사랑은 뷰티블 인생은 원더풀 Beautiful Love Wonderful Life Ep 51 52 EngSub

(Episode 51) Who is she out with that it’s making her come home this late? If only she knew you were waiting for her. You seem like you have indigestion. Take this. Was it that obvious? Go ahead. Thank you. This is Cheong Ah’s room. I’m giving you permission, so head inside and wait for her there. No, it’s all right. I’ll wait for her out here. I’m glad you didn’t say you were leaving. Can we sit down for a bit? Sure. I hope you look after Cheong Ah for me. She seems bold and brave, right? She smiles all the time and is energetic. That’s her trying her best. She’s hoping to be that sort of person. Please tell her that there’s no need for a facade… and look into her heart for me. Everything will be new for her. Her clock was stopped for ten years, you see. Because she had to study for the civil service exam. She didn’t even have time to date. Right. I hope you’ll make pretty memories with her. My daughter’s clock just started to tick again. I wish for nothing more than for you to enjoy it with her. I think this is the place. I think we should wait for him here on a stakeout. I agree. Okay. (Anne of Green Gables) In fact, it’s my first time to be in an exhibition. I am getting happy because of you. Thank you for coming here again. The day we saw a movie. The day we went to an exhibition. The day he came by the patrol division. (What should we do?) What should we do on Christmas Day? Are you all right? Your mom’s lucky… to have a daughter like you. My mom actually envies mothers with sons. Our grandma was mean to her for only having three girls. Anyway, does your leg hurt? I blame my old age. I can sit all day while working, but I get tired when I’m out having fun. It was only a two-hour movie, but they’re so stiff. I humiliated myself once by tripping at the movies. Then I’ll hold on to you to make sure you don’t. If only my son was half as attentive as you. He’s always gruff, you see. We’ve never even seen a movie together before. That’s all the more reason we should keep hanging out. I’ll fill in for your gruff son. Let’s go. I’d like you to leave Cheong Ah’s room. Also, please don’t let her bring things like this home. I heard that you came running after hearing about her injury. It isn’t like you to be this irrational. I’m sorry. What will you do if your mother finds out? Are you sure you’re even thinking about ending things? Yes. When? When will you end it? Once both our families find out? I’ll continue to see her just until her birthday. I promised we’d spend it together. Then make sure you keep… the promised you made with me too. Of course. Are we there? Yes, I can get off here. Where is your house? It’s the house at the end over there. Oh, there? It’s cold outside. Get off at the gate. It’s okay. The alley is narrow, so it’ll be hard to back out. It’s okay. Well… My mom might be worried if she sees us. You’re right. She might be troubled if she sees us. All right. We should say goodbye here. I had a good time today. Thank you for the gift too. You should go now. Thank you for everything. Please take care. Okay. You too. Cheong Ah. I… was happy… to have met you. I think it’s right we part ways like this. Let’s not… see each other ever again. Now go. Bye. Let’s go. Why are you so late? What brought you here without notice? I called you countless times. You’re the one who didn’t answer. Oh, my phone. “Oh, my phone”? Do you forget everything else when you meet someone? Do you not even think of me? Do you even bother? Are you sulking? What? You’re sulking. You’re sulking, right? Did you think of me that much? Did you feel bothered? Me? No. I meant, your family. You were bitten by a dog. No wonder they’re worried about you. Some people even die of it. You shouldn’t go around as soon as you got bitten. Don’t you know how scary rabies is? I got an injection. Where did it bite you? And how bad is it? Let me see. What? It bit my buttocks. Well, do you want to see? Let’s talk for 10 minutes before you go in. Okay. Something I want to do with you? There are so many. First off, it’s going to snow soon, so I want to walk around in the snow with you. I want to walk with you under one umbrella on a rainy day. Take a train with you in spring and a ship with you in summer. See cherry blossoms and autumn leaves with you. What else? Oh, right. Watch plays and musicals. Go to an amusement park and on a trip! Tell me just one thing you want to do the most with me. Something you want to do