hi guys fat pudding here it’s seven
days to die I’m just on my seven-day hoard and I thought to make a video out
of it I’m just loading up the game save right as we speak I will hopefully get
straight into action and hope it will be an enjoyable episode so hopefully
fingers crossed you shouldn’t take too long to load up okay
I’ve currently in a water tower in a town cousin playing random generated map I’ll just quickly show you basically in
a random generated town I’ve got a base another base on one of the buildings
over there I think it’s to the south and I’ve just basically just put some wood
frames and some wood spikes below some torches just so we can see and I’ve got
a couple of chests up here with some gear in okay here comes the 7-day Horde
think I still can’t really see what’s going on you’re smashing the help out at
all so what spike okay I’ve got some ammunition but it isn’t actually I
actually found some I’ve not been able to actually craft one because you need a
workbench there you go
I’ve got this also got a sniper rifle as well thinking about it I think it made a
bit of a floor with regards setting this up for the seven-day hoard I think we
should have done another layout of what spike put spikes below can’t really see
I’ve got a light I’m sure I had a – helmet let’s see if I’ve got one in like
just have a quick look no no no can hear them I just can’t see them way up
there’s one down yet take a shut this guy up three times in the head cage down
that’s definitely zombies down there and the reason why I picked this water tower
was because um it’s got a I think it’s got like stone the stone foundation hope
it certainly maybe we should get some of these frames and build out a bit more oh yeah I’ve got an assault rifle as well
what you didn’t notice in a cake I’ve got 30 rounds for it I think I’ve got this set up on a 90
minute day cycle okay that guy’s smashing through pretty much I’ve lost
sight of him so this is where my my plans my base my idea of the base is a
bit flawed like I said I can’t actually see the zombies come I have to go down there’s one here I just see okay um
maybe put some make some ladders quickly and make like two or three of those
she’ll be able to put them on the side of this and get down there doesn’t help
because I’ve got no light can’t see this one think she’s down yep okay let’s get
these ladders let me put it there no I don’t want to put it there okay can I
put it below that I don’t want to fall down and this is the problem can’t get
the angle on this guy case down Big Momma there
I think she’s called Marlene I think as we’ve killed quite a few already and oh
that’s not good a good idea maybe I can repair these things no I can’t and all
that for a fact oh god this is not good I’ll just shut
me torch out I’ve got any more torches she’s not going one guys okay I think
I’m out of ammo crap then I’ll get these wood frames stuff I’ve got Satan where’s
me wood frames let’s get this done I’ve got some
Molotov cocktails let’s try these out I should’ve done that should I cause I
don’t know you what frames Oh what do you learn by your mistakes there she
comes big Mama’s back right you get down can we get put the wood frames – I’ll
get the ladders on that oh crap oh no no it’s not working it’s gone off the pot
this we can do it guys come on I was nearly there then let’s get another one on that quick okay
we’re up wolf thank God for that what we on would only an hour and a half into
this I should have changed it should have make the night your picture sir
this is gonna be quite difficult I think I’m gonna look running out of ammunition
before before nightfall a doctor and knowledge Angus can get operated by the
way down sir how many bullets have got left I think I’ve got three clips of 15
so that’s late for 45 clip 45 bullets okay ideally want to get down there and
repo it all up because my foundations are vulnerable now to attack go and shave right at the moment we’re
holding our own we’re holding our own okay
so it’s quite enough of it did we get some more lights let’s see let’s get
some sausage crafted that’s something quit checking the inventory see we’ve
got some more I’m sure got some torches someone no I
don’t think I’ve got any at all let’s craft some sort cheese I’ve actually got what do I need any done a more fuck have
I got any animal fat yeah I’ve got twelve we’ve got the ward so we can
craft some torches but when he crossed where’s the cloth leather plus there you
go that’s cuff six thoughts use that stupid
plan see guys still down there who’s having a proper mother isn’t he I think
you should have suck in the wood frames I can get some light down there would be
able to see bit better okay stay still okay got him right let’s get the torches
I did one on me we still have searches that have crafted do they are those for
the ladders it’s got to be black bit careful can I throw these down somewhere
that’s pretty cool that’s way better there’s actually like a hill lower and
it goes down a bit lower down and that’s what he’s trying to crawl up to not
doing to bad guys it’s midnight we’ve got four hours left
Oh fell down again I need to get another wood frame no wood frame on the edge so
can jump up there we go that’s not too bad
Oh we’re actually out of ammunition for the pistol so what was planning on doing
is using this as a seven-day base and then finally something a bit more maybe
maybe a building with its stone foundations and using that as a
permanent base perhaps yeah I’m all completely so the down to the end the
bow and arrow got some arrows I got thirty one though so I’ll keep using
these hopefully if not we’ll have to get down there and stop cracking skulls I
think she’s a second but with a lot of her thing yeah okay
she’s dead what double beds did I say it had been a zombie
yes sucking the bottom of the ladder wrong okay that’s just shit virals I’ve got
I’ve got thirty four standard in twenty-two I in our single swats so
switch to the arrow or the onion and of course did give a bit more entity damage
oh that was a nice shot check our health our health soak a
temperature check our food and water yeah we’re all right it’s a bit cold
