Biden’s Campaign Won’t Survive Losses In Early Primary States

Joe Biden’s campaign is in a lot of trouble. Not only did he get outraised by his opponents
in the most recent quarter, but he’s also struggling greatly in early primary and caucus
States. And a lot of people may think, well okay the
money thing, that’s probably a big deal. But the struggling in these early States,
what does it matter? Does it matter what a couple of folks over
in Iowa have to say? And then New Hampshire and then Nevada and
then South Carolina, why does that matter? He can pick up the delegates on super Tuesday,
which is pretty much exactly what Joe Biden’s campaign has said they’re planning on doing. They said they understand and we talked about
this a couple weeks ago, when they say they understand that they’re going to lose a lot
of these early primaries and caucuses, but they want to stick with it till super Tuesday
cause then they’re going to make up all the ground they lost with the early ones. And that I have to say no you won’t. And I’m not saying that because I don’t think
Joe Biden has a chance at winning. I don’t think Joe Biden has a chance at winning,
but uh, I also do research. See has actually the biggest part of my job
here at ring of fire. It’s not sitting here and yelling about the
news of the day. It’s actually doing research, which is what
I spent a good portion of the day yesterday doing. Just to make sure that the point I’m about
to make is accurate and it is because not since the year 1992 which at this point folks,
we’re talking 27 years ago, not since 1992 has any candidate for president gone on to
win the nomination. If they lost more than two of the early primaries. And in 1992 bill Clinton only lost two of
the early ones. Buddy went on to become the nominee. He lost Iowa and New Hampshire, although he
barely lost New Hampshire, but he did go on to become the nominee. Other than that, if you don’t win most of
those early contests, super Tuesday means nothing. And part of the reason for that is the bandwagon
effect. That is why the entire primary caucus thing
is actually kind of stupid and very harmful because what happens in Iowa, even though
we only think about Iowa once every four years, no offense to any Iowans watching this, what
happens in Iowa does affect what happens in every other race because suddenly you see
somebody winning, right? That person now in your mind, when you go
to vote in New Hampshire, you know who has won. They are a winner and that will influence
the way you vote. That’s human nature. That’s how our brains work. Joe Biden can’t afford a loss because if you
get a voter in Nevada, which is going third, by the way, and you want to vote for Joe Biden
because you’re not sure who these other folks are, but then you think back, you say, well,
damn, Biden just lost Iowa. He lost New Hampshire. Why do I want to vote for the guy here? I he’s got no chance at winning. Clearly I’m voting somebody else, so suddenly
he loses a third state. You lose that third one. That’s a death sentence, folks. And that’s exactly what Joe Biden is looking
at. He’s not going to survive these first four
early primaries and caucuses to be able to make it to super Tuesday, and that’s going
to be a very real problem for him. A problem that his campaign staff doesn’t
seem to understand. and to be honest, I’m glad they don’t understand
it. I don’t want Joe Biden to win because Joe
Biden can’t win a general election. Joe Biden’s proven in the past, he can’t win
a primary either. And this is gonna be the third time he’s had
to prove it to us. We need to move on past Joe Biden. We need the vote for candidates that actually
have ideas and plans on how to make this country better. And Joe Biden ain’t it. Joe Biden wants to go back to his glory days
of Barack Obama, which were glory days for him. Ho hum. Mediocre for the rest of us, where we didn’t
see any real growth among us. The top 1% did. The people who run corporations did The rest
of us didn’t. Yeah. He created lots of jobs under his tenure. Awesome. Good for you. Too bad. Those jobs don’t pay crap and we’re still
struggling and we, the middle class, the working class never actually rebounded from the recession. So yeah, sorry Joe. We don’t want to go back to another four years
of stagnant wages. We don’t want to go back to another four years
of mediocre, good on social issues, bad on consumer issues, judicial nominees. We just simply don’t want it. And these early States are going to tell you
that. And if you think you can rebound from that,
then I suggest you do what I did. And you go back and look at the history because
it hasn’t ever happened. And I promise you, you’re not going to be
the candidate that breaks that mold.

91 thoughts on “Biden’s Campaign Won’t Survive Losses In Early Primary States

  1. the people of this country are sick of the same old thing and joe biden is the same old thing. he needs to go home.

  2. Good. I don't want Biden as president. His memory is failing, and his policies are bad. I will vote for him if he's the nominee against Trump, but I will not vote for him in the primary.

  3. Iowa is the biggest worry for Bernie; New Hampshire and Nevada are both very good states for him but Iowa looks shaky. On the other hand, if he can manage to take Iowa he's likely to carry all 3 of the first 3 states – and that would set the narrative of the entire election.

  4. I don't want Sleepy Joe. He's going to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. Here in Ohio, and nearby states, we've lost millions of good paying jobs. Ohio has less jobs than before the 2000 recession. With losers like Biden and Hillary, no wonder the working class votes for Trump…UGH!

