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What have I done,
except of losing chances in life? Are you going America? When will you return? After 4 years. It is a long time. I know it is a long time but I do not want to tie you
with the rope of any hope. I know. My parents have many
issues with your family. I have an idea. You did not tell me ever that
your parents are attached to acting. I have told you that
my father is a makeup artist. Maybe I have not
understood this properly. I also do not want to do
any commitment, for now, Jahangir disease have
changed everything for us, that is why until he is fine, I cannot take any decision for myself, so that is why you can
blame me for this breakup, so that you cannot be ashamed. You know what my feelings are for you, it is not an easy decision to leave you. But, you are not leaving me, that is why I am leaving you. It is the same thing. This is ritual. It is ritual. I think, I am a Sufi. You become Sufi after
every Qawali night, it is okay. No m this time, I have other feelings. Okay, good for you. Why do not you do one thing,
you put Qawali in your films. What is the relation of
my films and Qawali? It will be good for spirit. You want that people will see my film
and find the mosque in cinema? No one can win with you in talks, I have just given you suggestion, haven’t you seen
the movie of Bollywood? In every film, Salman khan put Qawali
and then the movie is super hit. Sufi sir, my film is hit
even without Qawali. The movies,
of Salman khan earn 100 million. That is not because of Qawali that
is because of item numbers, they do that, now come and sit. Have you seen the attitude of Sofia? Great you have come
from sufi to Sofia so early? Silent, what was she wearing? she is not the big designer,
but she have so much attitude. I do not know, I like her sense of design, I think she is good. You do not, she was looking so bad and she is so crazy as if the fashion
industry is running on her hands. By the way, she asked me, that if she can do
the wardrobe of next movie. How dare she? What happened? She is professional,
she was finding opportunity. Momin, I will do the wardrobe of your movie, like last 3 movies. Okay fine, calm down Sufi sir, just tell me that you were telling
that you want to be Sufi. Okay silent, do not joke. Okay, I am sorry. This Momina was making pictures
from my things the whole night again. No, she do not make pictures, what you say that, she do calligraphy and you will get to know at once,
If some touches your cosmetics. Why will I not get to know, who else will touch
my things except for Momina, remember in childhood, and she used to snatch
the vanity box from me, when I return from office. Yes, God have given this
work in the hands of my child, I wish I can make her
study in arts school. Fate. Fate is so bad, of you and mine. Fate was of Husne Jahan as well. Greetings. Greetings, how are you? I am fine and you? I am also fine, this time you come after long. I got a work of one soap. Great and congratulation. Do not congratulate. Why? You wanted to work in soap,
you asked me to pray. Yes, I am being shy. With whom? Whom I will get ashamed
of except for God? Look child, this work gives money too, that is why I congratulate. You are virtuous,
you can say what you want. You are virtuous too my child. If I had been virtuous,
I would have been doing this, to hide from world,
and to cut from them. And this, what you are doing? Yes, I am doing this for my comfort, I am greedy. How is Jahangir? The second liver is also failing, I cannot save
money for the first one, master sir, I think I am half-mad, I will be getting the half of it. What happened child? Why are you getting
disappointed from God? Sir, the money that I am earning,
I do not want to earn that and the earning that
I am doing the problem is not solving from that, the thing I want, I do not get it
and what is get I never wanted it. Okay, do not get worried,
I will do something for you. Just pray for me,
that I will pass this exam. Yes. If they would have placed my liver, so I would have given both
the liver to my brother, he wants to live, I do not want to live. Child, it is not good to be
disappointed from the God. I am not disappointed from God, I am disappointed from world, to people. People belongs to God, world belongs to God. Everyone belongs to God, but not Momina. What happened?
