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Right here on Cartoon Hangover, we’ve got 107 facts about Naruto. Here we go! Sasuke Uchiha is named after Sasuke Sarutobi,
the father of the Third Hokage. Sasuke Sarutobi was, in turn, named after a famous Japanese
literary character. Naruto wasn’t always going to be a ninja.
At first, the the creator intended for him to use a form of magic instead of ninjutsu,
but he decided this was too confusing. At one point, the Naruto anime was almost
cancelled because an organization was displeased with the series’ high death count. They
issued a complaint, requesting that one of the show’s sponsors pull their funding.
Then they saw the ratings and were like, you know what? Money is awesome. Let’s stick with this. That being said, Naruto himself has technically only killed one person canonically. It was
Yura, a Jōnin who impersonated Itachi. If you pay attention to the first chapter of the manga, Chouji’s father can be seen
in a panel as part of the group that wanted Naruto killed. All Naruto fans know the name of the character’s favorite ramen shop! It’s
“Ichiraku.” And it actually exists in real life. It’s a ramen shop in Kyushu located
near the university that Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, attended. Hikamaru’s IQ is over 200. That’s higher than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Einstein! In the manga, a scroll hanging in Sasuke’s
room reads “Director Date!!”, in reference to the director of the anime. It was changed
in the anime to read “Kishimoto Sensei!!”, in reference to the original creator. If you watch the American version of the anime, you may be wondering why Asuma’s always
walking around with unlit cigarettes in his mouth. It’s because the smoke that comes
off of them in the original Japanese version was actually edited out. In Japanese, Naruto’s catchphrase is “Dattebayo!” It has no translatable meaning and became
“Believe It!” in the English dub of the anime, which fell out of use as the dub progressed.
This felt much better than “Git ‘er done”! Which was already taken. Naruto inherited his habit of “Dattebayo!” from his mother Kushina, who would say “Dattebane!”
when excited or angry. His son Boruto has inherited it from him, and ends his sentences
with “Dattebasa!” I don’t know what ANY of that means. In early drafts of Naruto, Kakashi had his
own trademark speech pattern. He would end his sentences with “de gozaru”, which
is an archaic form of the Japanese copula “desu.” In 2006’s Naruto: The Musical, Sakura was
played by not one, but two performers. They were twin singer sisters, Mana and Kana Mikuru.
They’re the Olson twins of musical anime. Team Seven, better known as Team Kakashi,
was the first team that Kakashi passed. Many of Kakuzu’s techniques are named after
mecha from the very first Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam. Kishimoto watched the series
as a child. A lot of the anime staff were fans of Hinata.
Lucky for her because that’s the only reason she made it into the ending song “Jitensha”,
or “Bicycle” in English. In fact, Team 8 or Team Kurenai, which Hinata
is a part of, didn’t appear much in the manga. They’re more present in the anime
because of the aforementioned anime staff. Actually, Kishimoto has also
revealed that his favorite female character is Hinata. The tallest shinobi in the Konohagakure is Ibiki Morino. He’s 6’ 4” and weighs
194 pounds. The summonable toads are named after famous
actors and actresses from the 80s and 90s. To list a few, Gamabunta’s name comes from
Bunta Sugawara, Gamaken’s name comes from Takakura Ken, and Shima’s name comes from
Iwashita Shima. That’s cool, but where’s Sly Stallone? The seal on Neji’s forehead differs between the anime and manga. In the manga it resembles
a manji or swastika, which is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol. However, due to the swastika’s association
with Nazism, it was changed to an “X” in the anime. It’s hard to imagine Sanji, from the ever popular One Piece, as anything other than
a Sanji…but he was almost a Naruto! Oda Eiichiro planned to name the blonde pirate
Naruto because of his curly eyebrows, but with the series Naruto being released around
the same time, things changed. Producers of the Naruto anime planned on releasing
it overseas from the get go. They sought out music that featured many traditional Japanese
instruments such as the taiko, shakuhachi, and shamisen, with the goal of bringing forth
a more unfamiliar experience for non-Japanese viewers. The Legendary Sannin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru, are actually taken from a classic
Japanese legend titled “Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari” or “The Tale of the Gallant
Jiraiya.” An episode
of Naruto is actually titled after the folk story. In the anime, there is a scene where Konohamaru and Naruto enter an adult magazine store for
“inspiration”. This scene never took place in the manga. Gaara’s brother Kankuro is named after a famous Kabuki actor. His outfit resembles
that of a Bunraku puppeteer, and he uses puppets in combat. Kankuro is also a common name for
crows, which may be why his most well-known puppet is named Crow. Naruto’s original Japanese voice and his English voice are both provided by female
actresses. The protective headbands worn
in the series actually came into existence just because of Naruto’s goggles. Kishimoto
revealed in an interview that he created the forehead protectors because Naruto’s goggles
took too long to draw each week. Gaara’s tailed beast Shukaku is named after
a Japanese priest who is said to have enchanted a teapot at a party so it would never be empty.
