. Now. Remember this is not a mud print. So you’re not gonna see all the details that you see on a mud print It is so cool, what I’m hoping is the pictures I might be able to enhance them a little bit It’s very hard to see because you’ve got this shadow that goes right in the middle of the footprint and it distorts Everything the shadow does not the dirt obviously, but the lining, you know, I’m wondering hey, wait a minute. I Think I can I’ve got a light on my phone Let me see if I can get a picture of it and see if I can get a flash Any way that the Sasquatch they said that they were gonna kind of hang out somewhere else well, I came over here because Their energy was so strong. It was bothering me this morning the energy so this is an active like a sitting place For them and there are several active ones around here and they all have them framed This way like a framing around him that has some geometry To it. So the try dance is near here, but you gotta gotta wait for the video to see that So I’m really really exciting things to see It is very clear that It’s this is a highly intelligent species That has done this so Let’s see questions. Oh, I remember earlier when you got dizzy on the live stream because of the energy. Yeah I was on Instagram this morning. You’re right I was on Instagram this morning and it was like, oh my gosh I was so overwhelmed because I’d been connecting to them and her energy was just just ridiculously Extreme, can you put your food or your foot next to it? Oh, oh, is he okay? Let me see how to do this. Okay? let me put it over here on the Can you see it I think it crawled underneath there There’s a lot of insects here but immense amount of insects here no insects anywhere else until you get here and They’re everywhere Let’s go See, who’s that flying? It’s yellow. It’s like really really yellow. I don’t think it’s a bee Okay, let me come over here. Now. I have a size that size is my shoe. This is a hiking boot Okay, ah sorry If I could get both in there, there’s doing something weird So here’s my foot and and here is another print So you can see it’s like here’s the back and it goes up into the toes Right here. Is that make sure I’m pointing the right place. I don’t want to sturb the ground hold up let me look on the ground first and then Oh, here it is. Okay the toe. Oh Okay, they’re biting me now crap they’re biting me now I might need some off oh That’s what that’s why they weren’t fighting is us moving, okay. So anyway here’s the toe area up here Here’s the heel area back there in the toe area up there so Anyway, what size shoe do I have I think it’s a size 8 or an eight-and-a-half women’s that I’m wearing so It’s another language, I’m sorry Are you in a portal Kelly? You never know the area that I had filmed on? Something I’m gonna show later There was a domed area and I don’t know if it was necessarily partl But there was a dome where if anything comes along and they need protection they can get in that dome. It’s like a technology I see through this grid system. They’re able to use a type of technology here So that they’re very very highly advanced even like nice and chewbacca furry. Oh Sorry, I might have to just keep walking around they’re biting me. I’ve been watching mark it says do you know beach bum? Do you know beach bum? This I’ve been watching mark a long time beach, bum What Again Look at the pile of cleaning from there. I Just figured you’d like that. Oh My gosh look at the shadow of the ground of the what what is that box though? It’s more than that It’s that what is that movie star structure? Check out this so you guys had no cymbals Check it out. I know right this is making it do a star structure seats. That’s what they’ve done And then and in there so before I go into did you see any footprints or anything like that? It looks like a deer. Yeah, okay So what what are you saying? Basically is do they they have cleared this area out right here, and there’s all the debris From the area that was cleared out hey, yeah, and This is not like water running or anything like that or it affected the entire area. You would have seen these all over the place when it’s water so I’m going to Is it do they? Oh Oh, whoa This is woven guys, these are not fallen trees this is woven Woven 30 or 40 year difference. He said in the caliber of trees So basically older trees fall not the younger trees Oh I see that makes sense. Like they get smaller trees They create these structures out of the smaller trees in the middle of a bunch of big trees So these are not that’s that’s what do you mean by that? I? Misunderstood that you can see like all the regular trees are certain size and then you look up here to the structure That was Bill. He calls them structures. I don’t know. I don’t know what else to call them There’s another one see when you look down It did push these over a lot of these trees. They pushed over while they’re still on the ground alive Didn’t step in anything first No prints, okay. Just checking just checking isn’t that cool? So these are all created Created so what I’m gonna do this area, I’m lost a cleft. Look. What was that? Where was that clear day? Listen up, here’s I Walked around it so that I could go. Oh, here it is. Here it is. Okay So what I’m gonna do now, oh, here’s some more. Oh, these are new so they’ve they’ve taken this one this tree This young one and they’ve woven it through and then this one goes across In this direction, so I’m going to sit Here we go, I’m just gonna kind of sit here and See what this looks like from their angle Thank you. First of all, I saw Squatch for allowing me to sit in your perch. Thank you So I want to show you what it looks like from this angle from what looks like their perch coach I’m Fittin it was on a mosquito out So some people have said if you ouch I Think that’s the animal I was hearing like a clicking Um, I’m gonna take well, I don’t know I don’t have a stick that’s not attached to anything I’m gonna see yeah. I don’t know. He did not tell me this mark did not tell me Lord did not tell me about this, but I saw this on a show So I’m gonna like hit a tree I see you. I see what happens. I like hit a tree Hey Mark Does that upset them do I do it again? Oh Crap do you not twice? Okay, because I mean I’ve been talking to them with my mind so surely they’ll think about beating on a tree with a stick they Understand my intention is that I don’t know what I’m doing Don’t know what happen or not. I’m gonna go over here and I’m gonna hit one of these sticks that’s in the grid system Hold on Don’t with me, okay, here we go Oh, What good wind sorry that was him that was anything that’s him listening Only I’m talking to him in my mind, I don’t know why I’m banging on trees with sticks. I mean it seems silly What could they say you talk too much Know what that what they said is that You’re like your level of communication is different and they’re just kind of meeting you at your level of communication Which is the whistling and and stuff like that. They just a hold on me turn this room Well, it makes you happy, it’s just I mean they’re not rolling their eyes at you like you’re you’re Ridiculous or anything. It’s just that oh that’s his level of communication. That’s how he’s got a good heart whee? I’m sorry your head off you you’ve got to get a heart. We want to meet you where you are We want to meet where you are That’s that’s kind of what they’re doing with the whistling that if you were able to talk to them in your mind That’s where they would come to you. And that’s why they’re probably not responding when I’m beating on a tree Let’s take I explained that have you ever done that do you beat on this? Well, believe me we can get them if we turn the cameras off and we sat down. Oh I said You’d like a little communication. Just say hey, can we please get? Ya a lot of it is about here they don’t want they’ll give you everything Okay, and yeah, and they did that earlier they told me some things that I can’t tell ya right now again, you’ll know that Ya know yes, it would do nobody any good right I don’t think I do anybody any good to know this some of the stuff that they told me Like people aren’t ready for yet What is that I mean you really look it would go over there and then look back at these bends It’s amazing if you just stand like yeah these Bend They’re they’re arched up there and But this thing over here, why is this different? Who’s gonna catch? Hmm. I was telling the car I never they never do that to me here They’ll stand there and watch me the bushes, but they never like well, they don’t humor me like with like with a whistle They’re like, we’re not gonna do a parlor tricks for you. Okay? Okay. I feel like this is like There’s like ministers of Sasquatch like this is a special place Don’t mess around Formal maybe. Oh yeah, I’m making this up and not really like I’ve done it so many times here like now I walk two miles that way and Everything happens, but they’re totally cool with it looks great. Yeah. I got a good Gera This will it explode if we go like this? So, what is the fracas over here Now where is the total poco compared to here because here’s another burn Oh, okay. So we’re in a different area now that Was huge but he said that most of them he said are twelve people average Yeah, it’s a burned tree It’s still in the ground and it comes up and nothing zero burned around it. Nothing else burnt around it Nothing, nothing. Nothing bird. It’s the only thing that’s burned And it’s in the middle of okay here. Let me let me get over here to the middle Open this is treacherous Okay, that was me I mean if there’s a noise that’s not us I will tell you so here’s this this is the totem pole or Whatever you want to call it right here and then we’ve got the the criss cross again and That’s going across and that same so bear