ASMR Be prepared 💪 Survive the November challenge 🥜🚫

You came to us because you need help to pass a challenge, right? What kind? You know it’s not so easy, right? But why did you decide to attempt it? It seems you did it too often and now you are losing your sensitivity You’re afraid to lose it completely I understand As we both know, it helps you to relax feel pleasure and avoid stress The last is the most important, I think So we will need to start with measuring your stress level Okay Do you like to make it alone or with friends? Do you like to share such videos with friends? To share your pleasure with them I see Do you often watch these videos? Almost every day Yes, it’s a lot But I don’t judge you So, first I want to check your eyes I will put my gloves on Don’t worry Don’t worry We will help you to pass this challenge because we know it’s very important for you Yes, I can see the stress in your eyes And now, I just want to gently pull the skin near And I wanted to check do you have any redness And here Here Everything seems fine Everything seems fine Now let me check you skin If there is some irritation Show me your hands please Okay, let me.. Let me check your neck more.. More careful Okay Very good Everything seems fine Very good Let’s make an eye examination Let me look at your eyes Very, very closely With this light Okay Yes, I want to see the reaction of your eyes to the light And now Yes I know it can be uncomfortable But I especially create some stressful situations for you Because we need to check the reaction of your eyes You know, sometimes we don’t understand We don’t even understand that we have stress Yes Because Our body, our brain They try to protect us From this knowledge Because Do you know that we have stress Even more stressful For people We prefer don’t notice it And such exercises Such tests Help us to understand To understand what’s going on with us Very good And now let me check if you have some tension in your muscles Let me check here And your neck It’s very important Because we often have some kind of problems right here Here Okay That’s good Let me check your lymph nodes Lymph nodes And now, I’m going to gently touch your jawline because sometimes we can have some tension there You know? Yes, especially when we sleep Yes Good Okay, and now I’m going to check your scalp and the back of your head And Here too Do you feel anything if I push here? And here? What about here? Good Here? And here And here? And now let me check your breathing And pulse Right, and Just try to breathe normally As usual You like to do it often, right? Too often.. So now, it seems like a trap I understand You’re afraid you have some addiction I see No, I don’t judge I don’t judge people I understand everything And we will try to help you to pass this challenge And maybe after it you will feel pleasure Even more often And it will be more bright colorful interesting More sensitive Maybe you will become more sensitive, right? I see Good Now please take a deep breath And exhale Very good And let me check your pulse Give me your hand please Okay Shh.. Everything seems fine But also we have to check blood pressure Give me your left hand please Okay Ready? Relax The pressure is normal Okay, also I want to check the size of your pupils In normal condition And this one Very good Okay, and now Now please close your eyes One, two, three four, five six, seven, eight nine, ten Open your eyes please And let’s measure it again Okay, again the same size That’s very good Okay Now, I think your condition is fine You don’t have stress The level of your stress is low But we need to check your reaction to stress And I will try to create some stressful situations for you Don’t worry, don’t worry I’m not a psycho Ha ha ha Joke I’m not a psycho It will be Normal Normal stressful situations You will see First they will not seem to you.. Much stressful But it’s still stress for your mind For your brain, for your body Okay, the first stressful situation And now please follow the fire Good And now I want to check your.. To take your pulse To check it Give me your hand please Very good Okay, I see your reaction was normal And now we will try something more exciting for you For example This very, very effective thing Are you afraid of punishment? Now we will check If you are scared Okay Give me your hand again Please Very good As we can see, it was more exciting for you Okay Now I will take this stick Pointy stick And I will just I will just poke you a little bit And your ears I know It seems like a game But I will try to help you I know you will have a hard month November is a special month for you, right? Very good Okay, the next exercise How rigid does it feel when I’m whispering into your ear How rigid does it feel when I’m whispering into your ear Do you like it? Do you like it? I think I don’t need to take your pulse now Because now you are more excited And I can see it I didn’t promise it will be easy I promised stressful situations Are you ready? What did you expect? No, not so much stressful What are you thinking about? Okay I see you.. You were afraid Very good Very good So We checked your reaction to stress because November is going to be very stressful month for you Yes And now we will see, how do you heal after it I want to see how quickly you will recover after stress But first, you need to drink some water Because it’s important for you to stay hydrated Right Don’t spill it over yourself Please And now let’s breathe together I will breathe with you Okay And now Try to follow my hands I will try to.. calm you down To calm you down To calm you down I know you can calm down yourself But it will be hard in November So I just want to try to help you And I will try to relax you with my hands Like this And we will see how quickly you will calm down I think you made the right choice when you come to us because we know how to help you in November Maybe you don’t need to make such a challenge Life is complicated enough Without such challenges And we all know how hard it will be for you to live without.. Tingles Maybe you don’t need to stop to watch ASMR videos in November

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  2. Damn I just beat my meat a few minutes ago without realizing it's November. Guess I'm starting a few hours late lmao

  3. Jesus Christ… what a video. I'm sure that no man trying to accomplish this challenge would watch your videos… lol

  4. November to remember we like that 🌹🐙👅🌮 🍰🌮 👍🔥🔥 🔥⚖️🏆 🎙️🎊 🎖️💋🤠 🐙🤙 👅🤟👁️🍝👍 🌹

  5. Well my lovely docile doctora, I’m gonna try hard while I keep showing up for your thorough physical exams. That’s a good challenge. We’ll see if you deserve my first thought of December to be about you. This promises to be explosive.. don't you think ?

  6. Hi Val, luv the check up. But afraid pulse & BP very high with u taking them. Great colorful backdrop. Thought instantly about u in Santa hat & only red bow. Nice vid👍🤗🙋‍♂️

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