Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Safe Drinking Water

Now, we have a good source of water here,
which is a creek, here in the wilderness. As a general rule, a creek, or running water,
is generally ok to drink, especially, in the wilderness. The only thing that you shouldn’t
do is drink running water if it’s a tropical environment or a jungle but, as a general
rule, running water is always ok to drink in the wilderness. There are exceptions, as
a general rule, water doesn’t stay in one place. For example, we have this creek right
here, water is not going to stay right along this creek bed it is going to absorb into
the land outwards. If you are in a situation where you find a stagnant pond or lake, you’re
going to want to make sure that that water is purified. Now, you don’t have water tablets,
you don’t have a homemade purifier, how are you going to get pure, clean water? What you’re
going to do is you’re going to take your shovel, which I have in my survival kit, you’re going
to go inland, usually, about ten to fifteen feet but since we’re at a creek bed I’m going
to show you, right here at the end of the creek bed, how we’re going to do this. What
you’re going to do is you’re going to dig down into the ground until you get to a good
source of water. Now, the further you dig down, the more water you’re going to get.
Wait until you have about six inches of water before you actually test it to see if it’s
ok to drink because, otherwise, it’s going to be a little too murky and a little too
muddy. Dig down, let it sit, let the little pond sit for about ten to fifteen minutes,
just so all the sediment will settle back down to the bottom then you can use your hands
or a cup or a bottle, if you have it, to fill up and drink. Now, almost always you’re not
going to get the cleanest looking water but I assure you it is all purified through the
ground and it’s perfectly ok to drink. Even, if you’re at the ocean, if you go far enough
inland, you can dig down to where that ocean water seeped in and it is completely fresh
water, completely absolute of salt and chlorine and sodium. So, that’s the basic way to purify
water using the ground. Let’s move onto this next way of purifying water.

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  1. real survival is survival with no gear. its common sense to start to learn survival with no gear and then add gear that makes it more comfortable. Or what do u do when u lost your gear? Dieing? not an option

  2. Altho forests have a cleansing effect on stream water, stream water on forests downstream from mines or even where cattle is raised i would avoid. How many streams does that leave? A few for sure

  3. One word: Giardia. It's found in running water or stagnant and can be fatal if ingested. All water in the wilderness must be boiled or filtered, doing both will provide the safest and best tasting. Giardia causes sever diarrhea which leads to dehydration. While some people show no symptoms, those that do must seek help immediately.

  4. No. Actually even though if the water are polluted, plus the water had flown for a long distance, the ground around the polluted water will absorb the residue in the water and the water will be safe to consume again.

  5. Water purification tablets are cheap, lightweight and take up virtually no space, even in a daypack. ALWAYS carry purification tablets while hunting, packing, or even day hiking in remote areas. Cheap insurance…

  6. most survival manuals say that the faster the water moves, the more LIKELY it is that it's clean. however you don't know if a dead animal is lying in the water and decomposing further up-stream.

    2) The ground has a filtrating effect to it, but in some places, it can contain alot of arsenic, which is a poisonous chemical.

    the only way to do it properly (removing both viruses and chemicals) in the water is by distilling it.

  7. WARNING! do not follow this advice unless you are about to thirst to death! you WILL get get giardia or cryptosporidium if you drink creek water. it comes from animal waste and it doesn't matter how far out in the wilderness you are. you boil the damn water for a few minutes before you drink it. theres enough junk laying around on every corner of the planet to find something to boil it in. and if you can't make a fire then you're gonna die anyway so just drink from anything. this guys an idiot.

  8. hahahahahahaha, this guy reminds me of the creepy guy portrayed in every old school camp movies where he nuts out of his mind and doesn't seem all there. if you wanna some advice don't listen to this guy. for one closets thing ive known for clean water to drink in the wild is a spring not a freaking creek. two even springs yes you dig under ground but the reason springs are safer is they usually tend to be ice cold preventing disease from spreading as much yet you should still boil the water

  9. @primitiveskills In short, the material in this video demonstrates a lack of experience with responsible water management in a primitive situation. There's no diferentiation between chemical and biological risks and their unique approaches. There's no evidence of understanding of cyst borne biological contaminants such as cryptosporidium, let alone the easier bacteria and viruses. The techniques covered are inefficient and inneffective. The CDC, not god, has more responsible material.

  10. Speaking of boiling water. A good way to do that without a pot or whatever is did a little hole, heat up some rocks, put them in, and then poor the water in. The rocks will boil the water and you are good to go. It's a good technique to use or u are very very limited with things to use.

