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The Sami people have been living here in the cold wilderness since the ancient times. There’s an old Sami belief that Ukko the supreme god, lord of weather, harvest and thunder hammers the ground to create flashes of lightning. According to the belief, Ukko the supreme god lives here in this spectacular wilderness area. Area, that holds the most thunder lightning every year in whole Finland The Sami people named this place after the supreme god Ukko’s hammer Vätsäri A littlebit different start of this trip Well, in the first place our backpack are super full. No chance to get them under 30kg We have to hike approximately 15 kilometers first before we enter the proper wilderness area and that is unusual situation for us. The real wilderness area is behind that big lake. Quite warm… i’m sweaty We haven’t got used to this kind of weather We were thinking that this place had almost the same terrain than Kaldoaivi, no problemos but after all here is a lot more woods than there I was told about the woods and rocks here but it still suprised me how this different this terrain really is compared to Kaldoaivi. You can literally see kilometers ahead, only flat. Somewhere maybe a half rot birch. Basically nothing You cant see here more than 20 meters ahead, cause all of the trees, big rocks and ups and downs In some way this is more rugged place. Although here is more nature around you We planned to walk a bit further, but we found this place of our dreams. Camp in beach! and well, take a look at this place! We decided to stop here and spent a night in this beach This far looks good My feet don’t even remember walking today The first hike is done now. Everyone had that day one from last years hike on their mind and were scared of that stress. This was super easy compared to that We planned to walk a bit further but this beach stopped us. For once we just wanted to enjoy this camping life, I mean really enjoy and thats what we are going to do this evening! We have carried this special sausage, HK-blue There is a bit sand in this food but there is also sand on the beach and soon there will be sand in our mouth We planned to make a couple cast to the lake to see if there are any fish at home. Like grayling, arctic char or trout and have a late night fish dinner Expectations are high I had two graylings following my lure Payday! a big spoon? I still se it, throw! Damn man! First bite, i had to let the lure sink very deep That grayling took a guite big spoon That was a good size fish This lure is a Great Heron that i customised myself Too bad Lets get another one The fish were not active today, hardly any action on the surface Only some small action here near our camp I tried to figure out how to catsc a fish and took a bit bigger lure that sink faster to the bottom. By reeling and bouncing it slowly near the bottom I had that one bite, over 40cm fat grayling But we lost that grayling just before landing it We still tried some time to catch something, but we decided to walk back to camp. And just relax, and chill, enjoy the bonfire and that amazing lake view with lack of wind. After all that we get some sleep and prepare to tomorrows hike to the next lake Maybe that holds more fish Okay, first night done and the next goal is to walk to the border of Vätsäri wilderness area. About 5km to go. We are about to put the camp together and start walking The feeling of this wilderness area isn’t yet so strong but the closer we get Vätsäri border, the more it starts to feel like we are getting deeper to the unknown Im exited to see how that unknown looks! I’ve started to miss Kaldoaivi somehow Here is 10 meters on Kaldoaivi-like terrain as you can see that shitty rockland, mostly uphills Quite heavy This here may look easy but the truth is beyond easy Camera can’t capture the height differences here And the main thing that camera doesn’t capture is the weight of this backbag combined to circumstances This is heavy. Across the river there is Vätsäri wilderness area. Let’s get there to reach our goal finally. Let’s jump to Vätsäri! Go Niko! Vätsäri, im coming! Go Pauli Make a telemark landing! Where you lost all the jump powers? I still didn’t fly.. Pine trees, rocky land. I think we hiked only 5 km. That was maybe one of the heaviest hike ever for me mentally. You can’t really see any further and you have to be extra careful where you can put your foot All these small things exhaust you completely Of course the 30 kilos weight of the backbag doesn’t help the hiking. Meny today; Cold smoked reindeer, roasted on a pan And im going to mix it with that lovely formaggio pasta Last year we all liked this food, hopefully today as well.. If you make this exactly same food at home, i bet it tastes like sh#t! This tastes good only in the wilderness.. After finishing my lunch i had to make a couple cast in a shore. I came back to the camp and saw something that i could never believe. We all took a nap! By the lake that can hold a lot of fish Dudes on the shore Yes, this is true! Nobody is fishing Record breaking! Unreal Not even our pike hero I believe that we have grown mentally. There is no rush to catch some fish immediately Feels like there’s more time nowadays I guess we are getting older? We have been fishing all day, actually night and we have