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New year new decorations seems you spent a lot and how do you get much time to manage all these things its all so easy Club new year sale is going on on Club Factory from 26th to 29th December You bought all these amazing products on sale!! and thats too at cheaper price and what else you bought from there along with her if you too want to see so hit LIKE to this video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel I made a cake for you…taste it wow!! its looking so yummy… is it a cake or rock??? but I had putted all the ingredients and followed all the steps…don’t know what happened…. yes your steps and ingredients are correct she has used cup and bowl for measurements so cake became hard Instead use these measuring cups and spoons it comes with a set of 10 and their capacity range is from 1.25ml to 250 ml Lem me apply nail paint on your nails Nail paints on these unhealthy hands so why don’t you use gloves these gloves are so perfect made from natural latex wear these while you do your household chores these are fully reusable only this much of veggies for Rs 2000/- so I Keep Digital Kitchen weighing machine whenever I order veggies online I ever cross checked the weight once To organise my chopping I’ve bought this stainless steel’s kitchen knife set it comes with a scissors and wooden stand its different blades are perfect for chopping fruits and vegetables so you can use electric mini heating rode to face these situations you can easily heat coffee, tea, mill or even soup with it I’ve got it in Rs. 9 crazy deal with limited quantity and time its so compact and handy so that you can carry it in your bag do the mopping No.. its your turn today pls do it its too cold..I can’t do it you do it by yourself stop fighting..I’ll do mopping how?? with this spin mop no need to bend coz of its expandable handles and it designed so well that it can’t make your hands dirty and its spinning system rinse so well and faster it cleans every corner of your house so easily so many attachments comes with it here’s my daughter Anantya enjoying this yummy heart shaped egg have to be little innovative to make our child eat happily so I bought these five ring moulds you can make different shapes omelette, biscuits or pan cake

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