  11. you always have to boil water that you have found in the outdoors no matter what (unless it is rain watter) , Cryptosporidiosis is a cyst that is found in creeks , rivers , wells , any watter sorce in the wild , crypto. is deadly parasite that will kill you if not treated correctly , i learned that from the t.v. show monsters inside me and every survival show on the discovery channel… so for all you viewers out there when you find water boil it and you will be just fine

  12. boil if can, but if you cant make a fire, or you are in a desperate situation like a broken leg and you can get near water than dig….

  13. @11clownboy
    what is wrong with drinking piss?? Bear Gryll's I think drank his own piss in desert survival. Nothing wrong with it.. you need to watch more survival vids.

  14. @tecnolover2642 if you listen to Bear Grylls you will DIE period! Les Stroud or Dave Cantaburry are much better sources however they are professionals so dont make the mistake of thinking that you can do whatever they do many have done that and died watching Survival vids DOES NOT make you a pro at surviving!! take a course if you are serious about it

  15. @leoarmy88
    Yes, I know. I was being facetious towards that other youtuber. My comment was directed at him only, not a general statement to everyone here. Bear is all about entertainment. I do however really respect Les Stroud immensely and love his shows.

  16. @AZprepper117 Ummm I disagree with the right pathogens you can get really sick causing you to get dehydrated quicker and die of dehydration while being in misery. There are more secure ways of obtaining drinkable water than this. I would suggest looking on Dave's page to see proper techniques.

  17. @AZprepper117 Well that is all "what ifs". you can drink it if you want to take the chance, thats up to you. It is a gamble. If your prepared "with knowledge" then you can always find a way to make the water safe to drink. I mean there are ways to boil water with rocks. so unless you were traveling quickly and didn't have time thats the only half-aass excuse i could think of. in which case you would find it useful to be properly prepared in the first place.

  18. your a fucking idiot you dont go and drink water from a creek because what if an animal is rotting at the source of the water? you will die within a week

  19. @primitiveskills in a disaster there may be a time delay before safe bottled water arrives boiled water dosen't always get grid of everything

  20. @residentmagnum True, in fact, a chemically contaminated source will increase the ration of contiminants to water via boiling if the contaminants are "heavier" than water! Please check out our water vid,. We couldn't cover it all in under fifteen minutes, but there is a solid foundation. Much respect.

  21. You kidding me? 100% surface running water contains giardia in North America AND in Europe unless you can't see any plants or signs of animals.

  22. your water treatment facility probably adds a bunch of chemicals for your health like fluoride that causes low brain development in children and bone disease. Like where i live we have fluoride, chlorophorm, iridium (which glows green from radioactive decay, and in some cities i have seen water quality reports of arsenic in the water supply. and some cities even propose putting pyschotropic drugs like prozac to "calm" the population.

  23. bottled water is much more of a pain to get then just filling your own bottles and bottled water is less regulated than normal tap water

  24. I think this guy should instruct peeps on how to drink Guiness as he advertises on his shirt instead of teaching peeps on how to drink "perfectly safe" water from a "wilderness setting." However, this info is a great way to help you get a seriously debilitating disease, or a slow painful death. That water looks pretty good, but you better filter/purify it first. Ive had my run in with water born pathogynes before and they arnt the best way to spend your summer. Just saying.

  25. This videos use to be on (exert village)
    And this guys for the most part are not at all experts
    The changed the name of there channel
    Because of all the bad reviews they had received And for good reason
    Just be careful of the advise you take and use from this guys

  26. Use two containers and a lace of thread. Place the two containers at different heights. Place water in container higher up,make sure the container on the bottom is clean. Place thread between the two and submerge in both containers. water will flow to the lower container slowly. Use SODIS (Solar disposition) all day to purify the water or bring to a rolling boil for 1-3 minutes.

  27. This guy is an IDIOT and will get people killed!!!!  That water is NOT SAFE.  One when hiking I went up stream and found that someone had shit in the stream so the water down stream would be full of shit.  DO NOT TAKE his IDIOTIC advice!!!

  28. Im sorry but its really not safe to just drink that water. Make your own water distillers its not hard to do. And is the safest method for clean water

  29. This is not safe if you are close to a polluted source. On our reservation, our Sprucehaven building is 200 yards from a stagnant pond. That stagnant water HAS leaked into our building's water source and has become unsafe to drink, so the "ten to fifteen feet" rule is not such a great idea. Overtime, the stagnant water seeps into the ground farther and farther out and becomes more toxic over the years, which we learned the hard way. If you see stagnant water, I highly suggest getting water from another source.

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