on Christmas. On Christmas? I want to go see the winter sea. I’ve climbed a mountain a few times, but I’ve never gotten to go see the winter sea. You know, I failed the civil exam 14 times. The winter sea? Yes, let’s make it a quick trip. We can enjoy the sunrise and sunset there. It might be so nice without many people. I think I would be so happy even if we just stare at the sea… without doing anything else. Don’t you agree? All right, let’s not go. It’s not that I want to go to the Mediterranean or Jeju Island. You don’t have to make it obvious that you hate the idea. Fine. Let’s just eat, drink tea, watch whatever movie there is, and part ways, saying “Merry Christmas.” I’ll go. Ms. Kim. Here. This is my gift to you. It’s a watch. Really? I’m so excited. Ta-da! You’re the best. You’re hurting me. Let go of my wrist. Why would you wear this so thoughtlessly? Take it off. Why are you getting worked up? It was a gift. So why did you take it? Couldn’t you say no? And did you have to wear it? Why would you be glad to wear it? What do you know? You don’t know what it means to me. I took it because I wanted to. It’s precious to me. Why do you tell me what to do with it when I like it? I hate it, so take it off. No. Take it off. I don’t want to. Then I’ll take it off you. What? I’ll do it. I’ll do it myself, so tell me why you’re doing this. Why do you hate it that much? Why? It’s a men’s watch. I didn’t know you were this narrow-minded and selfish. Are you doing this because of that petty reason… without even asking me anything? I’m disappointed in you. I didn’t know you were like this. If that’s the reason, I can’t take this off. Bye. Don’t call me. (An unlicensed teenager hits a woman in her 80s and runs away.) (An unlicensed teenager hits a woman in her 80s and runs away.) Excuse me. About the courier who just left. Yes. Could you please tell me where he works at? I have some documents to send urgently. (An unlicensed teenager hits a woman in her 80s and runs away.) He got fired from the company you introduced him to, as a result of an assault. I’m really concerned that he has a fiery temper. (Hyesung Express Courier Service, Kang Si Wol) Jun Hwi. Why are you so surprised? It doesn’t seem like you. I’m not surprised. What were you doing here? When did you come home? Where’s your bag? And your coat? Did something happen to you? Whom did you meet today? Why? I think I saw you. Actually, I think I saw a different side of you. What do you mean? I know you are harsh on yourself, but I always thought you were tolerant of others. You seem outwardly rational, but you are more warm-hearted than anyone else. I thought you protected weak people with your work. But… it turns out not to be true. Where did you see me and what did you see? You gave her Jun Gyeom’s watch. How could you give it to her? I didn’t know you were that spiteful. Please stop it. Jun Hwi. You’re being really strange now. Do you know that? Is it that… you saw me with her? Is it me or her… that you’re worried about? Both of you. I’m worried about both of you, and I feel bad for you two. But there’s still nothing I can do. Just do it to me. You should do it to me from now on. And we should let her go. Just let her move on. Okay? “We should?” So why did you take it? Couldn’t you say no? And did you have to wear it? Why would you be glad to wear it? Yes, this word has been going around since last year. It’s a word for having three cold days… followed by four days of heavy fine dust. – I guess it applies… – What is this? – for this year too. – Are you watching it again? You’ve been watching it over and over again since yesterday. It doesn’t matter. Honey. Seol Ah says it will take four weeks for the former anchor to recover. My gosh. Is it that bad? I feel bad for her, but thanks to her, Seol Ah got to replace her for a week. This is a good chance for her. She has finally got a chance. Are you serious? She’ll be doing this for another week? Sure. She’s getting explosive responses. There are a lot of comments, and people keep searching her name online. I totally forgot that Seol Ah was a news anchor. I just thought she was Vice Chairman Do’s wife. What are you talking about? Seol Ah was very famous before she got married. She hosted news shows and variety shows. She was even on a TV show with Yu Jae Seok. That’s amazing. Completely turn me over Are you talking about this Yu Jae Seok? She almost hosted the nine o’clock news too. She would’ve done it if she didn’t get married to