BAKFULL (Alex Bakis-Skola) | English Subtitles

Oh I have a hedache today. But oh damn it, I was out with my Bitches yesterday having one too many drinks… Oh darn it, I guess i could only blame myself. But oh, this is not the first time hihi. I know how to deal with it! I have my routines, and I know what i’m doing! let’s have a hydrating and restoring glass of healthy
water! It’s already watering in my Mouth when I pour it up! Yummy, so good, what a wonderful morning, i’m already ina better mood, Yippie! Now I will do something about my Vitamin Loss and get some nutritious Antioxidants in
my poor little body! Carrots contain a lot of Vitamin A which is good for your Eye Sight! Yummy, Red Paprika contains a lot of C-vitamins which is good when you are sick! Then some tomatoes, some lettuce and then top it off with a dry cracker, wohooo! Now I have to clean the pipes, so lovely, pushing out the brown stuff, lovely scent! but oh, we forgot the Hygiene, we can’t smell bad if we want to reach the top I wanna feel fresh when I consume my food! Ooh yummy, finally ready for some restoring nutrition, mmmm lovely, nice wonderful! Now I can finally relax in front of the TV with my favorite Sitcom I can even Laugh a little! Oh well, You know what peers? Now I will take som rest in my sofa! This was my Hungover morning, I hope you liked it, Goodbye! For fucks sake, I can’t remember anything about last night Oh yeah that’s right, i got on of ’em red Bulls in the fridge Yeah thats the stuff, oh yeah baby, that one hit the spot Look at this shit then, some good ol’ red wine from yesterday, let’s jack it as the old man said hahah I gotta have some really phat junkfood today Damn I smell like a drunk, farting, smoking sweaty mafakka I don’t care if people see me, i want my kebab and thats it, what the fuck happened last night? i dont even care OHHHHHHH YEAH look at this bad boy, now i’m gonna eat like theres no tomorrow look at the guy on the TV, looks like inbred
squirrel of some sort, ahhhah Now i’m gonna pass out, don’t have energy for that hungover jack-off u know Damn it, now it’s dark outside as well And my redbull is all gone Well, we take what we got as Donald Ducks wife said

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