I never saw you complaining. I am getting mad, I am crazy. Greetings. Greetings. Kalbay Momin, the career of yours in film
industry is the great example of, he came,
he saw and he conquered, really for you doing all this was easy? Well to be honest, by coming in industry
I do not have to work hard, nor I have to face any hurdle, so you could say,
I have been very lucky. So before you, is there any
family member was from this field? No. People, do not know you
from your family background, some people also say, that you belong to Turkey
but there is no clarity in this, and just tell us something about this. Well, my father belonged to turkey,
and my mother was Pakistani, I have spent many time in turkey but the same time I have spent
in Pakistan and United states, education wise, it is the usual, boarding school, university but there can be one
interesting for you is that I am half Pakistani, half Turkish and half Arabic, so mix breed. So, from your family,
any one from fine arts or film? My father used to do calligraphy. That is very interesting. But I was a kid at that time, he died, when I was small. And your mother? What your mother does? She was a homemaker. Your films have many glamour, you also objectify women, and film critics believe that
your films are very visually appealing. Critics, critics are people, who take attention on others
hit movies by writing their flop reviews and the critics that you are talking, these critics, they went to
cinema to write bad reviews, they do not go
there to see art films, they name them classics,
to see the art films. You are blunt. Is this a mistake? No, that is not the mistake
that is the key of your success and in my point of view,
every successful person is blunt. I will be blunter in getting unsuccessful I can assure you. Okay, if we are talking about
successful and unsuccessful, I need to ask you something, what is success in your point of view? What kind of kid question is this? Still I will answer you,
so that you will not find me rude, success, success is that talks
when it is on your head, world talks about it, people wants to be like you and they become jealous
by seeing you and when I say, jealous, I do not mean envy, what I mean is, core hard core, jealous, by the way,
I know that success is not permanent, it has a limit, but if the king will spend
one day in his leadership, he can spend 50 years
remembering that one day, in a nut shell for me, success, achievement is strength, the thing that you need to achieve, is the name of that, the right that if you like something,
you can keep it with you otherwise, you can throw that. Sufi, just give me time. He has started casting and
you are taking time with me repeatedly. He did not start
the casting for main lead, I have asked him. Rehman, met him day
before yesterday to him, he called Danish today, if he is not taking the auditions,
at least, he is meeting with me. He will not take reman
and Danish on lead, he wants to keep a new boy. That is why I am saying
that talk to him about me. You are blackmailing me a lot, do not you know
about the habit of him. I do not know anything, just get my work done,
no matter what. Momin, do not listen to anyone,
in the matter of work. And in case in this matter, if he do not listen to you,
you can break up with him. Nisha, if you will get late one more hour,
you will waste the whole day, how will get the four
scenes out without you? Come fast, just do one thing, you can make the
other actors rehearsal. Sir, how many time
I will make them do? She is come. They left us here for 3 hours. This is all fate. Madam, this is your scene,
this is the same continuity scene, Sir, and ready. Ready, you can come here, your mark is here, you can stand here, Momina, come on fast, your mark is this, okay, just stand here, and you take the lights, okay stand by, rolling and action. I am your friend, you cannot blame me,
and you are not giving me chance to clarify. If it is in my hand, I will kill you. You can kill, if I will die and
my friendship will be saved, I accept to die. Why did not you tell me this before? This big secret? Cut. Nisha, just remember your dialogues. Dialogues are so bad, all the lines you have given to her, you just give me secret
and made me sit, director sir, just change my dialogues cannot you see, she is eating all my scenes. I was telling you before,
that cast Momina, if I would be at your place,
I would have cast Momina, she eats the scene,
like the role of sister, or if the role is of servant,
no one can stand in front of Momina. Momina, is performer, and Nisha is brand, serial will always see by
brand not by performance, you do one thing, if you can cut the lines of Momina,
I will go and make her agree. Oh my God, you are late. This is for you. Thank you. As a token of respect sir. Thank you. Momin, he is Zulfi,
I have invited him to meet you. Pleasure to meet you. Thank you, have we met before? No, it is the first time. Okay. Zulfi have just started modeling
and acting and in film, you know. Excuse me, I am so sorry,