was at Blair which that Blair wit symbol That we got going on and what is that? Oh, that’s the oh, here’s the other tournament right here. You see it you see if I can find it see that dark spot right there that is attached to the Other tree and here’s another one over here and then you look around and look at this grid system. I was talking to mark about getting a drone and in doing this he said his right now, but don’t want to Basically come out here get a drone where then people can see this and Know where it is and then come and hold the phone. There’s another one Mark, there’s another one Like right here here’s another just randomly burned stick in there because once right over there that’s the main one over there the big one and then here and then here is another one Look at these arches, that’s different. Oh what’s going on up there where this arched up there? It’s got what did they do up there? They tangled those at the top Someone had to climb up there. It’s it’s your what your way the fourth? They’re like you even just said that the way in the car you’re like, oh so they don’t physically do this they do this Well, I didn’t ask them how they did this I Started to talk to them about how they did this this morning and they wanted to talk about something else so see see how it comes around here and then it goes Around that. I’m sorry pointing weird around that and underneath that That system that’s already I don’t even know what to say. I Don’t know what to say This is mind-blowing Sasquatch must love you that then-white. He said that you’re lovely the Sasquatch muscle Oh Another cross another so there wita cross that Look at that and see how they’ve laid this across that way kind of a teepee style Without without worth there. Oh my gosh, and then you’ll see that these will come up and they will all flow up like this So Wow and I feel that energy comes off the end almost like maybe bleeding energy or allowing energy to come on Uh, we found a trident earlier and one of those old old stumps several hundred years old so it stumps and The stuff on top of it. It was kind of like a I don’t know electricity Well, so I’m I’m miss speaking on some level but that you know how you have to have some insulation so it doesn’t It’s like a grounding thing Where they lay it on top of this old stump. It’s it’s almost like it grounds the energy right there This is this is incredible, okay, so we have the other Anything else? What? What is that? What is there and what is it? What is that? Why have they done this? Okay, I walked through forest. That was like all burn trees I looked around I got I kind of got scared because you’re like oh my gosh This is a real forest fire that burnt everything and then you have new growth it kind of scared me because if you’re out and you’re Jarrell hiking and then there’s like a Fire and I’m looking around going every one of these trees burned and would I be able to get out in time? I mean it was very surreal that the life and the death of Colorado Of things and how quickly things can turn deadly I keep looking at the skies guys, okay Little gray, it’s not black. We’re gonna do. All right. I saw some over here. I’m headed Okay So here these over here there’s more Like it’s just a small place where it burns I think that’s it In the end they’ve done something something to it Because they don’t look like they break that way they look like there’s been a little bit of and then nothing else burned nothing So ok forced people what is that out there And how they’ll take These trees and they will put them together And then see there’s another arch right there Well, grace you’ve been commenting what do you feel about this place I feel good I feel so good about this place I feel protected because they said that would protect me from Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my That I asked them, you know, we were projecting up there because I’m a little scared about lines right now So as I saw one and brick I saw a mountain lion in brick and I saw a red fox in Frisco Bouncing around in somebody’s yard. I Hit Frisco. So now what what because I have not asked them yet What mark is saying is that they bend these trees with energy or their mind or you know? Something like that, but not physically like they don’t climb the tree leans over They’ve bend them and they bow them Okay, this is not Fallen trees. Yeah Check it out. They’re criss cross one criss cross another criss cross another cross Right there It’s another cross right there Another cross. Oh Look where they all come together in the middle Makes another Blair Witch symbol So what is it? You guys are no symbols. What is that Blair? What symbol know what I’m talking about? I don’t think I can wait on the other side. See if I can climb up and get a higher of you Okay Hold on. This one’s to see how these nestled these down right here Ouch yeah that hurt Now let me see if I can balance I’ll probably not need to be balancing on this and and talking Dolls let’s log Had to go run it Okay, now I’m feeling weird I’m feeling like wait those are gonna break open Okay Okay. Oh Sorry got to get up here. Oh Okay, here’s the above view of the Blair Witch Project That’s simple How they crisscross it and check it out, okay, not only did they do this check it out it goes up and then down and under over there and Then they put another one over that see if these fell it’s not in the right order. Does that make sense? It’s not in the right order That all of this would happen Check that out. This is a big tree, by the way huge Now come together over there Check that structure out over there And this is I’ll call I’ll call this the beginners course mark is gonna take me to some structures that are unbelievable Unbelievable, see how that one comes up And in there they place that there and they crisscross it there then they crossed it again I’m not sure how I’m gonna get down. I Can’t right in my hand. Okay, hold on there might be some screaming. Hold on. Let me break these off real quick. So no. Oh I Know all these noises are maybe by the way not sasquatch and hold on I Think it’s this way Okay, oh here’s another one when you see like a stump at the base of a tree Will be used to hold up there. Oh That one forked that one Forks and then these two come up and then they cross See we’ve got another X another X right there and Check out how it ends not voluntary This is how it ends By golly in a fork. Imagine that it’s a pattern you see over and over and over and over all these things in and a fork and then when I Looked at there. Oh, oh I Think I’m almost there Right, so here are these burn stoves let’s go back to this erected Oh great He is so right you will get like engrossed in something and for all he’s over there Forget what you’re doing. I think he’s also kind of heading out Where what is that? Let’s see. Oh thank you it is I Wanted mark Stubbs he’s got some amazing spots like wow factor I see you got a lot of good stuff too is checking out yesterday nice information. Thank you Did you get the feeling you’re being watched not well, yes, and no because they knew I was coming They knew I was coming See how they they get these to flow like this it it’s almost like either a discharge or mmm Letting go of the energy I don’t explain it And there’s the other one that was just that one goes up And then this this one follows behind over there that goes up. This one does as well And that goes up these go up there. Oh, there’s another X right there another X and I Didn’t those go up and there’s another one this one flows up That one does so I’m seeing how you’ve got a general direction In some areas where they lean these trees. Oh and then here’s another direction. So these you start these go up up And then there’s an X right there Can your that It might just be like a Look at bird chirping, but it sound like something walking. I mean there’s deer out here so it could be deer as well You can hear mark talking over there I’ll have to do is be quiet and I can figure out where I came from There’s another one where they cross them So this has been rubbed off probably a bears and they that’s done this I Mean I don’t know I was the one out hurt looking He’s oh they’re talking about this channel to his peeps I Think when I saw something spooky I was seeing this thing. Oh There is like that thing right there like that Know that I’m closer Hey Mark, I’m hearing thunder. Are we cool? Um, how what’s the walk down to Do you I didn’t see the dark winds, okay. Um Was it a 10-minute walk down? Is about 10 minutes of the walk down 15 You have a tent Okay, and I brought a raincoat, uh Okay. Yeah, I brought a raincoat as well So so we’re cool. We’re cool So, do you guys wanna pick marks brain Well, yeah the third dimension fourth dimension and fifth dimension is what I’m tending to see with them Do you get the feeling? Yes hmm Kelly, why don’t you make Compromise with them tell them you will answer their questions if they answer your questions. Well Wendy Tending to think they’re a little bit more on the intelligent side than my avatar Didn’t my current avatar I think they’d have a little bit more. We’re about life than I do here on planet Earth Um, but no they’ve answered all my questions almost except for that why and how this oh, that was Marcus Sane does it look like bear what does it hey Mark do they scrape on the trees? Do they scrape on the trees? Well, there’s there was something over there that scraped a bunch of stuff off of one of the truth It felt more like bear or some like that but No bears. I don’t know what wouldn’t that high on the tree Really Yeah, I’ve seen any while I was here nothing, so what were you Telling our person that Bigfoot doesn’t like there’s an area Oh like The word something has kind of rubbed or scratched against it I Didn’t I missed it What