I’ve actually got a jacket I can do that it’s in here somewhere where is it
what’s with a bandana we’ve got a shopping basket there for the de many
bike then I’ll try and find I need to find the schematic for it though there
we go the leather duster you put that off that’ll increase our heat so we
don’t get sued cold this is not good oh you’re kidding me well that wasn’t good I thought you had
enough elf to last right if I’m gonna spawn back in now what am I gonna be well that turned out a bit more exciting
than I thought to be totally honest with you it’s just reload back in hopefully
we shouldn’t think Easter I think I put the bed on the other base yep but the
problem is do you think I’ve got I’ve lost me back back completely the only
thing I’ve got is what’s in my hotbar so this is worthy of the base was temporary
base and there we go we’ve got some more coming in did I put my – on you it starts up in the bottom I guess now
is it with me making a run for the other base I’ve got my let’s house let’s go
for it it’s the only thing we can use is defense and the bow and arrow we’ve got worse do the face I’ll case this way not
wise to be out in these early hours especially on them a hard night the good
thing about it it’s a 7-day hold I think the 1400 crap know what you can
do mate you can do one two just don’t run out of stamina for God’s sake
there’s the base let’s get to it can we make it good we’ve not got one I
don’t have munition at all is that woman still here can we get off yes we’ve made
it Oh put our backs down there I think what
your how many arrows if we got 11 got any arrows let’s crush them quickly it
was actually sent out oh my god she go down there bash him in with with me
melee weapons let’s see low-cut knee warden the egg in the chip that double
down and get me gone get me back pack I’ve got no water at all man this is
just turning on really bad it’s let’s go to the
reinforce club let’s check this guy out come on make this up yet just want the
back where’s me back gone we’ve got me back back that’s right we’ve got our
arrows so we’re good good to go it’s also more molotovs down there I’m just
worried about the foundation let’s store them all of stuff down there yeah you
have that not doing too bad guys it’s nearly 2:00 a.m. in the morning she’s
dancing having a good time she’s still going though I’m not sure what the
entity damages with his mouth all set so quickly have a look it doesn’t actually
say how much damage it gives out effective there she go she’s gone okay
to be honest with you not worked out too bad considering it’s just a 7 day base 7
day horde I mean I couldn’t go down there and chance it on a personal stuff
bought I don’t think it’s really worth it now we’ve now got long to go looking clear at the moment okay I think
what we’ll do we’ll make another wooden bowl just in case this one’s getting a
bit low I just took our health situation you
know lost quite a bit of health we’re not believing anything I’ll be
because we’ve respawned we’re getting hot again temperatures gone up let’s
take this leather duster off it does enough make us hot quickly scrub that
was fought that over and we’ll make some more arrows just in case we’ve
definitely got no ammunition left no with me a keg on oh it’s here and we’ve
got any mamala for it no completely spent on a cave rounds okay let’s go
down here we’re looking all right at the moment are we we’ve got a hammer or a
raincheck of the first stuff okay what we’re done here I’ve got too much I’ve
made so many yet what’s going on here let’s get rid of that sandwich what do
on that for scrap these wooden bowls made too many why is he making up many
most of correct and put time the wrong thing scrap all these yeah I must have
clicked on building nose instead of the arrows okay let’s get down here Dean see
bud can repair this I’ll do fan-out let’s get rid of this I need my stone axe get this smashed up
let’s search this quickly you can repair this now there we go you see the reason why I picked this
because of the Foundation’s took a lot of damage considering we’ve still got
another hour and a half left before the day or the night finishes I see some
bees while we’re waiting got that one now let’s take that I just got off the
paper no we don’t one now Bobby zombies don’t have anything on us
all car from sandwiches not bad but I’ve got better ones
I should see which ones we got yeah we got one six months shoes so we’ll take
those were those and scrap those yeah we can say we can scrap that scrap that as
one it’s not gonna scrap it because our inventory’s fault let’s go offload some
stuff just quickly put it in here quickly
laughs load to dawn because we haven’t got any ammo for them we’re not gonna be
making any model that are we wooden frames keep the polishes yeah we got plenty of
our arrows now stone shovel for that down there alright forgot we had the rocket
launcher check this bad boy out look at out was not beauty actually found this
and one of the buildings over there which is pretty cool I thought so myself
the entity damage on this is ridiculous it’s something like seventy tunnel I
it’s four hundred and sixty s okay guys it looks like the comments at the end of
the seven day horde from not had any zombies okay guys it looks like we’re
coming to the end of the night and basically just stop the video because
there’s really not been any action that’s all so it’s nearly four o’clock
what I’ve done I’ve just gone down there and I’m just basically just record some
of the bottom under the foundations I got rid of all the zombie remains which
isn’t actually too bad at the moment that’s pretty much it
okay well I’m just gonna say did I survive seven days the Horde well
technically it didn’t did I well anyway hope you enjoyed the video
guys I know it was just the one off you never know I might do some more videos
in seven days because it is actually a fantastic game so hope he did didn’t
like it – hit that thumbs up bomb and if you want to see more future content
don’t forget to subscribe so thanks for watching guys catch you in the next one
bye for now


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