him. Mom, that’s not true. Why do you think Seol Ah is the talk of the town now? That’s because she was a daughter-in-law of Inter Market. She’s a news anchor who got divorced from a rich man. If Seol Ah talks about what she went through, she will become popular right away. You’re so… How dare you… Do you even hear yourself? Why did you hit me? I’m a grown-up now too. Do you think you’re a grown-up? That’s enough. Just go wash up and go to school. Why did you hit her? What she says sounds quite plausible. She needs to become famous anyway. Everyone knows that she got divorced. Once Seol Ah sheds some tears, her pay will go through the roof immediately. You don’t know anything, so be quiet. Gosh, what should I do with you two? Naive. I’m too naive. I’m just too good for the world. What? “Get him out of my life?” Why would he trust that wicked wench? Why would he fall for that wretched brat again? So do you want to shame me like that? That’s just ridiculous. I’m not here to see you. I’m Chairwoman Hong’s secretary now. She wanted me to come over, so I did. What are the flowers for? I get her some flowers once in a while. She seems lonely. And I got you flowers every day when you were in the hospital. I guess you don’t know that. Don’t worry about me. You can go to work. I don’t worry about you. I can do that. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll ignore you, and hurt your feelings. I won’t be thankful or sorry for you from now on. But why would you disgrace yourself like that? Don’t make me look like a cruel person anymore. I don’t… want to end up firing you myself. You will attend the luncheon for women in business at noon. At 2pm, there will be a seminar with the Minister of Labor. Hey. Did you cry? No. I didn’t sleep well last night. I didn’t sleep well either. I was really upset after watching the show. I had no idea what she was up to. I almost felt thankful to that wicked wench. When you said she was taking revenge, I thought she doesn’t have the capacity to do such a thing. I just turned up my nose. But she totally stabbed me in the back. She would never stay still and let me get my way. I totally forgot about that. I was being too naive. She’s getting back at Jin U and me… with the tricks I taught her. Are the reporters going crazy? Yes. They’re even digging up past articles. Are the articles about my power abuse coming up too? – Yes. – Darn it all. That leech. At this rate, she might stick to us forever. You can get her off the air. I tried to, but she’s filling in for someone for a week. I’m thinking hard to find a way out without… giving Jin U an excuse. He’ll hate his ex-wife being on TV more than anyone. It’s not good for the company either. I’ll make them fight each other. Jin U won’t just let her appear on TV. And Seol Ah is not the type to quit because he tells her to. Let’s pitch them against each other and see what happens. This isn’t my size. This is too gaudy. I think someone wore this already. Give it back. I have to sew it on and get ready. I have no time to fight you. Don’t wear that. I don’t want you to be on TV in just anything. What? Come in. You’re Kim Seol Ah. I’ll find you a salon. Get your hair and makeup done professionally. It’s for just six days. Since you’re doing it, put your heart into it. Hey! Do Jin U. Must you be like this? Who are you? What right do you have to give orders? I got didn’t get a job because of you, you jerk. Take it away. I won’t wear it. It’s disgusting. Even if I must go on TV naked, I won’t wear the clothes you buy for me! You’ll go naked? You’re crazy. Give me the button. Give it back! Hey. Let go. Let go of me. I said let go of me! I will if you wear my clothes. Not those cheap outfits over there. What was that for? Did you just hit me? Don’t buy any commercial slots in my program, jerk. If you drag me down once more, I will kill you! What? “Jerk”? “I will kill you”? My gosh. What’s all that about? This is hilarious. It’s frustrating to stay indoors during the holidays. Today, we’ll introduce a hot festival… you can only enjoy in the cold. It’s the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. One of the representative… – winters festivals in Korea… – Are you watching TV, Dad? – One of four… – Are you… watching something fun? The main event takes place on a frozen stream. It’s 2km long… and the ice is 30cm thick. It’s literally frozen hard and stiff. The live sancheono swim beneath the ice, so children… and adults alike can enjoy fishing. – Right here, you can