they do is they caps that Oh Rapp didn’t see that one, yeah, it was similar to that was really big So is it sweet Seriously so won’t hurt me I’ll get Russell. Oh No the woods you have to carry me back just saying No, not drag carry Here’s here’s another one Okay, so I could be adventurous you didn’t have a label on it there’s nobody I could sue if I get sick Choking Okay, guys Really they’re so cool. You can tell it’s been stripped off They came over here and they ripped it off in strips all the way up. Oh My gosh did they lick it or pick it out with her fingers? Yeah, we saw something earlier there was something that walked by and then there was nothing Okay, so what oh, so so you put these little things in your mouth like they’re hard. Is that okay? It’s like hard like candy Oh Threw that one down Hey First of all, thank you for telling me that I will keep coming out in the woods with you. Oh My gosh, let’s get some more. Oh My gosh cuz this is this doesn’t look like anything people did people do Or wild animals. This does not look like a wild animal thing You step on it, oh my gosh, you’re you putting your footprint in the middle of the footprint. Oh my gosh Yeah, the stuff has moved around and a toe oh Those are toes you oh my gosh Probably standing right here when we were over there We were just over here look there’s a German ther oh my gosh, that’s huge like Here’s okay, so here’s the toes right here and about Where’s it’s about? Here, let me um, I’m gonna put a stick So see this, I’m sorry see the stick right here. That’s about where the heel is and then This is handed down crazy. Hold on. He’s not Apologize Okay so this is the heel and that Is where the toe is here and here now the footprint is right here But I put that in the wrong place hold on there There there so from here to here Is the footprint it’s so Once again, it’s trying to balance so I don’t accidentally step on this footprint. So I’m putting my heel I’m putting my heel right there. Next is this Bigfoot footprint? So cool They they aren’t you in a lot of places up here You’ll find a footprint not a lot because there’s a lot of this that the pine needles and all kinds of stuff So yeah, this is kind of a comparison of size 2 to that footprint we pointed it out more my pics got so blurred anyone else so cool. Oh did it get blurry? I haven’t the Loess hey, Luis We will get to you I am so sorry So he’ll let me see if I could get about a better angle he’ll And then that’s about where the toe is I don’t move anything there’s a twig right here I’m okay. Let me gently move it. I Don’t think I disturb anything No I could see the toes I I hope this comes out The toes right there. Oh my gosh Another Fritos. I Mean it’s like you think the devil’s you can see where the toes were. Yeah, it’s a little little currently little little Um, like here’s a window. Here’s a here’s a toe but 1 2 3 4 5 do they have 5 toes? 5 ok because this one has 5 toes and the toes don’t look like our toes huge That’s bigger than the other one that we saw Smaller ones bigger how we go? That’s a big toe oh, that’s a big toe Ok, cuz yeah, it was more of a disturbance where it pushed a little here and then 1 1 Now is it possible is it Is it possible it’s 4 toes that like 1 2 3 4 is there a gap between Yeah, we can really see it But you could see that oh Oh, yeah, I’m covered in mosquitoes. Thank you it Thank you. Oh, yeah, I know only a few I’ve got a wool shirt. So hope you’re getting through. Thank you Mark. He’s so sweet My gosh this is and you can see where it pushed Right there. It pushed our truck so hard not to accidentally touch this. Oh, yeah. I’m covered in askew knows. Oh My gosh This is just okay, it has something to do with Bigfoot cameras mess up. They could say this can can’t see it. Oh My gosh is it blurry and what’s going on guys? Is it blurry because it does not like blurry from It can’t be my I mean I’m seeing it it’s not blurry They said, it’s blurry when I’m showing this No, they said that that I it looks clear as a bell when I’m doing this and they said it’s blurry Yours is good, okay, so you got a good okay, so Haha Barney Barney are you gonna spray me? I thought you were gonna spray me with off. They’re biting me Oh God Let’s see, oh my gosh, how do I mark this? Are you cut but good Okay, let me see if I can get at a better angle and Okay, so here is sorry. Okay, here’s the edge of the toes. Can you see them better now? There’s one two three four or five is what it looks like and here’s So see this pine cone it pushed the pine cone to the side with its big toe. Can you see it now? It’s right there and then here’s the edge And it goes all the way actually oh my god. That is huge. This is a big one. This was a big wood I just don’t freak out about this You use any wheels it I think it’s what stood just a little bit and it may be. Oh These are flies – what? Is your back pocket oh my god, okay. Oh You tangled up over here I better not mess up this footprint. Okay? Okay. I okay. Here’s the egg That goes to here – the footprint. Okay, I go over here get sprayed Oh Okay, whoa, can I just step on the print oh my gosh, I just walked past it I almost stepped on it No, here it is here is okay Okay. Hey, it’s there’s more wine right here Where’s another one? Where’s another one if there’s one there? It means what what is their stance? Like how how? Is it four feet? No I’m freaking out over this footprint. Oh No, we’re gonna come back out I’m gonna have to do a lot of talking to them But right now I saw a frigging footprint and another one. This one’s bigger than the other one that we saw the other one is a lot smaller It could be the sort of a new one it’s right here. Yeah. Look how it spring Oh Frank Support, right it doesn’t matter it can dock helps to conduct because I see where they put the courts all the time if there’s courts available that I really use it And the perch right there Now there is a weed in the middle of the perch so might not have been there a couple days. I Don’t know. I thought that’s the thing. I this could have been this might have been look at that something Or something. Do you think my dear? I don’t know no, honestly what I can’t tell it’s usually a deer I Don’t know what it is must be a deer I don’t know I can’t tell or do like this is just looks like old or they just he sat there once maybe huh? Hard Like the granite look at the real perches you can just tell oh, yeah, they’re underneath these structures. Yeah So right here, there’s not really older the cross tree So there’s this going on right above it, but not much more Not much more and probably like Anything else? Oh, wait. Wait, hold on. Where’s my Bigfoot footprint crap, would you go? Okay Sure, oh It’s crazy and it’s it might be hard to see because of the lighting. Okay. Here’s the toe area And then let me see if I can get right above it And can I take a picture while I’m live? I don’t know if I can or not Marv said he got a picture. Wow, that is just something else Okay, okay I’m freaking out Asian Bigfoot what I I do know there are different types of Bigfoot They are not all the same species and also you’ll have babies too. You know what that will have smaller feet Yeah, that one I thought was impressive but when I put my foot bite I’m like ha that’s not much bigger than my foot and this went over here Okay, I just have to walk away from that one. I’m just freaking out nowhere to go Oh It’s right there. It’s right down there. Make sure I take a picture of it. How do I mark this? Oh, here it is there’s my backpack That goes down that pole that comes right next to it. Okay, now I can walk away I wouldn’t make it right remember where that is Dad, I’m still freaked out. I said forgot what would be so cool if there was mud, but we’re on a mountain So we’re not gonna have any mud This is amazing, I know right. This is the beginning this is he said I’m not gonna get many encounters by them I’m gonna see some stuff. That’s cool. But This is I don’t wanna say a teaser This is just a teaser of some of the stuff. There’s a quartz. I Almost there’s a footprint right there. Oh my gosh almost step on it. Hello crap won’t step on it Interesting teresi, um, do you know anything about the yellow elves? Oh my gosh. He said in these forests. There are little people There’s leprechauns and I forgot. What are you saying? What are those you put them in your garden gnomes there’s gnomes fairies Things like that people have told him are out here. I’m not focusing on those right now I’m feeling rain. I felt the drop Let me make sure I’ve got my thing It wasn’t bad. I just felt the drop. Oh It is okay it might bypass us Yeah, it’s straight above it’s pretty blue That’s pretty blue. Isn’t that cool looking out for the trees? It’s just the most beautiful view Oh Helicopter, oh I heard a knocking I heard a knock up the hill I Don’t know I saw what here’s the Blackhawk Hmm yeah, it’s given away This is just this amazes me it absolutely amazes me I need to go pick his brain over there bog fit Yeah, my heart is racing. Uh, I mean no, holy frak I thought to what you see Yes, Kelly what I thought – it was fast, huh? What? Something from what I’ve learned cuz or hilly there’s something in front of you that looks like a Bigfoot They said they saw something on camera that I didn’t see they thought they saw a Bigfoot Holy crap, you guys saw that okay, this was oh my gosh Are you serious are you guys making that up you’re joking around you should make a mold with a footprint? No, this is all like needles and stuff. So this isn’t like like mud or anything They’ve just moved pine needles around some dirt and pine needles and they’ve moved it Oh, is this a bee? Is this a B There’s something clicking to my right just saying what is over there mark I’m hearing clicking He says since videos running they don’t do a lot