55 thoughts on “AUDC: DANCE-OFF for Your LIFE (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  2. D*** I remember this season of AUDC and episode!!!…😱🤬😮😲👯‍♀️🤸‍♀️👯‍♂️🤸‍♂️

  3. i think madison’s turns were the worst but her improv was the best. her arms were not controlled and zachs had much more control.

  4. 3:40 Zack’s mom’s comment about being manly was dumb. Especially given that the hip-hop judge is a flamboyant man. Masculinity doesn’t make anyone good at hip hop.

  5. I love your videos so much I believe you got the same last name of me Miller that’s my last name and I love your videos and some is it so can you call video of the people that you are that is my dream team to be on but I can’t I got a practice my Aerials Emma back tux

  6. I can’t stand Elizabeth. She really thinks she’s better than everyone else and all she does is cry like a 3 year old.

  7. Zack did the best clearly in that dance off and Elizabeth’s was terrible so clearly the judges already had a decision made before it

  8. Zach should stay ( this is my first time watching this show ) based off why is that Elizabeth girl crying? I mean everyone is saying she cries almost ever time..

  9. Elizabeth should have went home in my opinion Zach was probably one of the most technically trained and his control is amazing

  10. I feel like zach’s dance off was kind of predictable. Before he even did it I was like “ok he’s gonna do the turns and then he’s gonna a do a front walkover and then do something else then go over to the judges like Elizabeth” he’s an amazing dancer tho

  11. Why Zach??? Off this none of the turns were incredible but Madison’s a la seconded werent good. Zachs ending wasn’t his best Elizabeth’s improv was just walking.

  12. Elizabeth always says she should have got this and she should have got that YOU EARN WHAT YOU GET your don’t deserve anything you work for it

  13. Elizabeth is an emotional young girl who can’t help being emotional. And you’re all grown adults picking on a once young girl who has reasons to be upset and though to you it might seem like a bad reason to her it is a good reason and she can’t help the fact she’s less emotional than let’s say Zach or Brianna and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

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