see what… – Did your lips freeze too? Why won’t you speak? I like being able to catch fish. I want to catch more next time. I heard she got divorced. Is she working again? She looks different now. She looked haggard in the hospital. The live sancheono at the end of the fishing rod… provides a feeling that no other fishing trip can provide. The woman you like. – Why did she get divorced? – It’s so tender. The raw fish is so fresh. How long ago did she get divorced? It’s delicious. It’s refreshing. I feel like flying. Is Hae Rang objecting because she’s divorced? It’s her. The woman I like. – What? – The whole town… lights up at night, turning into an exhibition of lights. I liked her on my own. I only just… managed to tell her I like her. Stop. I won’t hear it. You like whom? Does that make sense? Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that. Please listen, Dad. What happened, how it got this far. Please listen. You can’t choose whom you’re attracted to, but if you fall for everyone you’re attracted to, that’s not love. It’s selfishness and greed. I know, Dad. That’s why I’m thinking. What I should do for everyone’s benefit. What is best for her. Why worry about what’s obvious? Give up. Right now. – Good work. – Good work. Good work. – Good work. – Good work. Good work. Good work. Good work. People are loving it. Whether it’s good or bad, they’re leaving so many comments. They are all curious about you. That’s great to hear. It’s my comeback in 10 years, so I’ve been anxious if I’d cause any harm to the show. I bet you’re getting so many offers. No. That’s strange. I’m getting a lot though. What? Since yesterday, I’ve gotten… more than 20 texts and calls, inquiring about you. But I haven’t gotten any. Maybe they don’t know your number. It’s just for six days. While you’re at it, give everything you got. Speaking of which, why don’t you be our regular before another show snatches you? As a main host. Really? Do you really want to work with me? Thank you. I’ll work hard. It’s our pleasure. Let’s do a good job. Sure thing. Oh, my. Welcome. Hello. Where should I take you to? Heukseok-dong… To the head office of Inter Market, please. Yes, ma’am. Me too, sir. Are you on your way to see me? That’s great. To Inter Market, please. Hi, Tae Rang. I’m done with my show. Where are you now? Yes, I’m hungry. I’ve been starving since last night in case my face would get swollen. Did you watch the show? How was I? You were like Kim Seol Ah, sparkly as usual. You looked bright… just like when you bought 1-plus-1 cotton pads. Really? That’s all thanks to you though. You cooked for me, you came for me, and you memorized the script with me. You even gave me soju. It’s so amazing. I wasn’t nervous at all from the moment I saw your face. Thank you for being with me all the time. Sir, could you drive faster? We might spend the night on the street at this rate. Why is it so cold in here? She might catch a cold. Turn up the heater. Oh, I’m wearing the wool jumper you bought me. It’s so soft and warm… unlike someone else’s. What, wool jumper? Soft and warm? Okay, let’s hang up. See you soon. If you did that to make me jealous, it worked. I’m extremely jealous right now. So you can… be the one to call first. You can share your feelings first too. Why didn’t you do any of that to me? “I love you.” You didn’t say that to him, did you? I’m going to hear that first… no matter what. – Thank you. – Thank you for the food. Goodbye. You can’t choose… whom you’re attracted to, but if you fall for everyone you’re attracted to, that’s not love. It’s selfishness and greed. Would you do this if I were your real sister? I feel guilty though. That I’m being like this. I feel like I’m doing something bad. Only a few days ago, I wasn’t ashamed to be with you. But now I’m afraid if my family would see us together. We have our own history as a married couple. My wife said she wanted to break up with me in a nice way. But I want to get back with her. You are stopping me from doing that. Did all the customers leave? Can you cook for me… while I do the dishes? I’m starving. Why are you alone? I thought you were coming with him. Why would I come here with him? I got him off me. It’s already upsetting that he came to see me at the station, but he brought a pile of clothes so I could wear them on the show. He said he was embarrassed… because I looked awful on TV. I didn’t know when I lived with him… just how selfish he is. Is it okay if he says so? Is it love if he says it’s