when the cameras on that when the camera turns off Then then you really hear and see stuff. Oh it is dark over there. I see Yeah, it is coming down pretty hard the rain over there Okay Yeah, I heard some like clicking or knocking or tapping or I don’t know what you I don’t know if you guys are I’m just gonna be quiet for a minute and see if we can just hear anything. The the Black Hawk has gone past us In that sound you heard was just mark walking that’s I can tell if it’s behind her in front of me that’s behind me That’s me walking the sound you hear that’s just me walking So I’m gonna come over here And you see a little better because we saw something it looked like it was walking Through the woods and we saw it for a second and then it was gone. She was completely gone and it was so fast I couldn’t tell what it was So he said that they can come here like from another dimension popin make that footprint pop back out He said that he’s been in a section It has seen this That’s me that’s me moving I’m just gonna get to another place then I’m gonna be quiet again Wait, make sure I don’t step on that footprint. Are you? Okay? Yeah Okay That’s where the footprint was so it’s pointing this way so if the footprint was going that way Mm-hmm. We just kind of walk over here Because he said the farther I am he said that though the Sasquatch loved females and children and they they know cuz I ve been talking to them that I’m pure at heart with this and If they do have a message to see how they’ve done that here as well. They’ve broken another one off and they’ve they’ve Put it in a fork And then it’s it’s an That was me that was me that it that weird it was a pine cone Okay, I’m gonna just set this down on this log it’s gonna be a little crooked that’s fine You’re gonna hear mark talking see if there’s anything else That was just Oh crap, hold on I just got ants all over me. Oh, wait a minute Here’s some sack and it’s wet What’s not it’s just shiny okay, this is wet, okay, hold on I’m gonna taste this Mark said, this is good Hold on Thinking, you know, I’m not cheating I need some more and get enough. Oh Oh, this is oh That’s one answer over there because that’s wet they got really really mad when I came over here got their SAP. Hold on It smells like a pine tree I Wonder why? Ok ok the more. Oh, that’s warm Mmm, it tastes like a pine tree. It tastes like a sweet pine tree It tastes like lumber ah, oh oh oh oh hmm. Oh my backpack Okay, I’m done sauce Squatch, ok, let’s taste on the ground Where’s my I Found some SAP I Found some SAP it’s the whole I almost I almost stepped on the big footprint Crap, I almost stepped on the footprint. Okay? hmmm this SAP The snap okay, you talk the SAP? That was so disgusting Yes, uh-huh No, oh The SAP on the tree. Oh My gosh, where’s my food? Oh, I need Oh, oh my God my mints, okay only guys What They gave you a super chair that was easy Okay, this is better June Do not go into the woods without mints If you’re gonna be eating a trees, we have barely left the same spot right in two hours And I never noticed this giant X that connects everything we do standing at this is the circle, isn’t it? Yes. This is this Oh my gosh, this is a second is what? There was that, there’s another so where’s the other circle and here it’s the accidental circle? Hold on. I’m gonna get in the circle It was another circle. You’re right. Oh Crap, okay. I’m right by the X. I’m gonna Center the X this has been moved. This rock has been moved Look, look, it’s been like unearthed. I mean, is it possible a deer ran by and did that? Volcano you’re right. That was a volcano Oh my gosh, they super chatted me thank you. Thank you. This is says thank you for helping out mark with communication. Aw That’s grand Brenda TAS Do you know they don’t grant a TAS Oh Electromagnet let’s go Okay so something has ant Mark mark, did you hear that? Mark did hear the clicking down there Please Did you hear that? Yeah, no not think I was it I’m hearing the clicking Can you hear that you hear that you can’t hear that clicking wait, hold on. Hold on There’s something falling from the sky, I think I need to it where’s my raincoat? Hold on I mean, oh wait, wait, my camera’s out. Hold on. Hold on. Let me get my raincoat. Hey guys Hold on just a sec. Hit. Let me get my Raincoat on and there’s Put you on the ground there’s some there’s some clicky going on right here and this is way cool I’ve got my camera. I’ve used it a lot. I’m gonna be editing it and For now, let’s get our ring so that I can put this camera inside that real quick actually Sorry about that, I’ll be back with you guys in a second nature’s calling Okay Sorry about that guys Is raining all the clicking well it’s in different places, okay? What is that hold on Investigate yeah Kelly is zapped mark often gets an Emotional zap from Bigfoot when he’s out. It is like getting supercharged Oh, it’s if this is the most ridiculous energy I’ve ever felt. Holy crap It’s like I need to make sure I don’t step on that Bigfoot thing And then that’s another perch where they’ve kind of cleared an area That’s not like clicking it’s a smart You’re that oh That’s that’s mark he’s making noise over there he’s walking Here’s another clearing are they cleared it out and they brushed everything away down here inside I just want to show it to you See that dark spot is that’s attached to that large time Okay, let’s leave something to see if they take it We’ll see don’t get eaten kill you all miss you do Don’t know we see them sometimes in our 3d. Hi Kelly Yeah, at least there’s no bullet ant I don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary What do they eat out there, I don’t know but of all the things that I talked about they said they eat chocolate so since this one Right here I would like this footprint I’m gonna see if they can hear me right now and they know I’m talking about them They know exactly what I’m doing right now. They read my mind So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna find my Food Here we go And okay I was talking to them about my trail mix That’s it something that having chocolate in there and they said we will eat chocolate. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my trail mix. I’m gonna take a piece of chocolate There we go, this is when I promised them so I’m gonna I’m gonna so far I’m gonna give two pieces of chocolate This is heartfelt. So it’s not necessarily the gift, but that you That they really appreciate it than you and you felt it so You overhear your little bit smaller. I love you and all that. Here’s your piece of chocolate And by your footprints and your little parts there’s a chocolate and hold on there’s that and then the log that goes okay this way here’s the other footprints this over here and Crap it baby melted chocolate on my fingers Look what a problem to have Okay, so come over here and the x marks the spot And then it goes to the footprint there. Okay, okay So the footprint here doesn’t look like a perch or anything but I’m gonna still place the chocolate right here at the heel Place the chocolate at the heel of the footprint All right, it’s me getting chocolate off my fingers Okay, there we go, okay my footprint and this one this one looks like a deer or something Mark I can hear the rain No, no, I couldn’t hear it. Are we cool or do we need to go to there? It doesn’t sound like a little rain good that was me walking With this place because this doesn’t this looks placed and there it feels like there is a What is this there’s I don’t know if this is a Because there’s a place where it looks like ugh like a partial print like where it’s been disturbed right there You’re so cool, these are so beautiful these look like they were just placed there. That’s a moss growing on that Hold on did I just We got to step on the footprint the Bigfoot footprint, hold on No, I don’t think it is crap, okay There’s another a small footprint And you don’t know there could be baby Sasquatch and that could be some of the ones that we think is deer Okay, now what mark is saying is there’s a Fallen tree, okay Now when a tree falls there’s a normal thing that a fallen tree does right Spec this out ready. Are you ready for it? Here we go Is this a fallen tree? Okay Exactly. This is not a fallen tree So I’m gonna follow this tree and I’m gonna Show you what it has done so this fallen tree accidentally fell because of the volcano I think according to mark And so it wraps around the left side of this tree Yeah, I see this all the time oh No, I mean this is natural mark, nobody does natural tree Phil Hit then this fallen tree Fell to the right of this one squeezed around to the right had this one Just accidentally fall over it go up and make it ex perfect Dex and then continues to fall on this perfectly fallen tree over there that crisscross isn’t This is so natural Lizzy watch your six Kellie Those dank Apes be sneaky. What? Hey there. Hi, Joel. Hey, anything wise is here. Say yes. Love this new killer and hidden breathing Loving you this adventure so much cool stuff. This is the beginning Eddie Say what just to be a hey Eddie say what please come visit me. Please come visit me and we’ll do videos We’ll do all kinds of stuff come visit me here Lucy smiley faces Okay, so here’s a tree Okay, which whoa, I’m getting a feeling up here, hold on oh Crap I’m hearing terrain. It’s a lot louder now. It’s getting closer It’s hard to see cause of all these trees okay, I’m gonna come over here set myself my camera down My camera is gonna be at a slight angle So don’t stress out Can you hear the rain falling it sounds like a wonderful oh No, it’s black overheads mark I’m thinking we might need to vacate Mr. Two more minutes Okay here that was not mark Okay mark, why don’t know about this oh Oh, oh gotta get down with my shoe right now, I don’t know