BAUMAN BIGFOOT WILDERNESS HUNTER Teddy Roosevelt (Bigfoot Narratives Animated)

In 1893
Theodore Roosevelt published his book the wilderness hunter
having a total of 47 books published the wilderness hunter was his 11th book in
the book he writes of to frontier men their main focus for setting out was
hunting for beavers in the Bitterroot Mountains between Idaho and Montana prior to this year a hunters body found
torn apart and bitten by an unknown Beast
which left large human-like footprints around the campsite the hunters set out
and the bitter cold a winter you it was the first week out the men had
heard stories about the previous year’s encountering but there’s bears in the
area and that’s all they thought it was stories of Sasquatch date back for
centuries one hunter that they ran into just describes it as a Wendigo Roosevelt
describes it as a goblin in his book bowmen and his partner didn’t think much
of it during their first week of trapping they didn’t have much luck the
tribes have been set off but nothing remained some tribes looked like the
beavers have been dragged from there which is not unusual for animals to
scavenge traps they set up camp before it gets too dark there’s still a couple
of hours left of daylight so they each go out on their own when they return
back to camp they find that a bear had rummaged through everything and
scattered everything around the campsite there’s a clear line of footprints
walking away from the site they weren’t bear tracks they looked
like somebody was walking without shoes and it looked like a bipedal stride
Bowman’s partner examines the footprints and gets a little nervous omen on the
other hand laughs it off they discuss what else it could be before not coming
to an agreement around midnight that night Bowman is
awoken by some noises he hears around the campsite he quickly gets his rifle
and stands up he shoots in the direction that hears a noise
he immediately hears a screaming how he doesn’t see anything but here’s
something big walk off they don’t hear anything the
rest of them in the morning they get up and go about
their day as usual they don’t talk to each other about the previous night they
each set out to go to the tramps in the evening they come back to the campsite
to find it scavenged again just like the previous day they see footprints again
leading away from the campsites in a different direction they rebuilt their
site and gather up logs to make a fire that will last all night they go to bed
around midnight they hear something across their campsites they look up and see the outline of a
person standing looking right at them because the fire was still going they
could see it had fur over its entire body they could see the eyes glowing
from the fire there was no snout and it didn’t look
like a bear they were scared that this goblin would move into the campsite but
it just stood there staring at them eye to eye for what feels like an hour it
was probably only two minutes as if this thing got bored goes off into the forest they can hear each step creating the
footprint in the snow until the steps get faint and get lost in the sound of
the wind although they find it difficult they managed to go back to sleep when
they wake in the morning they decide to move on to a different area this thing
could be the reason why they haven’t had much luck with their trapping they go to
all their sites as they walked at the traps they can hear twigs breaking and
footsteps on the snow Bauman’s partner arrives of the camp
first Bauman has two more traps left he
arrives at the traps it’s eerily quiet he thinks he can hear
breathing but doesn’t examine the area he just grabbed his traps quickly and
leaves as he’s approaching the campsite he can see that the fire had gone out
there was just a little bit of smoke still rising above the treetops he calls
to his partner to make sure everything is ready to leave he gets no answer he
looks down and sees that his friend is lying on the ground his neck is obviously broken the snow around the body had been
disturbed as if there’s a big struggle he sees footsteps again going into the
forest Theodore Roosevelt believed the man enough to include it in his book
Roosevelt would later go on to experience his own encounter

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  1. Your videos are excellent, I really enjoy them! On this one at the first part, the background music was too loud for me to understand what you were saying at the introduction. Hope this helps.

  2. Background music too loud, it covers your narration. Once the music died down, the narration was excellent!! Good job!!!

  3. I just discovered this YouTube channel last night and I'm really enjoying my day off right now I'll just say that this is good content awesome stuff thanks dude! Not to mention the big kid in me Love's the cartoon aspect LOL

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