10 Sure Ways How to Survive in the Wilderness

(this could save your life…)10 Hacks to
Survive in the Wilderness Life is full of surprises; unfortunately,
not all of them are pleasant, and some of them can be outright dangerous. A camping trip gone wrong or a car that’s
broken down in the middle of nowhere, and you’re left stranded in the wilderness to
fend for yourself… So, the first rule to follow if you want to
survive in the wild is to find a power outlet and WiFi. Just kidding! If only it were that easy… So, 10. Using
spit for fishing Of course, most wilderness survival tips depend
on the area you’ve found yourself trapped in. (Most of us don’t find ourselves snowed-in
at McDonalds…) However, you’ll be able to find a water
source almost anywhere (unless you’ve wound up in the desert). And if you’re prepared, water equals food…and
drink, of course! I know, you’re probably shouting at the
screen right now, “Kinda hard to be prepared when you didn’t plan to get stranded far
away from civilization!” But in any case, knowledge is power. If you see a lake or river but are on the
verge of tears because you don’t have any fishing gear, there’s no need to regret
leaving your bait and pole at home. All you need is the shirt on your back and
the saliva in your mouth, and you’re good to go! Tie the shirttails and the sleeves together
so that you get something resembling a bag. Then, walk into the water (try to be quiet
so you don’t scare off your potential dinner). Place the top of your shirt right under the
surface of the water as you would with a fishing net, and spit. It’s an effective way to attract small fish
and minnows because they think you’re scattering food for them. When they start gathering around in front
of you, yank the shirt up and out of the water. You can either cook your prey right then and
there or use it to attract bigger fish (and a bigger dinner!). 9. Making a fishing bobber out of a tampon
This is an absolute “must” even if you’re a dude! These female hygiene products take up little
space in your backpack but have so many survival uses. They can provide you with 4 types of material:
an airtight wrapper, cotton wadding, a string, and a plastic tube. I know, guys, they’re kinda weird and scary-looking,
but if you’re going on a camping trip, throw some in your bag. Nobody’s judging! (Now: we’re not going to cover exactly how
Dudes should buy tampons in the store without embarrassment here—that’s for a different
video.) The wrapper will make the perfect DIY fishing
bobber. Just open it carefully at one end, pull the
tampon out, and close the wrapper leaving a bubble of air inside. You can also add some cotton in there, that
way it’ll definitely float. Now don’t go throwing away the rest of the
contents when you use the wrapper to make a bobber. Don’t forget that you can stuff the plastic
tube with cotton to make a water filter. As for the cotton itself, besides for water
filtration, it’s got some other handy uses. Being absorbent, it can serve as gauze if
you’ve accidentally cut yourself. Plus, cotton makes the perfect tinder if you
need to start a fire. 8. Starting a fire with the help of a condom
I know, I know. I can hear you from here, “Start a fire using
cotton from a tampon? How can I even light the cotton up if I don’t
have a lighter or matches?” Once again, no need to panic. Unless you’re a smoker, you don’t carry
matches or a lighter with you everywhere you go. But perhaps you’ve got some condoms lying
around? One would be enough. (Yes, you’re going to want to stay tuned
for this. ) All you need to do is collect some tinder
and kindling: pine needles, bark, dried leaves (cotton from a tampon! How convenient) ). Then, fill the condom with
water from a nearby lake or river, a bottle of water (if you have one on you) or even
collected rain water. After that, hold the water-filled condom over
the tinder and wait. The sun light coming through the condom water
balloon will gather in one spot, and as soon as this point gets hot enough, you’ll see
some smoke and then… a flame. (who would have thought?) 7. Pringles, Cheetos, and noodles to start a
fire Okay, so let’s say you’re stranded in
a place that has nothing to use for tinder, and you decided not to take our advice about
the tampons. Well, surely you brought some chips to snack
on? Pringles, Cheetos, and Lays are a great substitute
for dry leaves. The same goes for spaghetti noodles, but they
have one more cool use. If a candle wick is too short to reach with
a match, light it with a noodle instead! 6. Fighting off hypothermia using bubble wrap
Everyone knows the feeling of enjoyment and pure bliss that comes with popping bubble
wrap. Not only is it fun, but it’s also just so
soothing! Anyway, if you love this stuff as much as
I do, don’t forget to pack it next time you go camping. It could just save your life, that’s all. The pockets of air in the packaging can act
as a sort of insulation. Think of it this way: the plastic “shield”
will bounce back your body heat and keep you warm. One study published in 2009 by the Scandinavian
Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine proved that just one layer of bubble
wrap was over 70 percent more effective than three cotton blankets. And bubble wrap turns out to be a much better
choice in windy and rainy weather. But wait! There’s more! This stuff is much more lightweight than cotton
bedding. Plus, let’s be honest, you’ll look pretty
funny wrapped up in it! How did you like this tip? Isn’t it so simple yet utterly genius? If you want to know how to use other everyday
things to your advantage in an extreme situation, watch our next video! 5. Making a small raft
Who knows what unexpected circumstances you may find yourself in one day. What if a flood catches you off guard on a
camping trip, but your tree-climbing skills are zilch? Well, if this is the case, you can make a
compact raft to float on until the flood subsides or at least until you reach a safer place. Collect a bunch of branches, as many as you
can, and cover them with a tarp, plastic wrap or some bubble wrap, grab whatever you have
on hand. And boom! There’s your raft that’ll keep your head
above water! You’re welcome. 4. Reaching your destination with a flat tire
So you’re driving through the wilderness and suddenly get a flat. Oh, yeah, and you’ve got no spare tire! If this ever happens to you, don’t worry,
there’s a way out even if you’re in a deserted place with no other drivers around
to ask for help. Just cut several holes on the inside of the
burst tire, collect some weeds and grass, and fill your tire with it. Now, you won’t be winning any NASCAR races
or anything, but at least you’ll make it to where you were going. 3. Using a nail file as a knife sharpener
The guys out there are probably thinking, “Geesh, another chick thing!?” What can I say? They have useful stuff! Besides, dudes have nails too! If you keep a nail file, or emery board as
some call it, in your camping gear, it can serve as a pretty good knife sharpener. Move the sides of the blade along the file
for several minutes, and then use your newly sharpened knife in any way you need: cutting
off small branches to build a fire, collecting mushrooms… fighting off a grizzly if you’re
really hardcore. (more about that in a moment…) 2. Starting a fire using a pencil, jumper cables,
and a car battery One of the most important things for survival
(and even for some comfort) in the wilderness is to start a fire. I’m sure you got the point by now, I mean,
how many of the tips on our list are connected to building a fire? Well, we’re not done yet, so here’ one
more. Attach the cables to the battery of your car
as if you’re about to give someone a jump. But instead of another car, connect the other
ends of the cables to a pencil. The trick here is that the pencil’s graphite
core conducts electricity. So, it’ll heat up, and the pencil will burst
into flames. All you need to do now is put it on a pile
of dry branches with some tampon cotton… or some chips! See? It all comes full circle! 1. Finding food
It’s pretty obvious that food is essential for survival, especially if you’re stranded
for a long time. In fact, it’s common knowledge that a person
can go about 3 weeks without food, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be able to function
normally. But there are so many edible things in the
wilderness, such as pine nuts, acorns, wild onions, sweet potatoes, dandelion leaves,
all sorts of berries, and the list just goes on and on. If you’re not a wilderness survival expert
(most people aren’t), and you’re not sure which plants are safe to eat, observe animals. You can follow them around and eat what they
eat. You could even be like, “Hey, Bambi! Wanna split that? No? Ok, cool!” Another way is to test the plant by putting
a tiny piece of it on your lip and leaving it there for some time. If it’s edible, you won’t have any reaction. Don’t even think about touching the plants
with a discolored or milky sap, thorns, fine hairs, or a bitter taste. Also steer clear of the ones with leaves that
grow in threes. They’re most likely poisonous. (Now one final tip concerning bears. If you and your party, come up on a Grizzley
bear, surprising it, and the bear begins to chase you, then run away. The important thing here is: You don’t have
to be faster than the bear. You just have to be faster than the guy next
to you.) Do you know any other tips that can help you
survive in an emergency situation? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! See you next time on the Bright Side.

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  4. On a real tip, a 9-volt battery and steel wool (or something similar) and touch both top terminals of battery with the wool and it"ll start sparking & flamin a little, enough to hold on top of a small pile of leaves, tiny branches & dead grass, or paper / garbage / cardboard, anything you can hopefully find that's flammable…
    In a survival situation, I wouldn't hesitate to utillise a little normally dangerous flammable liquid: gas from auto gas tank, coleman fuel from a lantern, oil, etc

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