Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Process

Now we have the water that needs to be purified.
I got this out of the creek so I don’t know if it’s actually clean or not, that’s why
we made a water purifier. I’m going to show you exactly how this water purifier works
now. Take our water purifier and we are going to pour water into this just a little bit
at a time, and you’ll notice that it’s soaking through all the different layers. It’s going
through the charcoal which is doing most of the purifying, then it’s going through the
dirt, then it’s going through the bottom layer of that water. Now you are going to have to
make sure that you run this a few times before actually drinking the water because it’s going
to be coming out murky like it is right now for the first two or three times. So make
sure you run enough water through it and then it’s going to start clearing up and then you
are going to have healthy water to drink. Now we’ve already poured it a couple of times,
the water is starting to come out clear. This is actually good drinking water now. It’s
acting as if the earth is naturally purifying your water. That is how you make a how made
water purifier, let’s move on to the next step.

23 thoughts on “Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Process

  1. That is NOT a water purifier. That is a water filter. The water would still have to be purified after running it thru that filter. No way in hell you would have "healthy" water unless you purify it and a filter doesn't purify. Dude, you're dangerous.

  2. scarz1951 is right dude the water you call good drinking water still needs purification!
    Please be properly educated before post a DIY video. you could have all ready put numerous people in the hospital, shame on you.

  3. The water would be pure after boiling as far as biologicals are concerned. The charcoal removes some of the bad taste, odors and contaminants. Boiling the water is the key. Always bring it to a hard roiling boil! At higher altitudes where water boils easier boil it for a few minutes whereas at sea level just bringing it to a hard roiling boil is enough.

  4. Folks, always take vids like these with a grain of salt. There are so many being posted that are downright dangerous. A word about food. If you aren't 100% sure what it is DON'T EAT IT! Even the "universal edibility test" isn't foolproof. Shelter, fire and water. The three keys to survival. Not necessarily in that order. Carry items on your person and in your survival kit to address those, control panic, use your head and you have a very good chance of surviving.

  5. Better to survive a situation with an illness that can be cured in the future than die of dehydration where you stand.

  6. @lobextomy animals have built antibodies and have stronger defences to things than humans because they do not cook food or clean things so they get sick and build defences against the viruses and bacteria.

  7. @cage113 At some point you're going to make a fire if you're in a survival situation. Wood turns into charcoal after it's been burned.

  8. @dreamthinker79 you are right, but I kind of doubt anyone is willing to do a video experiment on that one then I may be wrong considering the day we are living in. I have seen a video on distilling dirty water, and added dye. The distilled water has no dirt, but the dye remains. I wonder if the distill piss would have urea smell or taste, but I am not about find out unless for survival purpose.

  9. Hey there – Thnx for the Video, one question: will this work to de-salinite salt water?
    Or would it still be necessary to distill ocean water for consumption?

  10. @tecter100 I believe to drink ocean water you boil it and collect the condensation that would build up on the lid. this would be the only way i would ever drink ocean water

  11. Well, unless I am missing something, this is not actually "purifying" Rather it is "filtering." There is a difference. In purification, you kill all the pathogens including filtering the water. In filtering, you eliminate the base organic material (and depending on the micron filter porosity) some pathogens. Truthfully, the grass and the dirt coud have fecal matter on it and it would not be filtered or purified.

  12. Because of that if you think you have poison ingested you swallow it like a shot of whiskey and throw it up with the bacteria/virus.

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