Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Trail Guide – Pinal County, Arizona

day two camping here probably it the
hats alright today we’re gonna talk about pair of eyes I care about the
canyon everybody wilderness everybody Canyon
Wilderness just look up Arab I thought no I better not say that that does not
make me sound like an expert I would not follow my advice into the
wilderness if I do not know the name of it today we’re gonna talk about air
Viper air Viper is wilderness area in eastern Arizona it’s about ten ten a
half miles long lots of side canyons and places you can explore there’s two
entrances to it there’s the east entrance in the West
now this trip we came in on the east entrance east entrance is located about
eight miles east of Fort Thomas off the seventy you want to look for Klondike
Road also has a sign for the era Bible wilderness turn right onto that which is
also south its turn this direction we have done the west entrance also that
is a shorter drive-in I don’t remember offhand exactly what it’s like but you
can get a passenger car to the trailhead on the west entrance
if that’s your itinerary but we came in this time like I said East and the east
entrance has about 45 miles down this Klondike era Bible wilderness road to
gravel roads well-maintained up until the last mile and a half now if you don’t have a height clearance
4×4 this is where you’re gonna have to park at a mile and a half each way onto
your hike we didn’t use the four-wheel drive but the high clearance is really
nice because the last mile and a half you can see it in the video the road
isn’t maintained it’s pretty narrow and tight but it has several stream
crossings so I don’t know what it’d be seven eight of them there’s a lot
there’s a lot of stream crossings so you want to have the high clearance for that
we’re wheel drive highly recommended as well depends on what the water levels
are air Viper requires permits they’re sold at I believe it’s recreation gov
I’ll put a link in the description where you can get your permits believe they go
up three months in advance and they sell out rather quickly they let in 30 people
from the west side and 20 from the east that keep it pretty limited so there’s
not a lot of people out here I mean we’ve seen a couple of groups but not
too many we’ve got plenty of solitude and privacy at our campsite so go to the
website get your permits in advance I’ll put the link in the description and you
can look at the website it’s fairly straight forward just type in here Viper
Canyon wilderness and follow the instructions so once you get to the
trailhead get your backpacking gear and start hiking down the creeks
now you’re gonna be on the bank then you gotta cross the creek look on the other
side of the bank for another trail up on that bank back and forth back and forth
there’s no keeping your feet dry sometimes it’s better to walk in the
creeks sometimes it’s better to follow the trail on the bank it depends on the
water conditions the shoes that you have just pick the path of least resistance
and follow that that being said the walking conditions is creeks Tysons so
lots of deep sand deep gravel baby heads and boulders walking in the water
walking through the grass just a bunch of varied conditions that you see in the
video pick the shoes that work best for you I would recommend just a pair of
wool socks and regular hiking shoes or trail runners I’m stupid I stick with my
keen water sandals they get full of rocks that get under my feet and
just I don’t know I’m a glutton for punishment I just really like my Keynes
I don’t know why why don’t I like my Keynes messed me up anyway like I said
pick the shoes that are best for you yeah another recommendation would be
bring hiking poles we usually hike with one so you got one hand free but one to
whatever works best our viper is a backpacking wilderness
area I don’t know if you can do one night yeah I think it’s a two night
minimum I’d highly recommend at least two nights so that you have at least one
day to just wander around check out the side canyons and everything and relax
but you do have to back back in so once you come in East Side west side it’s
been a few years since we did the west side but I think it was about two or
three miles they started seeing the dispersed campsites same from the east
side it was about two and a half miles before the first camp use the camps that
are established they’re spread out very well you get plenty of privacy there’s
other groups out here but you don’t see them a lot think the campsite that looks
good for you no problem finding an empty one we passed a couple and we pick the
best one that we liked the most and settle down and as you can see probably
there’s plenty of trees so hammock campers no problem there either
we’ve got two hammocks up over here uol’s our tent
so if hammock can’t because your thing this is your place so as you can see
there’s plenty of water the creek in the canyon runs year-round so we just
filtered water from that there are several Springs and the side canyons but
why hike two miles up beside Canyon to get it out of the spring bring a
filtration device filter water out of the creek it’s crystal clear tastes
great nice cold water should not be a problem one thing very unique terror vibe is the
wildlife we have seen more varied wildlife when we probably seen the last
four years in other hikes we’ve seen turkey and her chicks Gila monster snake
every type of bird you could imagine is out here they’re deer
there’s coatimundi bighorn sheep mountain lions bears haven’t seen all of
those but trips not over yet so keep my fingers crossed but if
wildlife is your thing bring your zoom lens you will see more than you’d see
typically unique type bike hunting is not allowed and they seem to know that
oh right we had a raccoon that this came strolling right through camp like he
owned the plate so that’s a wildlife which brings me to food storage you got
to hang your food we just brought a trash bag put her food in it through
some twine over one of these branches hung it up a little ways away from camp
and no problems but you definitely want to hang it up off the ground and away
from your tent this is a two-night for us this is day
two and it’s really nice because we’ve taken that time to check out the Deer
Creek narrows a couple other side canyons just take that second day and
explore and relax so a few things not necessarily unique
to air viper but it’s a canyon so it’s very prone to flooding they shut down
the canyon a lot of times the creek crossings aren’t impassable you can see
in the video there’s obvious signs of flooding don’t go in if it looks like
it’s gonna rain it’s gonna flood got damselfly so yeah it’s the wilderness I
understand that this place has a lot of bugs I mean a lot of bugs so I look
really shiny it’s because I’m covered in baby oil to try to keep the bugs off my
wife read that that works well as a repellent it’s working okay it’s not
quite as good as the deep smells a lot better I’m less shiny look very
moisturizing so tons of bugs big I was gonna say they go away at night but the
last time we were here it was like I don’t know when when the Sun went down
all the gnats old flies they went away and if you turned on your headlamp you
were swarmed by moths so there’s a lot of bugs out here a little more than you
would typically expect plan for that another thing is it’s probably fifty
percent shade fifty percent that you’re in the Sun so sunscreen is recommended
bring sure to the SPF protection big hat that sort of thing plenty time out in
the Sun another fun thing that we found on this trips not the last one is this
grass yes see and it’s just filled with these seeds that stick to any type of
fabric whatsoever they even around camp stuck into the bottom of my flip-flops
pretty gnarly not a lot of fun you get to stay out of it most of the time but
you’re gonna deal with some of it if he comes in this is June so I’m guessing
May June July you’ll have to deal with itself so that’s air Viper it’s just an
incredible beautiful place we’re gonna be back we’ve been here before we’ll be
here again I can’t recommend it enough it’s just
especially if wildlife is your thing this is your hike hopefully this video
has been informative and if you haven’t check it out if you have check it out
again baby oil does not work against bugs doesn’t work this is but I don’t
know who told you this doesn’t work so fair vital god damn it this is gonna be
fun edit start down over backwards closer nice drink vodka buff where I do
this so air like the wilderness is a canyon in Eastern Maryland about I did I
just say Eastern Maryland my Sam

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