AI Surviving in the Wilderness

This video was made in response to the
challenge set by the Film Prompt Society. Gavin and his friends are lost in the
wilderness. If they don’t hurry up and find shelter Things are gonna get very
difficult for them. They each try and desperately come up with ways of navigating the environment To try and find any quick shelter. Unfortunately for them, there’s only one shelter And it’s on the other side of a river! They all finally come up with their own idea on How they plan on finding this shelter. Gavin heard about an algorithm in his computer science class called Langton’s Ant. And due to the fact that he wasn’t really paying any attention and didn’t realize this was not an algorithm used to find routes to things he figured he could implement this to find the shelter. Gavin’s friend, Monday, was an art student
who loved some of the work by Piet Mondrian Mostly the pretty square
paintings. They figured, “Hey, like those art pieces..” “If I just run in a straight line, and turn whenever I hit surface..” “I’m sure to find something!” Monday’s little sibling, Randy, was chaos incarnate They weren’t really the plan type of person Their general idea for finding shelter was to run haphazardly in whatever
direction they felt their mind take them as long as they were moving all would be well The last couple of the group, siblings Edzie and Mimi Using their unbound intellect and also their actual “human” eyes Saw that the shelter was just a short walk away Mimi unfortunately wasn’t the tallest of
the group And couldn’t see potential water sources blocking their path Their plan was to run straight towards the shelter Only taking a step if they thought it would bring them closer Edzie had the advantage of being the tallest of the group And could see just about everything in the nearby area With this information, they exhaustively checked every route they could take to reach the
shelter And then they just chose the route they thought was the fastest. Let’s see
how each of them got on shall we! Okay, I had to stop it right there because this simulation went on for about half an hour… Welp.. Mimi and Gavin ain’t making it.. At least the other three did! And hey! Edzie says he’s found something.. What do you mean “a button?” [B A N G] [♫ It’s All Over But The Crying by The Ink Spots] Edzie: And that’s how it happened! What?

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  1. could you survive better than gavin and their friends? how would you navigate this treacherous environment? what is your wackiest survival story?

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