  5. Joe Biden Caught On Video Pressuring The Ukrainian Government By Withholding A Billion Dollars Unless They Fired A Prosecutors Who Was Investigating A Company That Joe Biden Son Was Apart Of Which Is Pay To Play Corruption #Facts

  6. Good. I hope he gets run out of the race as soon as possible. Then, we can focus on a Progressive being the Democrat vs Trump.

  7. Joe Biden has way to much, fights, and too much political problems, to win.
    I watched a debate and it seems like he loses his train of thought, way too much.
    I don't want a President that has soooo much baggage.
    He has way over the top, too much.
    Just too much.
    I want a candidate that has better ideas, fresh ideas and more logical ideas.
    Than the rich and powerful already have.
    He studders, which gives me great pause,
    Of what his presidency, would look like!
    Not something I want to see.
    He reminds me of someone in quicksand!
    Struggling for a tree branch or that last breath.

  8. Biden was a good choice a few years ago, but when he did not jump in earlier people lost interest. He waited too long to announce he was going to be in the running.

  9. #Bernie is the genuine Progressive. Warren is a weak, and wishy-washy version that will not fight for substantial progressive policy, like Bernie will. He's is the real thing. A hard-core, actual Progressive, and he's been that for decades. Warren, used to be a Republican, and the establishment doesn't fear her, near as much as they fear Bernie. Yes! #Bernie2020

  10. I love Farron's articulate and concise reporting. His yelling is just the icing on the cake…he conveys my outrage and disgust "perfectly".

  11. Sooner or later Joe Biden is going to have to explain to the American people why he flew his son Hunter to China on Air Force 2 and then 10 days later China gives his son Hunter 1.5 billion dollars. So far the only one that seems to care about this as Fox News. People are not as stupid as a corrupt news media think they are.

  12. This why President Obama has not confirmed him; he is too old and feeble and gaff prone. He is not a statesman and not suited for the presidency. He needs to take a long vacation to the Islands. Drink some coconut water, smoke some weed, and sample some Island pussy while he is at it.

  13. Joe Biden as candidate equals four more years of Trump, with or without dirt from Ukraine … or the Trump replacement

  14. He’s relying on the superdelegates to bail him out like they did Hillary, people aren’t gonna let that happen again

  15. Good good… change for that old corporate culture is coming, and they don't know how to handel not having power.

  16. Bernie Sanders 2020, or we're in deep chit! He's the only one who care about all of us. I'm 67, and he's the best candidate in my lifetime!!!

  17. Someone tell Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race before he does irreparable damage to the Democratic Party.

  18. Just say no to Biden Joe. Just say no to Biden Joe. Just say no to Biden Joe. If Biden thinks I want the same old crap the establishment has been giving us for the last 50 years then he's absolutely crazy. Just say no to Biden Joe.

  19. Glass Joe, face facts. You're a loser. Always has been, always will be. You're a stagnant sellout to the wealthy elite, you have nothing to offer anyone that doesn't number among the wealthy elite. You are the worst possible candidate for 2020 and the most likely to hand Agolf Twitler another four years to make our lives utter hell. Just go away already.

  20. Let every centrist neo liberal conservative Democrat join hands with Republicans on their way out of power in Washington D.C.! Bernie/Nina2020, let's all gather up and fight to win this together!

  21. The rest of us knew Biden wouldn't do well, but it was driving Trump batshit crazy, enough for him to commit the crime that he's now being impeached for, a real smart man always said "stupid is, as stupid does" Forrest Gump. Why do I say he was real smart?, because he had enough sense to be honest, and that was a choice he made.

  22. And Trump got himself into so much trouble trying to take down lame duck Biden. 🤣

  23. Democraps scared they might not get their free handouts… Your top runners arnt worth a squirt of piss…its gonna be EPIC to see Trump win again…cheers bitches.

  24. Well he is only running to take votes from Bernie and Warren before Kamala wins the South and California.

    Again, ROF shows how little they understand and simply panders to Progressives.

  25. Poor Donnie. He did all that digging for dirt on the candidate who won't get the nomination. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  26. Farron, great job in doing your research!!! I just wish that more news people who sit behind the anchor desk did that. If they did, we would be hearing so much stupidness on television.

  27. What if…Symone Sanders is still a Berner and is dragging Biden down on purpose?? Probably not but it crossed my mind while watching this and would be awesome if so.

  28. I think about Iowa a little more than that, I think about the farmland with the wind turbines. Bernie Sanders visited them just to tell Trump that wind turbines do NOT cause cancer.

  29. Andrew Yang he is smarter, family oriented and think about humanity first. Why be broke when you can take your family on vacation to Disneyland, your wife on a Cruise Ship or a weekend getaway 🧢☂️

  30. Yea but look at how the corporate media is repeating 2016 all over with this out of touch geezer. They are pushing him down our throats just like they did Hilary and how did that end for us? Couldn’t have ended worse for anyone but the MAGA dummies. The elites/DNC have already decided on Biden because he’s one of them. Watch, he WILL be the nominee and we WILL have a repeat of 2016……even with all of Trumps criminality and treason surfacing more by the minute.

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