He was believed to be a tanuki, which is what Shukaku is. In the manga, Gaara has a red sash. It was changed in the anime to be white. Fascinating. Masashi Kishimoto came up with Naruto’s name while eating ramen. Naruto is short for
narutomaki, which is a type of kamaboko with a pink spiral in the middle. It’s often
used as a topping for ramen. And boy is it good! Kishimoto is a fan of The Matrix, and drew
inspiration from the lead character Neo when creating Gaara. He also drew inspiration from the film for
a number of the series’ outfits. Might Guy is named after Might Senpuuji and
Guy Shishioh the hot-blooded protagonists of Might Gaine and Gao Gai Gar respectively. Rock Lee is, of course, a homage to Bruce Lee. I fear not the man who has practiced
10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. The character Mifune is a samurai with a sword he calls Kurosawa. He was named after Japanese
actor Toshiro Mifune, who is best known for his portrayals of samurai in a number of Akira
Kurosawa’s films. Whenever an Akatsuki member had to take his
robe off during a fight, he would die that battle. Weirdest finishing move, ever. To place him more staunchly in opposition to Naruto, Mizuki’s least favorite food
was made ramen, which is, of course, Naruto’s all-time favorite dish. His dislike for ramen
may also be a metaphor for his hatred of Iruka and Naruto. It’s hard to tell because of how hoarse his voice is,
but Orochimaru is voiced by a woman in Japan. Kishimoto had no plans to show Suigetsu or
Juugo fighting, but his publisher mandated that he do so. You know what we need? More
violence… In 2003, Kishimoto got married and
had children. After becoming a parent, Kishimoto gave Kushina and Minato larger roles and a
greater backstory. They became more heroic and self-sacrificing, and were able to meet
their son, Naruto. Spoilers! Woah! Based on his own experiences as a father, Kishimoto wanted Naruto to make contact with his parents and the feelings they would give rise to. Some of Kishimoto’s favorite films are Star Wars,
How to Train Your Dragon, Saw, and The Adventures of Tin Tin. His all-time favorite film, though, is Akira! Speaking of Akira, without it we may not have even gotten Naruto. During middle school, Kishimoto
was losing interest in drawing and focused on sports instead. But after seeing one of
the movie posters for Akira, his passion was reignited and he went straight back to the
drawing board. As a child, Kishimoto was unable to afford
issues of Weekly Shonen Jump, and borrowed the magazine from his friend instead. Now
he’s the creator of one of its most popular series of all time, and they’re paying him!