about this stuff Yeah, we need to fit I’m not feeling so I’m suddenly not feeling good about this It’s getting black and I don’t want to be struck by lightning and then the sky Sasquatch @ o On the steps on that Hey, they’re laughing at me, okay – are we just a general pointing downward? What’s the plan? So Guys, this is an edited we are alive healthy come down on top of us and Oh do you have? Yes, okay Yeah, it’s hard to see except it’s getting black definitely a storm Yeah, a bigger one, then we can handle with what we got. So Okay guys gonna be slipping up once a game I Did hear thunder well, yeah and I Think where’s my hair? Clamper Oh No, great Well, I get my hair clamper up. I’ll be able to be a disaster and not get here in my face Sit this up. Oh Oh you have a radar okay, he’s gonna check the radar no. No, it’s alive But we’re gonna check it Hold on Get my ponytail on Get it get it on And no mirror there, no judging no judging the ponytail Okay Okay. Oh wait I’ll talk to you guys in Yeah, we gotta get down we got you down pass, okay It’s coming. I’ll throw on my oh I Think my phone’s waterproof We’ll find out won’t we I’ve insurance Yeah, just put it on look oh you can see it you can see it it’s like a mist What They said you got zapped Okay Guys ready, let’s go. Hmm. Can I get down without a pole? Because I’ll be holding the oak. Are you able to carry this? Okay, cuz I can Oh Okay, okay Yeah, I’m gonna gator next thing you’re standing on it. Just kidding. That’s you to demand You’re in the middle the person I get screamed at but you’re allowed to do it We’ve already said our filming that’s right He’ll be alright It’d be alright tada. That’s what it looks like with people film. I don’t like to see myself. I don’t either I’m really annoying Bye bye Joel. I’ll talk to you soon. I’ll give you a text. Later Carlo thank you Okay, guys, okay I’m gonna be walking is this my stick Ish, okay, you ready? Already let’s go. Can I know if this is good? Well, you don’t have all your stuff picked up off the ground David takes me two seconds. Okay? Well, I’m gonna start walking in Like That way okay, okay Yeah, so I need that can I hand the see you second one Thank you, thank you, okay, I’m just gonna head this direction. I’m gonna repoint because Kelly are we going down a hill? So awesome, okay And we get to see a lot of structures actually let me hold the camera guy left hand. Oh We can come back here or go to the go to the advanced site Well, they talked to be here, but they left me alone they weren’t Mmm, they didn’t hang around These ones are really polite really sophisticated and polite. I would say maybe classy Yeah, like it like that’s why I saw as a temple so if you want to think of monks maybe like they like sasquatch monks Mm-hmm. I know I’m going to the left but I’m gonna work my way back around to the right Yeah because I’ve seen some of the structures and Then now I’m looking for totem poles cuz I know to look and all the SAP Checking out the SAP and what is this tall in the forest or can climb? You know a bear is the only thing that I could think that would be that tall Oh my gosh, look what they did they they came over here they broke this wedge off Right here still attached try to credible and they twisted it and they’ve got it secure in here What is they don’t how to build? They can’t build these things And there’s some stuff that they do that I don’t think I could physically do as a human even if I got the wood wet So that’s what I think you’re talking about. They do this with some type of energy, but I haven’t looked yet I’ve been to three dimensional today to ask. Well, I’ll ask some questions in the in the vehicle on the way back Your phones even better. Yeah, I’ve got a wide lens I got a wide angle and they got phones really help you see it. Yeah, these are vivid Turkish I see this see if they always do this always there’s a tried enticing right? It’s like a walk, right? It’s like a border check landscaping. I think it’s for something else. But to me, it looks like landscape Would they want to reroute the flow of water for some reasons that make sense to you Why would they want to reroute the flow of water No when it rains this was a just when it rains Why were they doing this do they just sit there because the water No, they’re in another dimension Oh beer poopy With a bear, it’s either Bear Mountain right or vixen Oh God I’m thinking yeah step in that You see how fresh is it? Yeah, that’s old. It’s last year last year it was Fresh cuz it’s know Why there’s light lake foam so you sure sounds like fun like it was just break Look at that like like brittle like nothing the kick that could blow in the wind We keep going down Yeah, that’s what I was telling my audience a little bit about that but you’re a lot more educated in general Which way are we going this way? Because I don’t want to go that way Okay, I need to go up a little this is a de les angle okay this way And this way I’m walking through perches. Oh my god These are all seats like here there’s something going to say look. Oh my gosh, this is a grid system over here Look look at the seat. So forget grid system. This is all the sit. This is like the first line This is like the first line see I think it’s all internal like these are all set up for other ones Like maybe it may be a war. Oh They laughed about that, that means no yeah, they feel very peaceful There’s another place that they pin it that they put it in a fork wait, although we got weeds Tools uh if a tree falls, will they hear it? Oh It’s not that kind of show this is some of the structures resemble a compass tools or I’m sorry it resemble compass tools Mmm, I’m gonna go home and look up a lot of symbols and that Blair Witch that Blair Witch symbol and that’s probably why they Did those that movie is to scare the crap out of everybody? Oh My gosh, okay guys check Oh, how do I get down there? Oh god I’m gonna have to zoom in on this because this is almost unreachable Look where you’re walking. I know just look bare the walkway. Oh, I’m gonna walk away Because they do they they put them back side by side And they keep repeating something about water oh Yeah Probably look you just yourself Look look straight down the hallway. Look at that thing. It’s like 15 feet near the stump Stump what help in the sky in a sky? Well, I mean, it’s probably 12 feet tall It’s hidden by some leaves, but it’s straight. It’s literally 12 o’clock from your eyes or it’s at your eye line Right there Like that, it’s beyond it’s like I’m the other side of the trees But it’s it’s a stump. Like I just showed you but way up in the air it is not showing in the video No You won’t is it is it this one is it that I’ve more just wanted to show you you probably have trouble zoom in. Oh I hear the rain. Okay, let’s let’s keep going. Oh crap, I can hear. Yeah Yeah Oh, I see what you’re talking about now Okay, that makes sense That makes it see like this stump is up in the air. It’s tilted up in the air. That’s what he was talking about And I think that’s what I videotaped but you’re not gonna be able to see it very well so Here we go, we’re gonna trade hands my hands getting tired Oh with the big end up. Yeah, that’s a fallen tree right there Guys the large part of the tree which is that the base is up there. Oh My gosh It’s a footprint, it’s not that big Making it better This is where your world ends this is where he was sitting over here, he’s gonna make sure there’s no surprises from this corner Step trying on Prints with a flower with the whoa that’s big that was like whatever did that was heavy That might have been wet a little bit when they stepped down that one Holy crap too much way, too Much coffee Kelly I Need some popcorn Oh, oh My gosh Kelly is a female mark that must be one of your people What does that mean that you scream and Oh my go, oh, let’s get going Oh, Bonnie That’s funny Oh am I going the right way because this looks like normal woods kind of boring and normal and know what We missed that one on the way up Look at that look at that. Here’s three. They’ve got seven that’s a fork. It’s a pork tree that incident trident Forked The frack the entire tree is off the ground, duh The freakin crap another one off the ground completely Look at this look at this In this what sport day This one say that that I have several Forks in it. It ends up being a trident. That’s Life, I guess yeah. Oh my gosh. I didn’t see that. Oh Well, I have to go I have to be where you are Let me let me film this and I’ll come back up and look at the pecs Look at that guy’s. Let me see if I can zoom in for you. This is completely off the ground off the ground Dad is insane That is insane Look at this look off the ground Off the ground Oh off the ground the whole thing is completely off the ground Thank you, thank you thank you, thank you. That’s definitely you hold on, okay? Very good It’s raining a bit You need to sit on earth kill it and feel the vibes not right now rain is coming Now that is not a footprint, but that’s an impression where something was coming through here That’s something that’s very large, but I don’t see Anything else around it I’m looking I was looking at the ground see if there’s any See, that’s totally big eggs. Oh and this this is another fallen tree and look it connects. It connects with everything That connects over there. And where’s that big X II was talking about I can’t see it from here I have to get a different angle. Okay, let me go up again This has been taken out of the ground and just placed here Okay, look at this area right here and look at this and just they just put this rock here You know that it’s a rock like in in there because it’s surrounded by mud and things like that if it’s exposed and on top like this I Mean it like when kids pick up rocks like hey, this is cool This is