caught nothing! This small pikes. Not a single eatable fish. This makes me a littlebit worried Or like what can we do? This is the second lake where we have fished, still no fish We knew this could be a challenging place, but this challenging? someone should’ve caught something Don’t really know what to do We had no fish today but it’s been super fine day otherwise Lets film then New places Great views! Mosquitos arrived also Three pikes today.. the total weight of 500 grams Our minds were not blown by those pikes Tomorrow is a new day, new tricks and new lakes Everything is new tomorrow! We managed to think tomorrows strategy One thing was clear, we get the hell out of here Routines took gently over the daily life in wilderness We had seen the beauty and rawness of Vätsäri. The elements of nature was about to reveal its whole truth We thiked some kilometers to the next place. We build our third camp to the neck of the headland, an amazing place Nice diving board stones for jumping to a lake Lovely! Hi five! VÄTSÄRI! Next, fishing! Now we are going to catch some fish Let our bad luck turn in to good luck! Respect for the wilderness Okay, we hiked here to a higher ground to this lake hoping to catch some arctic char. But i managed to hook this good sized perch! We didn’t take its weight yet. This perch was fooled with this Mantere-lures spinnerbait. One of the heaviest models and quite special color. I have been casting with this a lot and now it paid off. First cast was a follower and second took the lure I think im going to release this fish to our hot and greasy frying pan It will be good! What did you catch? This is not a grayling, but close. Not a big one This will also end up to our frying pan I didn’t catch anything almost in two hours, but after i changed to a white jig. First cast, fish on and another is following Looks like this This was for arctic char fishing but seems like the perch like it too Luckily we have something to eat tonight At least we won’t starve to death we won’t starve! Now im going to celebrate with The Irishman-Whisky! We have caught eight perch til now.. Not the ones we want but chars, trouts and graylings are still waiting for us Cheers for those perch, we will run out of pasta soon HELP ME, HELP ME FRIENDS! Eventually we managed to catch some fish to eat Some breaded perch fillet This day wasn’t that bad after all. We still haven’t manage to catch our target fish. But let’s say this is a lot better food than pasta and we will run out of pasta soon. So called reserve food for days we don’t catch any fish Things could be worse now and better tough. We have to deal with what nature gives us We found a gnarl! The Sami people believe that if you bypass one of these gnarls and you wistle at the same time, you will face a big storm We Don’t Whistle Looks like a rainy day It’s raining cats and dogs The best breakfast here is this: a cloudberry vitamin bomb with porridge Here is energy enough for entire day Jani and I were picking these cloudberries in this morning for our breakfast Everybody is eating, im just admiring my serving This is the simply life here Our knowledge of how to find fish is running out Luckily we have this Deeper sonar with us. Now we are going to use it to find the hidden fishes below the surface Just throw it to the water and you’ll see the sonar picture from your phone screen We are able to see the fishes, depth, bottom shape and material, stones etc. Lets see what happens, hope it happens something! Cute! A beautiful fish It’s not long enough We spent a lot of time for that little baby trout! We found that trout with Deeper sonar We saw the trout on the screen and managed to land it I was overwhelmed with a feeling that the bad luck was turning.. Okay dudes! Now that we know that these couple lakes are full of shit. We have caught zero fish. besides some perch. I got e-mail of some fishing spots from a friend The new smaller lakes are on the otherside of this bigger lake We should go there We have to hike along the shore, go round from the northernmost part of this lake and towards south. Littlebit further south than we are now. Around mmm Around 2,5-3 hours hiking There is also a narrow part in this lake, about 50 meters Im about to.. swim that 50meters with my backpack and all of the rest dudes hike Well, it’s summer now and the water should be warm You didn”t believe it yourself It’s cold as hell We have to make some changes anyway, we can’t fish empty lakes The biggest problem here is that we all can’t swim because we have so much valuable camera stuff with us Someone have to hike anyway Pack the backpack so that you have something warm clothes to put on when you land on the other side Shouldn’t be nothing more than a casual Sunday swim Do you think Niko is going to survive? I really hope, he is my only littlebrother Exited for Niko? Of course Good luck, stay alive! I will try! Looks too easy! I’m going there Is it warm?? WHAT?! Is it warm?? I bet, if he can’t even talk Go Niko! That hike is bulls#it. If Niko could do that, so can we! We have maybe 4000€ worth of camera stuff More.. Just hope for the best! (masculine war cry) Urpoerämies recommends! Which is wiser, the one who is first or the one who comes after? The rain increased. We hiked completely soaked Put up the tent and covers in heavy rain It’s maybe the