A Day in the Desert: Saguaro Wilderness

[wind and birds] [dove cooing] [crunching] [birds singing] [buzz of hummingbird wings] [crackling leaves] [birds chattering] [continuous harsh buzz of cicadas] [yawn] [continuous harsh buzz of cicadas] [panting] [chirping crickets] [owls hooting and calling] [coyotes howling] [rattle] [crickets chirping, coyote howling, owls hooting] [crunching and smacking] [crickets chirping, coyotes howling, owls hooting] [dove cooing, birds chirping and calling]

59 thoughts on “A Day in the Desert: Saguaro Wilderness

  1. Awesome video!  It conveys that feeling I get in the desert, but I never have gotten to see what the critters are up to.  What great insight!

  2. This is very accurate video for upper sonoran desert during summer. Some animals are only active in the morning, and some only at night. Factually correct representation.

  3. Beautiful… Absolutely, beautiful… I love what the wild desert has to offer. I just hope others could appreciate its beauty in the same way. Thank you for making this video 🙂 thewanderingnaturalist.wordpress.com

  4. deserts are the most beautiful places I have been to. the constant thought of death yet so much life makes you realize how lucky we are to be alive

  5. I live right in the middle of this beautiful desert 🙂 I hear lots of birds, including doves, woodpeckers, finch, owls…its awesome

  6. 0:24 That is vandalism!! It's against the law to harm or move a Saguaro Cactus in Arizona. Who does he think he is? You can't just cut a hole into a giant cactus and start living there without permission? I hope he's an early bird because the fine is $10,000.

  7. Fantastic Video! Love the soundtrack. Great shots throughout. I use this every year in my 7th grade Science classroom to teach about ecosystems. Thank you!

  8. I live in Picture Rocks so this was fun to watch. I love telling people I live in a National Park. And the photos. And the sunsets. Its heaven. Well, not in summertime it isn't but yeah. Subbed.

  9. I wish someday I can go to a place like that specially i'm a kind of girl who's obsess with cactus or even succulents. Maybe it would be great to have a fun trip there at least 1 week, I guess.

  10. Writing a play about the Great Saguaro Cactus, like the Great Kapok Tree book, in 3rd grade for Earth Day celebration. This video is amazing!!! Students are writing dialogues through the eyes of these creatures in the Sonoran Desert. I will show them this video today. Thank you!

  11. I used to live in Tucson when I was a kid, about 42 years ago, I love cacti & reptiles both, and have many fond memories of saguaro national park, used to go there with my uncle hiking, LOVED IT !!!!!!! Everyone should see this place at least once, it's AWESOME!!!!!

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