exactly the same thing the same tree coming across the same teepee structure in the same connections on the ground So they’re connected and they communicate Some are prettier than others because they have to be discreet or whatever reasons Yeah They do though it seemed like this big wide they glide Is it is it because they they crouched to their knees are bent earth the first the real first we actually saw each other I’m engaged with him and then he was just as scared and then he went he Oh my god, if he goes back In my memory, I couldn’t see what’s raining. Can we walk and talk? I see them from here up you Know we walk with my head’s going like this. Yeah, we’re bouncing. There was no movement. Look at that Ben What is what are these things? That’s what I was talking about the way he looks at the mole But it’s not why I get them where they literally look like Chinese writing like it. Looks like I’m writing this looks like something purposeful Wow, I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen and there’s a bunch of rocks on top Oh, I wouldn’t again now I did see a type of Vape pin up there. I left it. What was mine. I dropped it. No, it didn’t look like yours it was Uh, yes from last time. Oh, it was silver. Yeah. I drop them every single time silver looking Yeah, it one was up there by one of those perches Full it was full Well, I myself Let’s explain to people what hurt Kelly. Okay be quiet. Oh my god, let’s get cold. Call the helicopter you really Okay, hold on well I’ve Beautiful yeah, where’s where’s anything fallen any fallen trees any fallen anything like they’re just third ston the ground? A little bit question because this is new to you and you’re not gonna think you’re gonna know you’re gonna not my people No wonder dear. One of them one out of everybody is always having problems. It’s totally human this way or that way Okay the struggle with this approach Yeah, a lot of my peeps talk to oh this is gonna hold you I could tell right away your subscribers Oh shit that have thorns. Hold on. I Told you my genes are all $400 and These I have a red carpet jeans, I don’t have like go trudging in the woods gene, so I do appreciate that mark. Thank you for dressing in a nun stinky way That could be Okay, I know what you look like with those teeth on them I think The same thing the Bears got See too many things that look like where a bear did it, but there’s just never any Yeah, there’s no bear Now Does a bear is it possible that that one that had on the back of the footprint? That was flat. Is it possible? That could be a bear dude? What did their prints look like a bear? I mean absolutely not but yes, it’s possible I’m learning They don’t seem to really let them in those spots They know everything but a bear sometimes yes Because I guess I’ve got one on trial Canada University once but never have I seen one here I’ve spent Is would this be a There Hugh this this tree is different over there. Would that be TP or Justin’s wrong that tree? Well, this is all that this is the this is the transition to the next world, which is right over there Which looks just like that but it’s this is your transition so light Yeah, so in the transition areas, they just mark like that’s good. We saw them for coming up. Oh, here we go Yeah, another area marked by the Black Point areas. Give it that way finger pointing That’s a symmetrical exit like yeah, I’ll see how it’s pointing in that direction and so there you go you Think it’s gonna rain. Oh dear. Yeah, that’s good blacker Live-chat for myself like in a sense like Oh Old tree It’s hollow there’s something hollow under here look. Yeah listen Is that There’s something it’s is it a tree stump like an old tree so maybe because they’ll powder eyes like that won’t date a tree stump See this down stick. Hold on it’s over here too right here If you have a vibration there’s hollow under there there’s something that’s Hollow It’s all you can felt it when I walked on it like yeah, you know, you know how you’re gonna You know if you’re on a second story oh No, it goes right there. I’m glad you saw that I’ll put in my pocket for now. Thank you so much. Oh my gosh gotta hit my hand or a factor is fortunate Not really not in my state I used to have access to all kinds of Haney stuff Well since you have your jacket on Nobody will be thrilled I see it now now that you’ve educated me on these. Sorry. What is this drum? You know what? This could be like what you said. This could be, you know, he’s 17. He’s the teenagers like that I’m going to build my own Bigfoot world To practice maybe yeah Yeah some the stuff up there though, the young stuff seems very formal like formal training for the the younger ones this one might be different than 300 videos where I’ve said Look daddy Junior is that they’ll actually do it next to each other to see we had he made a structure and some really complex ones and Then you’ll see what that were that you were Junior made it for. Mommy. We don’t know maybe mom helps too If I were a mom and saw Squatch I Would have a campfire and cook all the time. I think that was so it’s raining I Figured it out, right? the males right so when they get divorced Darkness By golly Miss Molly wait, hold on No, it’s not do you monitor to see monetization it’s they’ll flag your video and you’ll get a strike, but the only strike I ever got was at the very beginning of YouTube and I I know that well started I did a video on how to wash her hair dry in the shower Oh my god I almost broke their grid systems Durbin Thanks with a circle. I Very sorry almost broken system With another Fork another fork tree right here in one fork. What goes that way? I don’t see very many round sticks Andres So dad comes over with a stop he’s like good job So if the other one centers cloud or face back to the fourth dimension, he’s still looking here. Oh, yeah Yeah, a physical ones see them. Mm-hmm I Think that’s just a pile of something anyway it Forks Thank you, yeah. Oh stop. Thank you Yeah where it makes it difficult the Correct look disturbed No, this is this is exactly like what we saw where they would perch and then walk away from I’m not seeing a footprint or anything without structures. There’s nothing down there that couldn’t make it look, you know, what show me that Yeah, yeah, where were there all these these uh, disturbed grass and all that where there’s not a structure I have not seen it you are right Steps here and then steps here. Hold on. Hold on walking on there we get to more stable place Yeah, they broke that one sideways and then created an X on the ground right there Hold on I’m boxed in well Hold on and then that’s where Yeah, I’ll go that way so right here is probably you can see where it’s been stepped on and disturbed and everything But there’s not an actual footprint so I’m gonna step in it and Because if there was a footprint, I would left it right there. It’s always raining. I got her you Okay Was that a gunshot? Oh Past my waist Boys I don’t step on Mark don’t distract me. Oh crap. Ow. Oh I hit that sticker bush again Crap up, okay Okay are You standing in the middle of it or pointing to it you standing here Walked all over it mark stop it happy If you ever worked with the police Think of these as crime scenes How’s that would that be helpful if you come up to want to go? Oh, this is this a crime scene Don’t step on it Wait, what kind of poop is this? I see poop. Oh Yeah, we’re almost by the road and you guys I’m gonna do when we get to the road I’m gonna kind of do a little Somethin with the camera. So you cannot see where we come out because we do not want anybody to know where They can’t figure it out, okay, I’m not gonna read about them. So I’ll just I’ll just keep going how’s that? And here’s another burnt stump, thank you We’re doing pretty good two three Oh Lost a bush missed it. Yeah Thank you Oh Climbing down a mountain live. This is risky Oh He was right about the whole Oh sticker bush Okay, hold on just a second when I get to where you are Okay, oh Here it is, yep, let me zoom in there everybody which are like their cousins their buddies You walk through the middle where the guy practiced? So today guys, I was just very three-dimensionally crap, sorry overwhelmed So what what do they have the orange on these trees? the orange markings And they just didn’t cut him Oh wow freakin sticker bushes That’s possible do they have orange paint. Oh Oh that was on something hollow over here, oh Oh, there’s there’s one of those scary sticker bushes, there’s another one right there Oh forget sticker buzzes, oh God. Oh My gosh, my shins are going to need some dr. Christopher’s tissue and bone repair this evening a little TLC Yeah, Oh, hold on I got a sticker down my shoe Not with the thicker mice you there we go get it okay We are kit Y’all’s like be my Gators Marge like nah Hey, these are from Walmart, these are 695 Jeans I don’t even trying to find regular persons jeans We came right out With the vehicle. All right guys, what do you think? Holy crap? This is insane. Absolutely insane. There’s a road over there. Yeah, let’s get on this way. That’s a better way Aha so are you liking these adventures Yeah, so if you were interested in Bigfoot, just stick around. I’m going to have a lot more Bigfoot Well here you can get distracted by emotion I did I really got distracted here in it surprised me how Distracted I got because I that doesn’t happen to me on that little walk focus Near the lower self and usually that’s easy I’m sometimes I’m 12 miles out just find that there’s zapping me my hairs are standing in my head No, now what is what is this zapping me? Hey, let me just for privacy reasons. I’m just flipping this around Just for privacy, yeah, it’s well zapping is just a made-up word. It’s a hey guys, it’s it’s a We just call like we just mean they’re somehow