Alone canoe camping in The Five Ponds Wilderness, Adirondacks

Forked lake, where I have been for the last week My Father just dropped me off, but before he did we paddled to this road drove alone here, up here then we have to transfer maps From Long Lake …. we have come up this road This is Tupper Lake up here and we turned off (Route 30N) here onto Route 421 This is Horseshoe Lake, it is a lot bigger than it looks you can see the primitive campsites are starting to appear so we came off on this tiny little road here and here is where my Father dropped me off Now then…. all of this area here is The Five Ponds Wilderness At one point I am not sure where I am going to end up I like the thought of getting all the way through this Bog River Flow here Hitchins Pond, then across this little portage and then this is the Bog River into Low’s Lake this is huge! The only way into this area you can see there are no roads or anything this is a Fire Road which you are not allowed access too I am sure you can walk out in an emergency on it So here is where I get in with the canoe and my Father leaves me as he has to go back to work The one thing that is on my mind I have to paddle back to this point in about 6 days time to meet with the good folks from Bushcraft USA a forum where I met a lot of great people who have helped me plan my Adirondack trips so anyway I’ve got to get back here and I have got to paddle back If you can see these little red crosses they are all primitive campsites So any of them that are free they are on a first come first served basis and you can stay on them I would love to see all of it but that is impossible (over 2 weeks) so I am thinking I might end up around this area in Low’s Lake then I am really not too far …… we are looking at ….. a 12 KM paddle to pick people up so I might end up on this side of the portage somewhere on Hitchins Pond maybe site 4? site 6 or 7 maybe who knows, anyway we will see where it goes I’m nice and flexible, that is the best part about this plan off into the wilderness alone and see where I end up Well folks here i am again alone in the Adirondacks this is The Bog River Flow behind me there you can see the Low’s Lower Dam and I am learning to paddle this canoe for the first time by myself pretty beautiful place This place is beautiful this one is real wilderness behind me there next to the dam is the last road for miles and the only way into this area is via canoe or kayak no footpaths you can get if you Bushwhack I keep sucking my finger because I just cut it Hoping this time to make video as natural as possible I don’t want to do any staged shots or anything like that unless i am showing something like how to light a fire I don’t want to be paddling past the camera and then coming back to get the camera and all that I’m in no hurry the cameras are with me as if you are on the journey so I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride This place is amazing! I hope you can see it The only sound is a distant waterfall which is probably coming from the dam back there and my paddle ahhh this is f**king awesome f**king hell! I think I am going to cry (with joy) it is so f**king beautiful it is f**king gorgeous ahhh this is f**king gorgeous how f**king amazing They are real tears of joy people I wish you could see this, as I am seeing it now I hope the cameras catch even half of this beauty Wow, this place is stunning! true wilderness Pretty stunning! I hope you can see plenty of scenery behind me here I am currently on the lookout for primitive campsites designated by a little 4 inch yellow market with a tent on they are scattered around here and they are quite easy to see from the water The weather today is forecast for rain but I am hoping that holds off it spat on a little this morning when I packed up at Forked Lake but it’s all good That looks like the remnants of an old Beaver Lodge there I wonder if it still active I have yet to see a beaver in the wild, that would be great Remnants of a Beaver Dam there I don’t want to try and breach over the top with a full load like this I am hoping there is a way around up here to my left and judging by the waterflow I think there is I am slowly but surely making good time here I am now on Hitchins Pond I am looking at camping here somewhere on Hitchins Pond Just crossed under the old railway bridge behind me I’m going to stick to the north coast here the wind is whipping straight down and it is making it hard to control a full loaded canoe feeling quite a strong sideways push right now just trying to turn the bow into the waves to make it easier to cut through that’s better looks like there could be some good fishing here Pretty amazing stuff! Rain is starting to come down now but you can’t let that stop you You would never get anything done back in England if you waited for it to stop raining This is my home for the evening I am currently on Hitchins Pond which is in The Five Ponds Wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains just going to take you on a little tour of my campsite and say a little hello! I just got here I am bleeding because I cut my finger but I think I told you that anyway….. this is my campsite just about to have an explore here is where I landed with the boat nice little path over there I’ll take you on a slow tour It is a bit ram-shackled at the minute but that was from previous people who were here but there is plenty of firewood left about which you can’t really complain about, can you? loads of firewood! my few bits of kit I’ll sort those out soon a nice little stone fire circle, I will get that going later a little trail off into the woods there There are 8 primitive campsites like this one on Hitchins Pond right back into the woods there is a composting toilet which is good this is my DD 4.5 x 3.5 meter tarp I will finish stretching it out soon so that it is nice and taught I was just getting it set There is my bed as you can see this is a brilliant little site I hope you can appreciate the colour, check that out! It was quite a paddle in, the first time I have paddled such a big canoe solo I had a bit of a fight with it but I got there in the end Little bit here, little bit right …. little bit left I will tell you something for it being Autumn it has been beautiful weather I really came with winter clothing instead I have gotten sun burnt Go figure! God, it is gorgeous! I couldn’t believe it earlier as I was paddling along and had tears of joy running down my face I have never been anywhere so naturally beautiful in all my life and I have been to some beautiful places but this is just stunning I will try and slow pan to give you a proper picture of the place this is just one little corner I paddled through bogs and streams miniatre lakes and ponds just to get here I am still not sure what I am going to make of all the videos at the moment I am shooting them for myself last year …. I kept telling myself will you put the camera away you are viewing this whole place through a lens as opposed to experiencing it live then when I got home I was like, YOU STUPID BASTARD!! I’ve got hardly any footage! not to mention hardly any memory I was so busy trying to take it all in that I forgot to take in the little details So this time….. I promised myself there would be plenty of footage when I got home who knows what I will make of it, if anything it might just be tonne of raw footage to watch by myself and relive the journey Catch you all later I have got things I have to get done So I have paddled along here it is a lot longer than it looks because on the map we are looking at here, I didn’t realise this myself these are kilometers these squares and to look you would think that distance is nothing but there is so much zig zagging that is must easily be treble the distance looking at it as a straight line because of the deatils we are not seeing of the river banks so anyway, this is the railway bridge that you will see in the video I’ve come along here and I have settled on campsite 7 It is still quite a distance to get back to the dam but it is not half as bad when I have to go back to pick everyone up in 5 days time and meet up so we can paddle back to the campsite anyway that is in 5 days 5 days of solo adventure from now and I am currently here and it is stunning My place is all set but I have about an hour and a half before sun set and ideally i’d like to be all set by then so I am just sitting around a fire who wouldn’t be? speak soon folks

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  1. Truly luv your videos and how much you enjoy the great outdoors.there the only thing getting me through the winter.I plan to do some solo kayak ing trips with my dog in the spring and summer.thanks for sharing your trips .!!! Tom

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