3 Simple Life Hacks

♫Electronic beat♫ Take a few Tic Tacs out. Get an X-Acto knife. Cut the label on the Tic Tac box connected to the lid. Remove the lid. Empty the Tic Tac container. Take a piece of paper. Place the Tic Tac container on the corner of the paper. Outline the container. Cut along your outline with scissors. Draw a grid on the piece of paper. Color a few of the Tic Tacs with a marker. Glue the sign to the Tic Tac box. Place a few colored and uncolored Tic Tacs into the container. Now you can play tic-tac-toe! Looks great, right? Do coins fall out of your pocket when reaching for them? Store them in a Tic Tac box! Much more convenient! The next life hack is dangerous and you should all take precautions. Open the Nerf package. Heat up a nail using lighter. Make a hole in both ends of the Tic Tac container by using the hot nail. Take the lighter… as well as a Swiss Army knife. Disassemble the lighter. Pull out the igniter. Twist that wire to the opposite direction of the switch. Place the igniter into the hole at the bottom. Hot glue the pieces together with caution. It should look like that. Put the container cap on again. Grab a straw. Slide the Nerf bullet onto the straw. Place the straw into the hole at the top. Hot glue the straw to the Tic Tac container. Cut the straw with scissors. Slide the Nerf bullet onto the straw. Replace the shell of the lighter to make a handle. Hot glue the shell to the Tic Tac container. Find an alcohol-based fluid, such as cologne. Apply the fluid (sparingly) into the chamber. Shake it up. Now you can test it out!

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  2. HawkGuruHacker tu para mim nao tens nada de hacker so tens geito para meter essas armas no teu cu filho da puta

  3. Mas eu primeiro queria fazer um video de comendo sua mae e seu pau todo ate nao restar nada de voce quero todos os seus paus e tmb seu cu

  4. You know what is better than a tic-tac container for shooting nerf darts? An actual nerf gun…what is this crap? Right, back to mista GG…

  5. Some kid did this to a 7th grader during lunch and my 5 friends laughed, the next day the 7th grader was still on the table

  6. I made a tic tac explosive by getting this big tic tac container and filling it with boiling water and you just pop the lid and throw at the same time and it does lots of range against bullies

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