connecting with you You zap in a sense? Okay, just a slang word It’s they said to me I said I know use that mean he said no zap Energy overload everything energy so they will send you energy or you will just Accidentally get too much just like that. Like what she does guys is very hard. No, sometimes it’s Rainy, yeah He told me that Exactly what’s the best way to come out because here’s an arch right here like where they’re all like I see that yeah, is he gonna be mad? No, no I went to videotape So, let’s see over here, so what they do they’ll bend it over but still alive Stick it in the ground. Well, I didn’t like the way I came out. It’s I don’t know. That was a sucky way really to come up here We I might have to Hit in the face by subduing Oh my gosh, check check that out so they come over here and they manipulate the plants that what we’re saying Okay, oh so you can watch me fall down that’s fantastic Oh you’re funny Yeah, yeah well sorry guys, I’m sorry sorry about Your T-shirts that way you guys forgive me for that you forgive me Grab the tree, so just in case By the way the stuck the stick you’re stepping on they did that the bonsai tree I swear to god No, no, it’s it’s with you where your foots touching. It’s a bond they bent it like that Remember this is written for in their world. There’s kind of a trident. It’s sort of a charter This is crazy. Oh, I can’t even walk. Why can’t I walk straight crap I’m walking in a zigzag That was so cool okay, um what I might do is wait for you to pull on the road and I know it’s just it’s just now. Hey guys. Hey guys. Oh there is dirt all over my phone Well, I did set it down on the ground that might be part of it so see the ground this is dirt it’s just starting to rain and as soon as Mark moves the car I can get in and I’ll of it All right, guys. Oh, it’s raining. Uh-huh. I did hit the track. Oh, oh crepe crepe cream. I can’t really get in on this side This not with my dirty feet yeah as soon as you pull forward I could get in over here Okay Mmm-hmm We’re not doing anything La-dee-da, we didn’t go off the trail. They won’t be really hurries because I’ve been starting to get wet So anyway, I want to read some of your comments when I get in the truck and And then we will figure out what to do from there Yeah Somebody danger door Okay What’s going on A lot a Bigfoot. It’s getting Sitting here. Oh my god for gymnastic pants So, yeah when you’re out with us there’s always a hard time a Little part of the deal. Okay. Hey they get ce2 over there in the corner We’ll see how long the phone lasts over there in the corner. They’re broken though. I get some air. Sorry. I’m cold well, so I’ll ask you off the video, but I’m hoping I can connect this the Scout Joe in with you just Down the road like wouldn’t got time on one of his songs. Oh So what do you guys think? Oh budget thumbs ups. She changed the Bigfoot game for good Well, that’s what we needed you guys. That’s why I wouldn’t just like call Kyle bacon Hey have your subs watch me cuz then you don’t even know me, you know like that’s why I wanted her with you and I just knew I’d sense right away in the live video that I watched that some of you guys are so cool and Understanding and are willing to at least give something a shot, right? That’s all you hang it You just give it a chance and you’ll see very quickly that this is the five or ten million of us that know this for sure or We know what we’re I don’t know people are pretty normal nowadays It’s not just some drunken Harley guy with a stick hitting the wood. That’s what used to be like a bit this size Okay, the guy stuck mirrors, like let me get here Bigfoot’s here. Look at the tree that’s Just when I was looking for the often ten minutes it was in my pocket You don’t have receivables on well, I’m putting on that for you Goff yeah by upstate this custom Bella first. Yeah put it that way. I Always Always love it. No, I know but Jenna’s not loaded it. Learn it No, I treat it as if it’s always looking just so you know, it’s not Most everybody I know keeps their pistol chambered. I mean they’re bullet chambered I never met if I can let it selfish you guys that saw something walking or whatever You said that you saw that you saw something go by when this video goes live. Do you mind like telling me out? what the the marker is for it and see if I can get a screenshot of whatever it is that that you saw or just give me a time and I can have Anything I can have some of my people look at it say there there This is all they do. It’s a rope. That’s all they don’t. They won’t go through my videos Yeah So just give me any kind of time and I can they’ll find things that no one else can see cuz they know how to stop it and became frames things like that because a lot of times we’ll catch them actually in between a Frame, yeah like they’re they’re suspect that would make sense of sorts frequency goes because if you Like if you’re only paying attention to this beat Right, then you don’t pay attention to beat up beats a great way to cut it. Good analogy So the the in between faces when I take people on remote viewing journeys I teach them to go in between frames in between frames. You’ll sometimes see nothing or invisible it’s a way a way of becoming invisible is Doing the upbeat instead of the downbeat Let’s go to a contract that looks at cally their day is touching those things the command visible. He thought he was No arty other people how to be invisible you can do it Hey, there’s an app for that Though okay, can I say something, you know, it’s another good analogy It’s like this, you know a house two people that we have a lot of trouble believing It’s We don’t know I don’t try to fool people with editing You know, I’m not going to give you some like you just entered the movie theater Yeah, that’s gonna be Kelly heavily edited I gotta save my channel Well, I’m gonna mean if I have you on video, of course, I’m not gonna make it gonna make you look good Yeah, of course that’s just After now I received this amazing analogy It’s I do that to you more like know something. Yeah your phone flashed and then I got a message that I forgot That was a good thing you guys Oh my god wouldn’t believe the faces we get from the trees and The hardest thing to believe Hey you guys if you if you question that and I’m really not it doesn’t it doesn’t benefit me in any way I don’t get paid or anything but if you want to see some of those pictures and you’re on Facebook go to Colorado Bigfoot on Facebook my page and then hit Photos and then you can just click through a million There’s little you I don’t even know 20 30 40 50 thousand pictures though, and you’ll see them all structures a lots of them There’s still pictures of these creatures you can see them I mean just know you’re looking into the fourth dimension a lot of times or come up with Kelly sensible You’re looking at and what most people would say cloaking any excuse we can come up with as humans For an answer because we basically deal in logic There’s nothing illogical but what’s out there I mean nothing, but we have to let go of logic to see it I mean it might be Mary but it might be the most logical thing in the world actually but to us it’s not It’s logical is like buying into the illusion Well, they want us that’s what they want us to be like don’t believe in this don’t believe it If you’re psychic, you’re crazy if you saw a UFO you’re crazy If you believe in Bigfoot, you’re crazy, you know another thing guys the names you use the word Bigfoot. It’s not their name Bigfoot’s a word developed to make you roll your eyeballs. I’ll give you a perfect example I saw a mermaid yesterday if I say the word mermaid you but you didn’t believe it before I was done saying the word and Why is that because you’re genetically programmed? I know we remember. I’m just speaking out. I’m not trying to teach them anything I’m just trying to he’s used to an audience. That’s not psychic So, but we need the education My guys know to like they all know every single thing I’m doing I just kind of talk out loud. Like it’s gonna remind like I don’t think I’m telling people something I know Sometimes just gotta cook, you know kind of keep you didn’t the whole conversation because this is just such a big Like I came up here and parked it and left it, so no make you smile I heard there was a guy that worked at the grocery store That said that he went through divorce and then he was homeless and living in something like that And he said it was not fun because it would be 40 degrees colder Or 50 40 below. Well, if you got a trailer one that hurt, okay But the game just to try to live in like that thing. Yeah, that’s what he was doing for. I think he’s at ten months That he lived that way that’s not that it depends on how it depends on how nice it was if you’re a guy maybe now if you have a 2019 I have a 2019 thirty foot trailer It’s got stainless steel kitchen whites. You can shower It’s got a great shower. Oh my gosh. I have a big kitchen table. You know, I can separate the room glamping Not really. It’s set up permanently. I mean I can move it, but it’s got skirts on it I bought it as an office Okay, we’re never coming up here like he’s standing right there Oh Over here, you can’t see that better now That makes sense now down there. I mean that makes sense. I don’t know if you guys can see Down there. They can’t know I’m thinking they came as a whole spot It’s like it’s like right here and oh, yeah, you can see the stuff. Yeah, you can see the white and there’s three Oh my gosh in its forked it is forked It’s a pattern. It’s a pattern If these were fallen trees you would see them randomly everywhere and they’re not their group they’re in mine I get pictures in from England Germany Finland every single day the same exact pictures the same structures You haven’t seen