10: Hygiene in the shed? Let the cows tell you! Scoring system

Welcome to this series on mastitis in dairy cows. Brought to you by the University of Edinburgh. This video is hygiene in the shed, let the cows tell you, a scoring system. Mastitis is the infection of the milk-producing gland,
the udder. Bacteria invade the teat end via the teat
canal and cause an infection. Mastitis is a fight between bacteria invading
the udder and the cow fighting the infection. Hygiene in the shed? Let the cows tell you! There are many different housing systems depending
on the number of cows and the space they have. Clean cows means the system is working, dirty
cows means it needs attention. Clean cows will have less mastitis. Hygiene scoring. This lets the cows tell you
if you have a problem. Each cow is scored in three areas on a scale
of 0 to 2. The areas are: The flank including the tail, the lower hind leg, and the udder. Cows are scored in these areas as follows: Clean cows with only splashes of manure score a 0. If there is more than palm size (10x15cm)
amount of dirtiness score a 1. If there is more than a forearm length (40cm)
of dirtiness then score a 2. Any score of 2 suggests there is a problem
of shed hygiene. If only the lower hind legs are dirty then
the problem is likely to be cleaning of passageways or drainage where the cows are walking. If the udder and lower part of cows are dirty
then is it a problem with where the cows are lying. If it is around the tail and flank where the
tail swishes, is it a problem of diarrhoea? Is there a problem with the diet? If the dirtiness is all over, is there a problem
of overcrowding or manure removal?

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