love? I hit him today. I was so mad… that I cursed him out and hit him. I even said I’d kill him. Seol Ah. Yes? Kim Seol Ah. Why don’t we… take some time apart from each other? What? What do you mean? I thought I was keeping you safe, but it occurred to me that I might be ruining you. No way. Without you, there wouldn’t be the present me. When I hit the bottom of my life… When things were so hard that I wanted to give up on everything, you helped me, the snob, back up. You took me to my family when I had no guts to go see them… no matter how much I wanted to. I like you. I think I like you so much. I like seeing you. I like talking with you. I like… being with you. If you’re doing this because I can’t keep up with your pace, wait for me just a little more. I’ll catch up soon. You said you wanted to break up with your husband in a nice way. I think I’m getting in the way between you two. Your husband is being unnecessarily stubborn because of me. And you’re telling me the things which you should be telling him. And because you have somewhere to run away to, you don’t seem to face it directly. I don’t want to be in between you two. Nor do I want you to be in between me and him. Settle things with him first. I think that’s only right. To me, your life is… more important than my feelings. Don’t buy any of the commercial slots in my program, jerk. If you drag me down once more, I will kill you! – Did you want to see me, sir? – Yes. Let’s put in some commercials in “Good Morning Live”. Pardon? Oh, okay. Put in as many as we can both before and after the show. Use all our affiliates to make it full of our commercials. Pardon? Do you want to make her the main host? No. Call the director… and ask him to fire Kim Seol Ah. And make sure she is not cast in other TV shows. – You may leave. – Yes, sir. I like you. I think I like you a lot. Excuse me. Why are you standing here blankly like that? It really bothers me. What was that? Why? Do you think I’ll steal it? It looks fine. Darn it. (Hyesung Express Courier Service) Mom. I hit someone. I think the old lady died. She must be dead. What do I do? What do I do with her? Mom. Go to your room and study. Let me… wipe the car. – What? – Now. Yu Ra, we’re here. Hey, it’s you. How have you been? I’m doing fine as always. Why is the house so empty? It doesn’t feel like a memorial day. You have a small family, and one of them is missing. Jin U wasn’t here last year. And this year, Jin U’s wife isn’t here. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. It feels really empty, right? Oh, right. She’s on TV these days. Did you see that? She looks really pretty. There you go again! That’s what I’ve been hearing the whole day. I don’t want to hear it again here. It’s like terror. It feels like someone just threw sulfuric acid at me on the street… when I did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong? No way. That’s enough to make a cat laugh. How dare you say that to me? Just go make some food. Where’s Aunt Yu Ra and Jun Hwi? They are in their rooms. Gosh. I just can’t stand her anymore. Gosh, she’s so annoying. Why would you bring your work home with you? It means you’re incompetent. I’m pretending to work in front of the vice chairman. You are? Go ahead and finish your work. I’ll sleep here feeling uncomfortable. It’s been 10 years already. Since Jun Gyeom left. Do you think Jun Gyeom is coming with Grandpa today? He just left so abruptly… that I don’t even remember how we sent him away. I guess I was out of my mind. And it still bothers me that they talked about an autopsy. I forget about him most of the days. But, I feel bad for him… on a day like this. Jin U, did you say Mom wanted to do an autopsy? Yes. It’s obvious that it was a drowning accident. But Auntie wanted an autopsy, which was surprising. An autopsy is a big deal. So I found it a little strange. It’s a hospital receipt. Whose is it? – Let me see. – I said it’s nothing! If I was her, and my son just died all of a sudden, I wouldn’t have accepted it and would’ve done the same thing. Can you drink the tea now, Jun Hwi? Jin U, can you even swallow that strawberry? You guys are all grown-up now, but you don’t even have a kid. How could you do such a thing to your grandfather? You’re in a family where children are rare. The family name would die with you guys. It’s too late for me, but Jun Hwi… He’s even worse. I guess I’ll have children before him. Why? I heard you have a girlfriend. Which family is she from? Who are her parents? Why