BEAT ‘EM UP #2 – Street Fighter V Survival! (Extreme)

Damn, Boi! Yes, yes! We bited through this! I need more health this time! – Low health recovery – Not again… Welcome to my 2nd Beat ’em Down video Today, we play the Survival mode of SFV Which was released a few days ago We will play this at highest difficulty (extreme) We have to beat 100 opponents in a row Without losing Otherwise we have to start all over again This will be frustrating and take a lot of time That’s typical for Beat ’em Down videos Beat ’em Downs are about the hardest fighting game modes At the maximum difficulty With special tasks… Let’s get this started! This is the first stage, hello Ryu! It starts in a mirror match! I was trying a heavy combo That I messed up… This time it worked! Also missed my Tatsu, damn That was almost a perfect She did a cannon spike, I hate that I did a Shoryuken, too! Necalli gets hit by every fireball Interesting… We can continue this way He tried to get in A perfect! Mysteriously there a many perfects in this video That was too close! I was pretty frightened! – Low health recovery – This is my death sentence… That stupid bit**! Hello, Nash! Please, don’t do a air grab! You did… This combo hits hard! Yes, gotcha! Please give me a good health recovery! Full or high, please! I got low health recovery of course… Damn, Dhalsim He could end me Damn, Boi! Yes, yes! We bited through this! I need more health this time! – Low health recovery – Not again… Folks, this is a death struggle! I’m very nervous… It’s always low health, wtf Nice one! Still alive! I need health, come on! Please… Full health, thank you! Stage 90… Against Rashid The whirlwind Scary… Damn! No! Nooo! I died in stage 90… Okay That’s it for today Goodbye… We will continue tomorrow – 75% Frustration – This is bad! – Reads survival mode tips loudly – ‘Don’t buy to many boosters and pay attention to your score!’ – 90% Frustration – This is so silly, dude! Yes! Awesome combo! 3 times low health in a row… This is impossible The game wants me to fail I hope that Karin has a bad day Hmm… unfortunately not How am I supposed to do this with 3 times low health?! All right, folks I’m fed up with this! We failed enough times It’s time… to rise up! And show the CPU who the boss is! It’s time… To unleash our true potential! And kick some as*! Cool Avoided his crossup… We haven’t been this far until now Crazy! Now, things get serious! Got him! Damn, he activated his V-Trigger… Ken dude, go easy on me! Damn! All right! I have to keep him at distance… Got a perfect! In stage 95! I will get in, now… Damn… No chance! Yes! Doing the target combo was risky… Nice! Come on… Full health recovery, thanks for that! Thanks! Against birdie… No! Birdie lost his mind! Take this! OMG, I almost ruined it… Shortly, we will fight the dark within ourself In a final match… Let’s go, Ryu! Bring it on! No escape! And… YEESS! Finally, we did it! Finally… I can’t believe it… This took almost 10 hours to beat! I’m so happy, now! Don’t know what to say… It was time! Luckily, I got the booster in the last stages Which saved me… However I deserved that I’m so glad that this is over, now Nice one This is the end of today’s video… Thanks for watching! Subscribe!

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