best survival game ever 2019

I have chosen the Survival Mode I choose Pilgrim, not because it’s easy, but because you are not attacked by animals. The bear and the wolf are dangerous and the wolf will get you easily You have to start in Mystery Lake to unblock other areas You can only type your name in caps lock It might seem easy in easy mode but it’s not. If you eat raw fish or sleep in the cold you can die very “easily” I started in a cabin, but I wanted to play in the place where I always started my games, lost in the cold The Long…wait, sorry :/ I will cut here and let’s jump to the “usual” starting point” Here we are, the first time I played this game I was caught in the middle of a storm, many snow, windy, I couldn’t see anything, I died quickly Hinterland is always updating the game, I think it has more episodes and areas that had initially In the hardest levels, the ice can break suddenly and you can fall into the river, if you are far away from shelter or you can’t start a fire it will be very difficult to survive These plants are life savers, you can eat them and use them to start a fire In the left you can see 4 icons. The first is your temperature, when it’s empty you start losing health The second shows how tired you are, if you don’t get sleep you will be exhausted and you won’t be able to run The third is thirst and the fourth is hunger You can sprint for a while, but if you are very tired or overweight you will have your mobility reduced My player was already complaining, he is very tired Rose hips, you can make rose hip tea with water on a fireplace I will avoid spoilers and places with many items The wolves are very annoying 😀 On your right you can see the icon showing that I’m sprinting or at least trying. The player is exhausted A house, civilization at last! Wait, is that, the flag of Canada? Indeed it is! When you are tired, you have overweight and here comes the “sprain risk” warning It’s the total amount of weight above The white hearth below is the amount of health I have and above is the sprain risk warning explained You can also see the air temperature, how cold it is and how it feels You can take some pills, but my treatment is sleeping 🙂 I want to sleep less now, because I want to sleep at night As I told you, on the right, all afflictions healed I hope you liked, want to see more? 🙂

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