aren’t you saying anything about her? Why? Is she from a poor family? How bad is it? Is she as bad as Jin U’s ex-wife? Mom, stop it. Will you watch your tongue? Why would you say that now? Why do you keep talking about her? Haven’t you had enough? He’s always like this, Yu Ra. Did you see that? He just yelled at me. She’s not even his wife. It’s his ex we’re talking about. But he’s being like this to me every day. I just can’t put up with my son anymore. Even our parents put up with you. You’re the one who created this situation. – Yu Ra. – And… What’s so bad about Seol Ah? She’s smart, polite, and very hard-working. She struggles alone without families and siblings. I just feel bad for her. I can never forget their wedding ceremony. While we had a lot of wedding guests, Seol Ah was there all alone. And she greeted all the people with a smile to the end. When I saw her fight back tears making deep bows to her in-laws, I felt like crying too. If you feel that bad for her, you should get a daughter-in-law like her. Jun Hwi, things will be really easy for you. Your mom sounds generous. Don’t worry. I’ll be happy for you no matter who you marry. Just make sure to let me see her. (Athlete Management Status, Kim Yeon Ah) Is it really free? Can I pick a jacket like this? It’s not free. You have to be in the top ranks in the upcoming tournaments. You should do well as much as you’ve got. You can’t just take it away from me once I get it. I’ll pick something expensive. Just go ahead and pick one. We should get to the training center by three o’clock. Okay. Does he seem down or depressed? He always seems down and depressed. Then what’ll you do tomorrow? It’s Christmas Eve and the next day’s your birthday. I don’t know. Did we have to fight right now? It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. Even Jun Hwi would call. Give him time. I am waiting. I thought he’d call in the morning. He didn’t. I thought he’d call at lunchtime. He didn’t. Then you call him first. Don’t waste precious time. No. I will not call him first. I’ll wait and see if he calls. Portable pots and pans. Everything’s here. Don’t worry. I’ll be happy for you no matter who you marry. Just make sure to let me see her. I think it’s a hassle to date or to get married. I don’t want to have endless arguments… about whether I have any interest or affection toward the other. It’s bothersome to have someone cross my boundary. (Mr. Gu Jun Hwi) (Mr. Gu Jun Hwi) You will be directed to voicemail. Kim Cheong Ah. You didn’t pick up. I was too busy to call. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8am. You said you wanted to see the winter sea. We’ll be out all night, so dress warm. See you tomorrow. He called at midnight to say he’ll come at 8am? The winter sea? We’ll be up all night? Says who? Are you going abroad? Winter clothes are bulky, okay? I have two suitcases because I had to… stuff everything in because of an inconsiderate boyfriend. How could you say something so important at midnight? You might have traveled a lot with all your girlfriends, but this is my first trip with a boyfriend… Merry Christmas. Every moment is precious. Let’s not fight. It’s Christmas today. It’s a first for me too. Because it’s you. Wow, the sea. Hello, ocean. I’m here! Merry Christmas! Mr. Gu! It’s lovely here! Do you hear the waves? Thank you for bringing me here! Wow, a bed? There’s a microwave and fridge too? What’s this? A washroom? Gosh. You could live in this. If you can’t afford the rent. Does this thing move? I think it would be really nice to… drive along the beach in this. You’ll catch a cold. Get changed first. Once you get changed, I’ll drive you along the beach. Okay. Wear these until your shoes dry. What are you doing? You’re being so nice. Shall we? Grilled sweet potatoes or grilled corn? Hold on. It’ll be done in no time. I’ll spend all night eating at this rate. Can’t you stop feeding me? You should slow down. It’s wine, not beer. You’ll get drunk at this rate. I should at least get drunk since we are not doing anything else. What is it that you want to do? I got it. I know what you want. Something important is missing, right? I forgot the music. It’s nice though. Right? Yes, it’s great. It’s as if we’re the last people on Earth. I’ll constantly be reminded… of this scene and these emotions. Also, we’ll be together tomorrow too. You know, I’m already excited for tomorrow. (Episode 53 will air on January 4, 2020.)

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