Ark: Survival Evolved – PSVR – Ark Park Playstation Virtual Reality (VR Experience 2017)

Hi guys and welcome. Sony have just announced Ark Park which is
an Ark: Survival Evolved based experience that will be coming to PSVR Playstations Virtual
Reality Headset in 2017. Some players will be disappointed as it possibly
suggests that the playstation version of Ark will not be getting full VR compatibility. If your enjoying this video please hit that
like button and subscribe to the channel, for now however lets get into what we can
expect from Ark Parks. Players will be able to explore various biomes
and get up close and personal with the Dinosaurs of Ark: Survival Evolved, the world can be
explored on foot but at time also by vehicle or by riding dinosaurs. There are over 100 unique species to be discovered
with some being easier to find than others and the more difficult ones requiring puzzle
solving and other elements to find. It seems like there will be some limited crafting
elements as tools, lures and weapons can be used to capture gene cubes from the dinosaurs. These gene cubes can be uploaded to a hub
are where you can learn more about the dinosaurs or a petting zoo where the creatures can be
fed and petted and even customized to some extent. Overall this does sound like a VR walking
simulator with a few extra features that is based in the Ark universe, What are your opinions
on this, Are you happy to have an Ark VR experience coming to Playstation or disappointed that
its not the full game yet? Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful
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7 thoughts on “Ark: Survival Evolved – PSVR – Ark Park Playstation Virtual Reality (VR Experience 2017)

  1. they need to just make ark survival evolved psvr point blank period. none of this I'm on rails kinda game play, this is bull shit.

  2. for ark park, I want to be in a tour car, specifically one with two kids and a bloodsucking lawyer, and later in the tour. the park malfunctions, and a t Rex busts out and tries to eat us in our car. it would be so original for the game and awesome

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