Talk about role reversal. It’s no surprise that Kishimoto became a
mangaka. Even as a baby he was drawing. On walls. With his own poop. Maybe a little TMI
there, Kishimoto-sensei. We didn’t need to know that. Naruto’s passion for ramen actually comes from Kishimoto himself. When Naruto reached its 10th volume, Kishimoto was surprised because he hadn’t expected
the series to be so successful. Well, guess what? He made it all the way to
volume 72! And he got spin-offs. Kishimoto decided from the very start of the series that there would be no firearm-style
weapons or vehicles in the world of Naruto. Kishimoto hails from Okayama, a town near Hiroshima. His grandparents’ wartime
stories influenced his portrayal of war in Naruto. Naruto and Gaara have a whole lot in common. Both their fathers are Yondaime, their mothers
died when they were born, and they both enjoy taking care of plants. Naruto’s hobby is
watering plants, and Gaara likes taking care of cacti. After the timeskip, they’re the
same height and weight, and they both have a desire to fight Sasuke. If you add the month
and the day of each of their birthdays, you’ll get 20 both times. They’re both Jinchuuriki
and have been since they were babies, and none of this is a coincidence! Kishimoto did it all intentionally to make Gaara the foil of Naruto. It’s rumored that Hidan was originally going to have more complicated abilities, but editors
felt it would be best to cut the fight with him short and move more quickly onto Sasuke. It’s also rumored that Tsunade and Pain were going to have a more serious battle against
one another, but it was tossed so that Naruto’s arrival would be the last chapter of the year. Kishimoto actually has a twin brother named Seishi, who’s also a successful mangaka!
He’s best known for creating 666 Satan and Blazer Drive. Because Masashi and Seishi have been drawing
together since they were children, their styles are quite similar. They’ve actually been
accused numerous times of plagiarizing one another for both art and story. The more famous
Masashi has even had to request that his fans stop calling Seishi a “copycat.” Sasuke is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama, who’s also the actor behind another pale and dark-haired
rival in a major shounen anime. Ishida from Bleach! Naruto isn’t something I’d associate with 24, but around half of the Japanese voice
cast did dubbing work for the latter series. Many of them have also done work for the Japanese
Game of Thrones dub. Forget being Hokage, Naruto should go for the Iron Throne. Way to toy with your readers Kishimoto! The creator of Naruto has admitted that he planted
false leads on numerous occasions to tease fans of certain relationships in the series. Kakashi’s face has been one of the most
persistent mysteries of the series from the very start. But the wait it over! The manga
tie-in story “Book of Wind” finally revealed what’s under the mask. It’s actually the
same face Pakkun suggested in the manga omake “Kakashi’s Real Face is Finally Unveiled”! Kishimoto’s early plans for Naruto differed completely from what we know and love today.
For one, Naruto was going to take place in an Urban Fantasy setting, and would include
modern fashion and technology. The pilot for the series featured a murder investigation
by police, a gun, and a motorcycle. Not anything you’d expect from Naruto’s current incarnation. Rather than having a fox demon sealed inside him, Naruto was going to be a reincarnation
of the nine-tailed fox. And rather than having the Fourth Hokage seal away the demon, “nine
powerful men” committed the deed. Of the nine, one survived to become a grumpy old
man of high standing who Naruto called “chief.” Based on their similarities, it’s clear
that he paved the way for the creation of the Third Hokage. The cast of the early pilot also differed
a lot from the final version. Most of the main characters from the pilot aren’t in
the series and vice-versa. Some early concept art did feature Ichiraku from the ramen shop,
Kakashi, Iruka, Hinata, Ibiki, Anko, and the aforementioned grandpa who’s similar to
the Third Hokage. Kishimoto felt that the story “wasn’t
going anywhere”, so his editor advised him to introduce a rival for Naruto. This, of
course, led to the creation of Sasuke, and also Sakura! And most of the rookies actually! The Akatsuki members were all intended to resemble monsters with little-to-no human
qualities. This is more noticeable in some members, but all have various traits that
distance them from humanity. Konan, for example, can turn into paper, and Sasori is actually
a puppet. Some, like Itachi and Kisame, developed more sympathetic qualities as they went on. Boruto and Himawari were both meant to have the Byakugan. But…whoops! When Chapter 700
rolled around, Kishimoto forgot to draw them with it. Himawari has since developed the