the real structure Jay. You saw that tribal place. I gotta show you. Oh, so this is like red tribes out in the middle of nowhere Compared to big city slickers. I use it. I say tribal It’s very neat it’s very uniform I can take you to other places where people call them dog man things like that where it’s spider webs and it’s Get an eerie feeling. It’s like I feel like yeah, it feels like a witch lives here It’s all black spider webs doesn’t seem like he’s hanging out Because he doesn’t know About Those YouTube channels guys person the whole time I do like to drop Like that when they they didn’t do it for a while They still get me every time but like DeFranco and stuff like that that they’re notable. The stuff is based on Profanity and everything he had a mover patron They just put everything on a computer on YouTube. That’s all had rhythms the last week or two you go. Yeah Yeah, that’s what I thought advertisers Advertisements pull commercial on a 666 channel, you know, then what they cope doesn’t want to be associated Hundreds of them we’re going to hurt ya you can show us The whining you can show anything you want. There’s no way anybody I brought any pieces. Hey What are you guys recognizes this room? You belong here What’s the main? Oh my gosh. They’re just talking Jessica. Any things are possible. It’s still friendly I was fearless no, I Get a moderators Question or whatever’s what’s the main? Suspicion about missing people. Do you are you educated a Little bit if you if you are You know If you go I was to googling missing people recently and the numbers are astonishing Just because Google right now how many people are missing just two yet United States. Just say how many people are missing and okay It’ll give you the breakdown I don’t want to lie to you give you any numbers, but it was ridiculous like and people want to know You know people some people think you make up to come up with all these reasons Well, no, there’s a lot of human trafficking right things like that So so all of that stuff attributes’ right? Like there’s someone got rape so I got kidnapped Probably so we’re gonna just run away Anybody know where they honestly an alien probably they come out and take somebody but it’s not everyone, you know Then it’s not only thing I know is it’s not the Sasquatch. I know Wholeheartedly I didn’t feel that at all out there. There’s out there a special special race of beings It’s if there’s lots here’s the trick fact, there’s lots of other ones you guys you have to trust me Yeah, I don’t want to make this any harder than it is. It kills me to make it harder, but there’s all Sasquatch It’s just the foot There’s just the one that humans know about so they’re gonna blame the human because the person was walking on trail And literally while he was with people and disappeared into thin air was never seen again still 20 years now There’s like 20 years there. It’s a thousand there’s thousands of people like that so they say Bigfoot did it but really it’s these other ones like So that’s all I can really say cuz I don’t know. I’ll never Answer a question. I’m not sure about Yeah, it’s it’s some I think there’s some missing things from the woods But it’s a creature that we probably don’t know about or haven’t seen you know, it could there be a bad Bigfoot somewhere? Sure It’s just like us you guys We’re all nice, right but there’s you we all know someone that’s not nice like your boss. Maybe you’re seeing. I mean there’s they Believe where there’s good. I’ll shut up where there’s good. There’s bad, right? There’s there’s no ways to exist without See I’m and then I wanted to talk about fear and just let it happen and happen actually not that It couldn’t What are you guys doing what are you talking about on here? They’re all real. What are you talking about? Oh my gosh I’m not gonna say out loud. That’s something you have to figure out you need to figure out Because I’m terrible, so thank you guys. Thank you for listening I’m not to get out of and you’re not too bad She gave it you do a lot of like I just guys I’m always entertaining I’m always at a reception live video for 10 years so I could do it like at the ranch But like if I’m using the mountain cabin, so but I knew we’d have it here. That’s why I thought was perfect for us Don’t what what are you talking about? Oh my god, nothing You’re not saying anything You guys are just getting out of control ha ha ha ha ha so funny not stop it look at the spot I see what you’re talking about now. Um Yes, right up here right up here where you see all of those? Yeah This is a big gun that there’s a oh, can you see the arch? Probably not point in the right place. I see it Oh Zoom on that arch there it it’s ok. Good. Thank you. I didn’t think about zooming. Yeah on that arch I don’t know how well you can see it, but there’s an arch right there in arch that goes all the way Oh, there we go. Oh if I go up and down like that You can see well hey if anyone doesn’t believe what we’re saying come come lick yourself. I’ll give you my phone number We’re not joking about the flip. You’re gonna come meet me What catches you oh my god ha Oh a knight times a whole different thing, yes Here even here way up top. You have been up there yet. No, that’s where my guys are Well, I went up there with that loud pop was as well. It was at the top of the mountain I mean like driving 500 miles passing apart, uh Oh Higher like that. That’s where there’s more down there. It’s always higher the higher ones And there’s where where you can see that they’ve fallen up a tree does not fall there’s something about the day and then the day they’ll be right there, but they’re like I’ve seen them physical in the day, but it’s only been five times in five years and nighttime you walk around during the day show that lucky like I love your structures and Then the second it’s dark. They’ll be right there. Oh, yeah, would you have to be in the right places because some have rules Yeah, I want to go through the – the ones that like to have less rules and are cool Maybe it’s the ones that smoke pipes It’s us you have you have the federal laws and then you have and then you have each state has their own laws So it’s to me it’s exactly the same each clan has like their special rules. It’s based on the experience of Humans in the past in that area and here there’s no hardly any that’s why it’s so easy but if you’re in it, there’s Philadelphia and you try to close as far as they’re going to be much more hard to reach because Know how is it that? We’re driving on the right side and on the way there We pulled over and almost went down the cliff and we used to pull over go down the cliff on this side What is up with that? Mmm this runs so bumpy you guys know if you can see our hats we’re just Like Oh, yeah, this is bumpy like ridiculously bumpy. Oh There That’s how you get time stamps still what you’re doing. You can put your bulb in one sitting right there. Wait Yeah, he’ll be right in the bushes like boys. Hold these guys go to photos on Facebook really so like what I’m videotaping right now, they could find like I mean seconds if you were like doing it good filming the whole way. Absolutely Well, I know other people send me pictures all the time of where I see them in trees and Air doing all kinds of cool stuff but Oh I can check that out. What is this? Oh My gosh, that’s what they do the way So that’s a tiny bit of Bend it’s a torch My gosh this they’re everywhere oh and there’s a binge tree Not only small but it’s the one that comes across that’s bad another one is tucked look at the arch topped into the ground. Oh That’s right in your face. It’s just that regular people and once you know their language, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Oh My gosh it does it guess if you don’t if you’re not looking you could walk by it all day long You will not see it You won’t even think about what sort guys it’s raining so I can’t get out and have to be mind, you know So many men I can’t fight you But those Why would somebody put rocks there? Well, I don’t those boulders are put there by the state, okay It’s still sort of a park. Probably Oh But someone built a fire that’s well even believe in that humans Human metal rod there is is interesting I couldn’t swear anything with the way it’s leaned on the rock is exactly the way they do the Stumps and the boulders now remember us throwing the stumps. Yes, they put everything there was boulders in that far same thing They they decorate every boulder just watch my videos. You see I’ve seven So these boulders over here if it had something across these it would be them decorating it Movement of some It’s like clear, you know, it’s like a it’s like weightless to me is in a sense but again it was

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    No big deal. This is only mostly important to struggling reductionist and those who just are not ready anyway.

  21. Kelli, when the camera goes blurry and fuzzy? I believe it’s the camera picking up energy….my camera does the same thing when it’s picking up energy. My camera picks up Orbs and energy, wether it’s still or moving energy…just my two cents worth ❤️✨🙏🏻

  22. Hey, Kelli,! Welcome to the Bigfoot Forest World!! I am glad you came with Marc. Maybe later you can come with Marc and Cali! Just to let you know, when you Live Stream in the woods, it is kind of blurry. It is almost better to just film, and talk like you are. Your videos will turn out better here! Thanks Kelli!

  23. Why is it when some one has video proof of a UFO or Bigfoot they recorded it on a flip phone from 2000? These people are nuts. lol

  24. There are videos of people finding random trees burning from the inside with no explanation. Is that how Sasquatches burn the totem poles?

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