A Hangover & a Heroine | Episode 2 – Away From it All

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d give you an update from my lovely little camper. The farmer’s letting me stay in it for free. It’s not much but it’s beginning to feel more like home. It really isn’t that big at all, but it doesn’t feel that way next to all the fields in the open sky. I’d give you a tour but that’s really not much else here. I’ve got a little kitchenette over there and that wondrous crackling sound you can hear is the bacon action I’ve got going on. I read somewhere that fatty foods are better for hangovers, they, like, soak up the alcohol faster or something like that. Anyway, I was going to go into the cafe and have something to eat there but then I remembered the utter moron I made of myself in front of the waitress. Sometimes I just think women are harder to flirt with than men. (Frantic crackley bacon noises) (Knocking) (Muffled) Woman: Oi! Hello! Anyone in there?? Your camper’s on fire! (Gabriel coughing) (Door bursts open) Woman: Are you alright? Gabriel: What happened? (Pans clattering) Woman: Looks like you burnt your bacon or, what was once bacon. Gabriel: Oh God, I though I’d smell it if it was burnt. Woman: Were you actually trying to set your camper on fire? Gabriel: No! (Door, footsteps, Gabe coughing) Woman: Lucky I went out for this walk and saw smoke coming out the vent. Gabriel: Yep, thank you for, you know, stopping. Woman: Well, what was I gonna do? Leave you to burn up? Y’know, if you want bacon you could just come back to the cafe. In fact, I insist that you do – and I’ll even buy it for you. So long as you never try to cook it when you’re half asleep again. Gabriel: You remember me from the cafe then? Woman: Yeah, I’m pretty good at remembering guys like you. Gabriel: Oh God. Well thanks for saving me anyway. Woman: Of course. Gabriel: No. seriously: thank you. I think I’d be dead otherwise. I really feel like I need to do something to repay you, knight in shining armor. Woman: (Uneasily) That’s not necessary. Gabriel: Are you sure? I mean I have some… bacon? (Woman laughs) Woman: Please, no. Gabriel: I’m Gabriel Oak by the way. Vet Student. Woman: And I’m not. Gabriel: Are you really not going to tell me your name? Woman: I only give it out on a “need to know” basis. Gabriel: (chuckling) … Ellie. Ellie: Damn it. Gabrie: Aah, sorry for spoiling your air of mystery. Ellie: It’s okay. I have to wear it for work anyway so it’s not exactly a secret. Gabriel: If it makes any difference I would have come down to the cafe to find out. Ellie: Well, since it looks like you’ll survive, I’m gonna go back to my walk. Try not to burn the place down while I’m away. I have a threshold how many people can save in one day. Gabriel: Well, I’ll try, but you know when one craves bacon… Ellie: When one craves bacon, one goes to the cafe. Gabriel: (lovestruck) Right. Yeah. Ellie: Bye Gabriel. Gabriel: (enthusiastically) See ya! Shit.

7 thoughts on “A Hangover & a Heroine | Episode 2 – Away From it All

  1. Yay! The party has started! was her name changed to Ellie because Bathsheba is too old fashioned or that is still the character's real name but she goes by a nickname?

  2. aaahhhhh I already love this so much! Also oh my god please tell me that "girls are easier to flirt with than guys" means Gabriel is bi!!!! I adore this. I'm so excited to see a webseries based on Far From the Madding Crowd, I love that book. <333

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