Byakugan, but it’s up in the air as to whether or not Boruto will get what he’s owed. Maybe
the mistake was for the best, though! He wouldn’t resemble Naruto as much without those big baby blue eyes. Rock Lee is the character whom Masashi Kishimoto has the most fun drawing! And why wouldn’t he? Rock Lee looks like Dimitri Martin’s avatar. Sai’s favorite word is “nakama”, which
translates to “comrades” in English. Or…Bro… His hobbies are drawing and calligraphy, and
his favorite food is momen tofu. His least favorite food is mitarashi dango. Sai’s least favorite food may put him at odds with Anko Mitarashi, who loves sweet
bean soup and…dango. Plus, she’s named after two popular types of dango. Including
mitarashi dango. Kakashi may be the most popular character
in Naruto. He’s always placed in the top three for character popularity polls, and
when the third databook for the series compiled the results of the first six polls, he came
out as number one with 48,469 total votes. He is kinda the Donald Trump of Naruto. Only a thousand times better! Kakashi has completed a whopping total of 1,141 official missions. 197 D-rank, 190 C-rank,
414 B-rank, 298 A-rank, and 42 S-rank. When creating Naruto, Kishimoto drew inspiration
from Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise. He wanted to make what he felt was an ideal
hero. Someone with a straightforward way of thinking and a mischievous side. He also kept
Naruto “simple and stupid” because he dislikes smart characters. Which is weird because Shikamaru is awesome. Naruto’s outfits were based on clothes Kishimoto himself wore when he was younger. Kishimoto has revealed that he identifies the most with Naruto out of all the characters
in the series. He’s said that his childhood was quite similar to Naruto’s years in the
Academy. Naruto’s favorite phrase is “miso chashu
omori.” In English this means “a large serving of miso ramen with roasted pork fillet.”
Not hard to guess where he’s using it. When Naruto was created, his birthday, October
10, was Health and Sports Day in Japan. However, in 1999, the holiday was moved to the second
Monday of October. Take notes America. We We need another holiday. At the start of the series, Naruto was the shortest of the Konoha 11, but ultimately
becomes the tallest of the group at 180 centimeters. That being said, Sasuke isn’t included in
the Konoha 11 and ends up 2 centimeters taller than his rival, Naruto. Can’t win ‘em all, Naruto. If you’ve got sharp eyes, you may have spotted Naruto in One Piece! In the background on
the cover page of the manga’s 766th chapter, the person behind Nami is implied to be Naruto.
He’s wearing a changpao with the Konoha symbol on it, and is eating Luffy’s favorite
food, meat. Luffy, in turn, is eating Naruto’s favorite food, ramen. In the 700th chapter of Naruto, Boruto’s graffiti includes scribbling the symbol of
the Straw Hat Pirates on the forehead protector of Naruto’s statue. When creating Sasuke, Kishimoto read a variety of manga to help grasp what a rivalry should
consist of. He took the ideal elements he gathered and formulated them into one relationship. Sasuke was mainly inspired by Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. When the Shinobi World War Arc
was taking place, the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto had developed into something
similar to that of Vegeta and Goku in Dragon Ball. Kishimoto paid special attention to make sure Sasuke didn’t get too emotional because
he was meant to be Naruto’s opposite. His character type was that of a “cool genius.” Throughout the series’ run, Sasuke has consistently
been the most difficult character for Kishimoto to draw. Despite this, he’s become the creator’s
most favorite character to draw. The creator initially tried to keep Sasuke’s
hair short to minimize his drawing time. As the series went on, Sasuke’s hair grew longer
and longer, along with the time it took to draw him. Dude is like a rockstar. Sasuke’s hobbies are training and taking walks. Not too exciting. His favorite foods
are omusubi with okaka and tomatoes. His least favorite foods are natto and anything sweet. Did you know that Sasuke is actually ambidextrous, typically punching and using Chidori with his left hand, and
wielding his sword with his right. When asked to raise his dominant arm by Hagoromo, though, he chose his left. Kishimoto didn’t originally intend for Sakura to be the series’ heroine. In fact, he’s
said multiple times that he still has a hard to viewing her as such. He chalks it up to
his own inability to draw good heroine characters. Kishimoto created Sakura as a girl with an
inability to understand men, which was the best example of a heroine he could come up
with at the time. He wanted to make a character that was somewhat irritating, but well-intentioned.