hey how are you doing man? What’s up? I am coming in a while. You are such a God,
in all of your movies. Thank you, you are very kind. Is something happening between they both? No, Momin is single
and very Motivatable. Right, she is acting as
if she is the host of the party. She is a friend, Momin has many girlfriends. Anyways, I have put the news
that you two are dating. Keep your figures
crossed with that. Sure. Congratulations, you did it again. Thank you so much. I have told you before
that you film is super hit. You said this on all
the 3 movies release, by the way you should
thank me because of my films, your cinemas are full right. Look, all the 3 films are hit. Yes, the second credit is
by the way Neha, she did the wardrobe of my film
and because of her wardrobe, it is successful,
in my next movie as well, she will do an amazing job. Hello Momin, kalbe Momin. Where is my father, he did not come? Greetings. Greetings, where is Taha? Call my father. He is not with me. What do you mean? I have not seen him since 6 years. He is not with me since 1 year as well,
he went to you leaving me behind. He never came to me, after 3 years of marriage with you, I was writing him letters, he did not met me, last 3 years, I have stopped writing him
the letters too, when you sent me
the letters of Kalbe Momin, I get to know, that he is not with you as well. So, where is he? I thought he is with you, he told me that he will come to you, where he can go? Konya, we have asked everyone, every place, how can he disappear like this? This is my entire fault, it is my fault, I… No, it is my fault, It was my fault, I cannot face you child. Father, do something,
and find him from somewhere, how can he sneak and sit like this? It is more than 1 years, he did not miss you or me? How can he be so feeling less
and stoned heart? Father. You have stopped reading my letters, I know, that I am funny to you, from now I will not write. Grandfather, you can give it to me. Grandfather you. How are you? I have written in the letter, that I will come before
your birthday this time. Yes. Not afterwards, like always. Yes, Shakoor just put the things in
the guest room for grandfather, you should have called me,
you should have inform me, so that I would have come
to airport to pick you. I did called you
but your phone was busy, I did tried to call you so many times
but your hone is always busy, so I have the address, I have hired a cab
and came here, I thought that
why I should give you pain. Of course, grandfather,
come on, you must be tired, come, grandfather, come,
your travel was long, and you need rest, come on, come on grandfather, you please sit down, you must be tired. Not much, fine. I am so sorry, if I would have known that you are coming,
I would have never get this party. It is not like that,
your guests must be waiting, you go. I am sorry. It is not like that, you go. Go. Shakoor, you go and give
something to eat to grandfather, in fact first give him
something to drink, just give me some time,
I will go and say bye to guests. You can go. I am so sorry. Go. Yes. I am just coming grandfather. Yeah, are you fine? Excuse me, who is he? He is my grandfather. Wow! Let me meet him. I will let him meet you after some time,
he just came from long flight, he is on rest. But you never told me about him. I did not get that in mind. You came after a long
time this time grandfather. Yes, this time I was late. Do you do ablution? Yes, I have to pray now; my calligraphy was
there here before. Momin brother usually open the storeroom
and put that here before you come, this time, he did get to know
that you are coming, let me see if the slippers
are in the washroom, I am coming. I did, we will meet in studio. Okay bye. Take care of yourself. Sure, I will drive safe. Let it be, I am disappointed. Disappointed for what grandfather? That, I am here on the in
appropriate time of your, I have ruined your party. No, grandfather,
your party was already about to finish, it makes no difference,
if you come or not. I have written the letters to you as well
but maybe you did not get that letter. Yes, you know that the post
system is not so good here, that is why I told you to call me, I do not get your letters. Where I live, there are no signals. Oh okay, because of this our
contact has been disconnected. Nothing has been disconnected, yes, the distance is long now, and business. Because of distances and business,
contacts do get break, anyways, you rest, I will see you in the morning, okay. I have written the letters to you as well
but maybe you did not get that letter. He is so proud,
he did not talk to me properly. It is not about proudness,
he is like this, reserved. Reserved, my foot, have not I have seen him
talking to other people there, he did not life me
because I came with you. Why are you getting hurt? I will get you the work,
from him, I promised. If you really loved me,
you have to do a work of mine. Do I have to still give you
the proofs of love?

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