most shitty situation when all of your clothes are wet. Can’t put the tent up dry It’s.. It’s bad situation when you are tired and hungry You are up to nothing, specially put up a wet tent in wet clothes in a heavy rain Everything you have is soaking wet You just have to build a camp in a heavy rain in the middle of the night I think it’s the last thing that anobody want’s to try It’s raining like never before. We managed to put the tent up and all the covers Fire is also burming Soon we can enjoy I had to put extra layers of clothes only to get up Im going to chop some wood now It was a damn cold night Sleep in the nature, it makes you pretty they say friend of the maggots. The rain should stop soon and we will see was it worth to swim here After a couple days and nights of rain the weather brightened slightly and the dudes were able to crawl out of the tent Can’t put up the fire.. We have had more experience from hiking than fishing on this trip Kaldoaivi is opposite, the fishing is much better But here we have some memorable experiences Until now! Now! it’s time to blow some wind to the sails Lets take the victory by hard work well, yes, good, US! Small one Special Urpo -colored Mantere lure is working A small trout Beauty Lets put her back to grow more and catch a bigger one There she goes! First trout for me on this trip, I was hoping atleast a double sized Still no fish to the table.. Tomorrow we have to find a new lake There is trout in this lake but it’s too small The best lure color was clearly black and red combination And our newest lure, Mantere-lures, worked well today. Urpo special colors, which we have “painted” Mantere of course painted but we gave the idea Our colour was the best color today obviously Now we are going to fish this lake completely and the goal is to have fish for dinner! The blue sky have been very rare sight here. Guys are taking selfies from from that blue sky Haven’t seen that for so ling time, it’s almost a miracle! I didn’t remember what blue color looks like, now I do! Our bad luck will change! Or we have to change it! We must.. Everyone rushed here at the same time because Pauli have a pike at the end of the line My blood sugar dropped. I think this protein bar kept me alive We are really starving because we just can’t catch fishes enough Literally This is hopeless Really hopeless After a while we heard Pauli shoutig “I have a fish on!” It sounded unreal but is was true! It was a second grayling we saw and first one we caught The most expectedly fish is finally here, grayling! Just about 35cm This is a legal fish! Our bad luck is finally changing! We will cook this tonight Finally a fish meal! Im so happy! Not so often a small fish like this makes us happy true that! We just started to cast more and more. The grayling was really deep, near the bottom. We caught maybe five graylings from that small lake Or seven graylings, but the smaller ones were released I caught three of those and I became super happy. That made me realise this trip was finally about to start after a really slow start.. Okay, the bad luck has turned. I, group leader Varsila found this lake full of graylings and all started to catch fishes. This place gave us total five graylings Really good we came here Jani have something to tell now Director Laitinen, found this place from the map and after a little persuation we ended up here and had finally something to eat We will not die of hunger after all Getting here was Chief Rohkimainen’s fault and I have teached these guys how to survine in wilderness Chief Rohkimainen caught also most of the graylings today What a great feeling! Those aren’t big ones but we have some food This amount of fish is really a big thing for us. Specially after those four heavy rainy days and two days of sun roast All good right now We are about to eat hopefully the last pasta meal here! This pasta contains also some fish, Tuna! Tuna have been biting hard on this hike! What do we have here? It’s fish soup Not any soup, but grayling soup Feels damn good eat this kind of breakfast Lets pack up the camp and start hiking back to our starting point This trip will be remembered for anything other than fishing but i believe it’s the most memorable hike so far Hello hello! What makes this hike so memorable is maybe the last day When we started to hike back to car We had to put out tent cover up and stay there for a while cause we didn’t want to be soaked again.. I haven’t taste anything this sweet in two weeks Flash of lightning I think i captured that on camera Look to the left! WTF!? WHY? Why are we doing this s#it over and over again? Lightning flashes and strikes too close and thunder all the time The lightning struck two times less than 100m away from us At this point, as the thunder was hammering the solid rock land we remembered the Sami peoples belief of Ukko the supreme God, lord of weather, harvest and thunder Ukko’s hammer started to beat the pace for the end of this trip everyone knew how to keep that pace up What would be Ukko’s last beat in Vätsäri? There was no stories to tell of our fishing.. We decided with Jani and Pauli to hit the lake nrea oh us, wtf…. Definitely not our next years target.. This is a magical place.. We have already planned something about the next year

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