Kishimoto has grown fond of Sakura and feels that her personality traits are common among
all people, giving her a sense of real humanity. Kishimoto has said that he lacked the experience
needed to make Sakura “cute” when he started the series. In fact, he and many of the manga
staff agree that she was “far from cute”. He’s implied that she’s become cuter since
then. One of Sakura’s key physical traits is her broad forehead. Kishimoto sometimes focuses
on it so much when drawing her that he makes it too large. Let’s be real, she’s practically a 5-head! Sakura’s name means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. Her pink hair was intended to resemble her
namesake flowers and to give her that Lady Gaga vibe. Sasuke may hate anything sweet, but Sakura dislikes anything spicy. Opposites attract?
Her favorite foods are syrup-coated anko dumplings, umeboshi, and anmitsu. Kishimoto has said that out of Team 7, Sakura would make the best ninja instructor. He’s
also said that she’s the closest to being normal out of her team, despite having flaws
in her personality. Well, when two crazies like Naruto and Sasuke are your competition… Some other possible names for Kakashi included Kuwa, Kama, Botan, and Enoki. Respectively,
they mean hoe, scythe, peony, and nettle tree. Kakashi means scarecrow. Because of the schedule constraints of writing
a weekly manga, there was no way Kishimoto could have everything planned out in advance.
I mean, Naruto ran for a whopping fifteen years. And unlike some other creators, Kishimoto
rarely took pauses to research. As a result, there’s a lot of retconning, contradictions,
and plot holes in the series. Naruto, the Seinfeld of anime. Actually Naruto would be the Lost of anime. The original plan was to make Itachi just as evil as he seemed. Kishimoto only thought
of making him an anti-villain later on, which better explains why Itachi would mentally
torture his oh-so-beloved brother Sasuke for 24 hours straight. The Kyuubi was actually the only tailed beast
that Kishimoto originally planned for. The other jinchuuriki were conceived later. This
is why when Shukaku is introduced, he’s only described as being similar to the Kyuubi.
It’s also why no one seems to know what a jinchuuriki is earlier in the series, despite
the fact that they’re clearly established later as a major part of the Naruto universe. If I had to guess Itachi’s favorite word, I’d imagine it to be something like “familicide”,
but I’d be wrong. His favorite word is “heiwa” or, in English, “peace.” In opposition to Sasuke’s food preferences, Itachi loves sweets, with dango being his
favorite. His foods of choice were cabbage and onigiri with seaweed in them. Itachi’s hobby was visiting traditional
Japanese cafes. When Kishimoto first conceived them, Sakura
and Rock Lee were meant to symbolize human weakness. When Madara was at the height of his villainy,
Kishimoto was straight-up with readers. He revealed, “I still don’t know how I’m
going to have Madara defeated.” Another juicy tidbit he let out was, from
the beginning of the series he always thought about Sasuke becoming Hokage. The Naruto databooks have statistics for each
character, quantifying their different strengths and attributes. Jiraiya and Itachi are tied
for having the highest total stats. Of all the student-teacher relationships in Naruto, Kishimoto likes the one between Naruto
and Jiraiya the most. Minato’s favorite food was Kushina’s cooking. Minato’s favorite phrase was “The fire’s shadow illuminates the village.” Kushina’s was “Don’t give up until the very end.” When Masashi Kishimoto was asked what he hopes readers will take away from the series, he
said “In real life, it’s hard for people to understand each other because of things
like differences in culture or upbringing. As you grow up, you start to see that sometimes
things in life don’t go right. But I created Naruto to tell the younger generation that
although there’s hardship in life, you can get along. Other than that, I would rather
let the audience themselves find out what they can get from Naruto.” Let us know if we missed any interesting Naruto facts down in the comments below! And don’t forget to download the Channel Frederator app for the chance to win some really cool prizes! Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on a brand new ToonedUp episode every single week, and again thank you so much for watching!

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