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Hello everyone welcome to my channel today, on the eve of the new year holidays I want to make meat soup since it will be necessary on the first of January for the national Solyanka I took a beef brisket from the smoked meats I took: smoked chicken breast, smoked hay ribs, beef bacon, hunting sausage, ham and smoked sausage also we need a freshly-salted cucumbers, pickle, a bit of capers to the broth I use one onion, one carrot and a stalk of parsley and a couple of cloves of garlic, for the Solyanka.. for Solyanka we need one onion, olives, olives, salt, pepper, sour cream, lemon and tomato paste and parsley to serve Let’s get started friends, first put to the stove cook the brot, for this put in the water, brisket, divide it for parts the children asked what I would cook on the set, what I would cook solyanka, they said: Dad, cook a lot and take everything home I said well, they love my salted meat very much. fill with water, I filled 6 liters of water and put on the stove after that put the ribs roots carrot onion and garlic we wait for the broth to boil, remove the penalties and add there: roots, spices and smoked ribs , they will not cook for long Boulton will cook for 1.5-2 hours what would the broth was rich the basis of a good soup is a rich broth there’s a lot of smoked meat in the soup but if you boil them in water, the broth will not be rich the broth has begun to boil, remove the foam put the smoked pork ribs, carrots, onions, garlic and parsley stalk. You can put celery, stems and roots, just add a little pepper and a couple of Bay leaves . Salt is not added, as a lot of salty ingredients Dear friends well, in the meantime, we will prepare all the ingredients, for this I will cut meat, i cut like straws, someone cuts a cube i like when all the ingredients are sliced like this cut remove to the side I always get the smoked brisket I don’t know why, but I like it with smoked breast, these bones add in broth I’ll cut the breast the same in General, there are many recipes for this soup, there are fish. mushroom, Solyanka in Polish, Solyanka meat, Solyanka mix Solyanka with smoked meat i have here I have a hodgepodge mix with both meat and smoked meat cut like this everything next, we will cut the ham, you can you can take any sausage or any smoked meat that you will have you can also use sausages no one cooks sausages for the new year’s holiday, but you can use them if you have them The more types of meat will be, the tastier Solyanka will turn out add ham add the ham to the beef and chicken, as all the meat ingredients we add at the same time I’ll cut up the hunting sausage I cut them round, they are instead of sausages sausage I have in natural shell so i wash it but he didn’t clean it add in the pan and I cut up some smoked sausage add mix with other meat I think that’s enough for us but you put the meat as much as you need depending on your preferences this is the amount and cook cut cucumbers I like this soup, because the broth can be cooked in advance and all the rest cut and add to the broth which is cooked for 15 minutes maximum cucumbers it is desirable to take draft what would they be sour what would they be salty, cut into strips as well if cucumbers have a hard skin, they can be cleaned. I have young cucumbers, they do not need to be cleaned I don’t clean this soup can be cooked in advance before new year this soup tastes better if it is infused for a long time like cabbage soup the number of ingredients per serving I will specify in the description under the video don’t tell me again , I’m cooking a big pot I cook for a large family, you won’t need so much or maybe it won’t be enough for you. I also prepared cucumbers now cut capers, can be throw it whole, but I like it when it’s chopped up if you do not like capers you can not put, but they give Solyanka its taste now take the olives seedless someone likes olives and olives whole, I love when they are cut into rings brine from olives do not pour out I will add it to the broth, if you do not like olives, you can not put you can add later, I like them cooked take the green olives and cut them in the same way put on the plate cut onion onion cut like rings cut like this someone puts in Solyanka carrots, I don’t put the recipe does not have it, but if you like it, you can add I cut everything, while the broth is cooking, prepare tomato paste i will add 3 tablespoons of tomato paste what would the tomato was red, I cook it separately from the onion stir the tomato paste, so that it does not burn we do this for the bright color of our soup evaporate the tomato paste, 5 minutes will be enough at this stage you can add a couple of spoons of sugar add the broth so that the oil does not burn tomato paste is ready, put the pan and fry the onion in butter 30 grams it`s okey then add the onion add onion and salt little bit onions should be cooked to a transparent color, then we will add cucumbers to it later you will see why I fry onions separately from tomato paste the onion was fried and became transparent add cucumber more temperature and simmer for 7-10 minutes after two minutes add the broth and simmer 2 minutes passed add broth and close the lid reduce the heat to a minimum and simmer for 7 minutes Dear friends the onion is ready, I add it to the tomato paste mix it put aside. While we were cooking cucumbers and onions I took out the ribs, they are cooked, now it must be cut small and add to soup also cut like this if there are no smoked ribs. So add what you have in stock this is not a mandatory ingredient but the soup with smoked meat is much tastier we are waiting for the broth to cook and we will continue to cook Solyanka Dear Friends the broth was cooked for 2 hours i get meat from broth onion, carrot,filter it, and now and now we put our ingredients in the broth add tomatoes paste with onion and cucumbers add broth pour the broth into Salyanka after that we add sausages hunting sausages, smoked ribs ham chicken Solyanka will turn out delicious Add capers olive, green olive we wait for it to boil and try the salt after that, we will add the brine, I’ll try, the Solyanka boils need add brine from cucumbers and olives try need salt salt to tasty and pepper and I’ll add a couple more garlic cloves, I’ll use a garlic masher boil 15 min and our hodgepodge will be ready dear friends the soup is ready, pay attention to what Solyanka has become ready what a nice color it has pour and try what i cook rich look how rich it is, how fragrant and appetizing is amber color January 1, you will not refuse to eat salyanka, salyanka without sour cream sour cream need lemon on request who whats like do you like with lemon? i like and little bit parsley here is such a hodgepodge can be prepared for a new year’s holiday she will help you on the first of January, that’s for sure this soup should be eaten with vodka, many will not understand me if I drink sober need vodka and bread without bread only dogs eat Solyanka dear friends I want to say a toast : to you, to your health, so that you always succeed in life, be kinder to others, be happier. All the best to you. see my recipes, I will be only too happy. to you, dear birthday people will try this whats this I don’t think you need to tell me how delicious this soup is need more bread dear friends this is a lifeline a lifeline for all holidays I praise the man who came up with this recipe very simple recipe, just everything that you have in the refrigerator, you just need to make a soup for the new year’s holiday mmm friends it’s delicious but I won’t rush you, take note this should be prepared for the new year, the menu must be and on this dear friends, all the best to you, see you soon, with you was Volloha! Bye!

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  1. Многовато копчёностей ,а  почки где?  Донская солянка с пахмела получше будет!))

  2. ВОЛОДЯ с наступающим Новым Годом! Смотреть Вас одно удовольствие! А сколько полезного всегда нахожу для себя! СПАСИБО!

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  4. Володя спасибо!на это смотреть вкусно, а есть вобще нет слов!все из хороших качественных продуктов, не то что у некоторых…

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  7. Любимое блюдо на наших джиперских покатушках и соревнованиях! С приятелем делаем в 4 руки, он бульон варит, я шинкую копчености ровно, как делаете Вы. И собираем в лесу на костре в 8-и литровом казане. Теперь думаем над покупкой 10-и литрового

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